Water Polo Round 9


Trinity had a successful round last Saturday with the majority of games against Sydney Boys’ High School. It has been pleasing to see players focusing on training and looking to improve their performance each week. I encourage all players to continue to implement a growth mindset and seek to improve their skills and fitness over the remaining weeks. This attitude will hold Trinity in good stead as we encounter some tough opposition in the upcoming rounds. 

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

2ND VII | WON 16 – 0

A very comfortable win, 16-0, over a less than competitive Sydney Boys’ High School team. Trinity were off to a great start scoring a number of high quality goals from great counter attack and well-structured spare man, resulting in a 6-0 first quarter score line. In the second period Trinity were a little careless in attack, missing a number of opportunities, but were still able to defend well, producing a 9-0 half time score line. After the half time break, Trinity regathered and got back to playing well-structured counter attacking water polo to score another six goals. The final period saw Trinity’s intensity drop off significantly with only one goal scored, whilst we squandered many opportunities. It was pleasing to see that even in an easy encounter like this, Trinity’s defence followed the game plan, remaining very aggressive for the entire game. Whilst all players contributed to the win with good team work and solid defence, special mention must be made of  Euan Germanos (12He), who returned to his best, defending extremely well and scoring five counter-attack goals, and David Gabriel (12Hi), who continues to organise both attack and defence and helps maintain the team structure. Other goal scorers for Trinity included David Gabriel (12Hi), William Lenard (12St), Ethan Webb (12Ke) and Alan Weston (12Ta) with two goals each, and Andy Lee (12Fo), Thomas Ea (11La) and William Rule (11Ar) who all netted one goal.                            

Ray Swinnerton | Coach

3RD VII | WON 18-2

On Saturday, the Trinity 3rd VII Water Polo team played Sydney Boys’ High School. Excellent defence and pressure from the Trinity team along with skilful ball steals led to a healthy lead in the first half of the game. The Trinity team showed great teamwork with strong passing skills, enabling calculated attacking moves. All Trinity players demonstrated great sportsmanship, playing consistently and fairly throughout the entire match. Sebastian Papadopolous (12He) proved his knowledge of the game by repeatedly holding his position in both attack and defence. Special mention to Justin Karam (11We) who started the year off with a competitive and encouraging spirit, pushing his team members throughout the game.  

Amy Graetz | Coach 

16B | WON 10-0

This week the Trinity 16Bs played an extremely strong game of Water Polo and were clearly the dominant side against Sydney Boys’ High School. The boys proved their strength from the very moment the game started, scoring three goals in the first quarter – two being scored by Finn Ramanaukas (10Ke) and one goal by Thomas Power (10Mu). Finn continued to show his ability to score with another goal in the second quarter, while Xavier Afonso (9We) illustrated his one-on-one discipline, scoring two goals in the second quarter and one in the final quarter. Entering the third and fourth quarters of the game, fatigue clearly started to set in. However, a strong press defence led by Hudson Korda (10WJ) demonstrated to the team how to end the game with a clean sheet. Other notable goal scorers included Samuel Rofail (10Yo) with two goalsand Miles Angus (10WH) who scored one. The boys had a welcome 10-0 victory and are accredited for their hard work and discipline in this game. 

Oscar Jones | Coach

16C | LOSS 0 – 9

Last Saturday the 16Cs played the St Aloysius’ College 16Bs for the second time. The second quarter was very close, with St. Aloysius’ only scoring one goal, thanks to some great centre back play by William Brown (9Du). The boys demonstrated consistent teamwork by passing together and had several attempts at goals. Unfortunately, the boys were tired in the second half with fewer substitutes leading to an increase in goal scoring by St Aloysius’.

Nina Seeto and Nadia Nero | Co-Coaches

15A | WON 15 – 4

This was a comfortable win over the Sydney Boys’ High School team. Trinity started well, scoring 4-0 in the first quarter; the second period saw another four goals to Trinity, but some lax, confused defence allowed Sydney Boys’ to net two goals, giving a 8-2 half-time score line. During the third quarter Trinity continued to play well, scoring another two goals but again some sloppy defence allowed Sydney Boys’ to score one goal. The final period saw Trinity get back to playing attacking water polo, scoring 5-1, giving the final 15-4 score line. Best for Trinity were: Sebastian Green (9Ta) in his first game for the 15As, having an outstanding game, playing strongly at centre forward scoring five goals; Bailey Martin (9We), coming back from injury, played well at centre back and scored three goals; and Jonah de Groot (9Ar), who stole the ball on numerous occasions creating chances for others and scoring two goals. Matthew McLennan (9Yo) also deserves a mention as he played his best game this season, contributing to both attack and defence and was a steadying influence on the team. Other scorers were Luke Raptis (9Ta) with two goals and Callum Cox (9St), Joseph Britton (9He) and Matthew Newton (9WJ) with one goal each.

Ray Swinnerton | Coach

14A | WON 16 – 1

Saturday’s game against Sydney Boys’ High School was a strong victory and an easy game for the 14As. Many of the players concentrated on defence and managed to steal many balls from the opposition. While the result was strong, and the scoreline indicated a gap between teams, we still need to improve our long passes and protect the possession of the ball when our opposition are attacking. Outstanding players include Marcus Cupac (8He), Benjamin  Sulyok (8Sc), Rocco Fazzari (8La) and James Cicuta (8He). Well done, team! 

Florin Bonca | Coach

14B | WON 15 – 5

The 14Bs team had a very promising win this week against Sydney Boys’ High School going up 15-5 at the end of play. This was a significant turn around from last week’s narrow loss. The boys were down a couple of goals by the first half, but some excellent attacking play and goals by Gabriel Stavropoulos (8WH) and Enrico Ciarroni (8WJ) put the team back in front. A notable mention goes to Marcus Mastro (8Mu) who played some great defence to go along with his stunning seven goals. Overall, a very great effort from all players.

Tristan Glanznig | Coach

13B | LOSS 5 – 8

The 13Bs had their first game against Sydney Boys’ High School A team, going down 8-5. As it was many of the boys’ first Water Polo game, it definitely was a promising start. The boys were down 8-0 going into the 4th quarter, but finished 8-5. This demonstrates their in-game learning and gaining confidence as the game goes on. Notable mentions to Hugo France (7WH) for scoring four goals and Oliver Ware (7Yo) for keeping a clean sheet in goals for the last quarter. Overall, a great start to the season.

Tristan Glanznig | Coach

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