Young Scientists Team Update

Written by William Saunders and Oliver Tucker

This term we have been working hard on identifying a need or a problem we want to use for the base of our Young Scientist innovation. We have generated ideas, researched current devices that already exist, brainstormed ideas, selected the best idea, and now we are planning our innovative device for the competition.

This week we were lucky enough to have Dr Crook come and visit us and build on our ideas. He explained about our future prototypes and the information that would be necessary to get a great score in the Young Scientist Competition. Our ideas and projects so far are:

  • An H2O sensing clothesline
  • A way to keep cats out of your garden
  • An upgraded Seabin
  • A habitat designed specifically for frogs
  • A device that paints houses and fences

We are still at the early stages of designing and researching, so we will update you on how our projects are going throughout the year.

We were each asked to tell Dr Crook our ideas and our research so far. He gave us advice and informed us of possible materials and items that could help us win the competition. He taught us the Design Thinking process and that we need to do it at least three times before analysing and evaluating our prototype. He told us that after each prototype we make we should always look for a way to make it better and that we will be able to show our development through the process.

If you would like to learn more about Young Scientists, please click on the link – Young Scientist Awards

Mrs Karen Voysey and The Young Scientist Team 2021

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