Year 6 Guest Speaker | Mr Torok

On Wednesday, 26 May Year 6 spoke to Alex Chanine’s grandfather, Leslie. He spoke about his migration journey and explained how and why he came to Australia. He talked about how he had to leave as a refugee with his close family consisting of himself, his brothers and his parents. We heard about how his Grandmother sent letters baked in bread warning them not to return because Hungary was being invaded by the USSR. We also heard about how his father was captured and forced into a POW camp. He shared information about the journey from Germany to Australia and how long it was. There was a short celebration, during the trip, when the captains of the ship passed the equator. On the boat one of his favourite pastimes was making up a language that might be used in Australia. We were able to understand from his perspective coming into Australia and how he was bullied and called names. Another thing we learned about was that his family had to go to a camp for migrants to wait to get a house. Eventually, his family managed to save enough money to buy a house. It was very interesting learning about Mr Torok’s perspective on being a migrant and how he adapted.

Geoffrey Olsen 6J

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