Water Polo | Round 8

Lucas Young (10We)


Last Saturday, Trinity went from ‘holiday mode’ straight into a full round of competitive fixtures against The Scots College, a quality and well-respected Water Polo school. The 1st VII, 16A, 15A and 14A teams all experienced victory – a commendable effort! Considering the holiday break falling in the middle of the season, the quality of water polo was impressive. There are a growing number of players capable of, and vying for an opportunity, to play in the 1st VII team, particularly for the highly anticipated contest against cross suburb rivals Newington College on Saturday 27th February.

Welcome Year 7!

Following the completion of the nine scheduled matches on Saturday we welcomed Trinity Year 7 Water Polo players to the Trinity Centenary Pool. The players were able to watch the conclusion of the matches prior to their trials and get a glimpse of what it will be like this coming Saturday. During the Year 7 session, players were given their first opportunity to get a taste of playing an actual match in the Trinity pool. The players are to be commended for their effort and their ability to grasp the rules of the game – with most of them playing their first-ever Water Polo match. Both players and spectators seemed to enjoy the session and I am sure they are looking forward to some exciting inter-school fixtures this Saturday. 

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

1ST VII | WON   11 – 7

The Trinity boys played The Scots College in their first game back for the season. The boys started the game well but were a little disorganised in their defence early in the game. It took the team some time to get their team cohesion and defensive awareness back, which kept the contest neck-and-neck in the first half of the game. The boys started the third quarter extremely impressively, with exceptional press defence and spatial awareness that generated quick counter-attacking opportunities, putting some breathing space ahead of their opponents. However, to Scots’ credit they answered the challenge and were able to put away two quick goals to close the gap. This was a result of a lack of focus in attack that saw lost balls through poor ball control and rushed extra man opportunities. It is a good lesson for the boys to stay focused for all four quarters, given good teams will always punish such mistakes. I am overall pleased with the win, particularly against a quality side like Scots. There was a lot to take away from the game and I look forward to the boys’ efforts this week to grow from their mistakes and back up with another solid performance. 

Blake Edwards | Coach

Harper Stewart (10St)

Jake Varone (11He)

Liam Rippon (10La)

Luke de Lisle (11Ke)

Harrison Evans (11La)

Jacob Johnstone (10Sc)

Thomas Rathbone (11Ke)

A Trinity attacking opportunity.

Trinity’s strong defence.

Liam Rippon (10La)


Round 8 of Water Polo saw our Trinity 1sts team line up against The Scots College 1st-grade team, who were equal third on the combined GPS/CAS ladder. Knowing this, it was a big game for us. We started off slowly with Scots scoring the first goal of the game but from that point forward we felt much more switched on as a team. The game remained tight, with neither team gaining more than a couple of goals ahead of each other. This remained the case until the last quarter where we extended our lead and in the end gained victory, beating Scots 11-7. The team played quite well together, especially as it was the first game back after a couple of months without playing as a team. However, we still have a lot of room for improvement as we look towards our game against the reigning champions, Newington College in Week 5. The game still remains a solid effort against one of the traditionally strong Water Polo schools in the GPS. This game was a great experience for our team in starting off the new term against tough opposition, and one from which we will draw much confidence, allowing us to gather momentum as the season continues.

Lucas Young (10We), Harper Stewart (10St) & Thomas Rathbone (11Ke) | Co-Captains of 1st VII Water Polo

2ND VII | LOSS 4 – 6

In a very hard-fought encounter, Trinity went down 6-4 to The Scots College team. Playing against a team comprising many club players after the holiday break was always going to be a difficult task. The lack of match practise showed in the first quarter with a slow start by Trinity permitting two easy goals to Scots, resulting in a 3-1 first quarter score line. From that point on, Trinity’s defence improved significantly and for the rest of the game the teams were very evenly matched. A technical mistake during a player substitution resulted in a penalty goal to Scots which made it difficult for Trinity to rebound. However, it must be said that during the game Trinity did have a number of chances which were not converted, whilst Scots were able to convert all their opportunities. Best for Trinity were David Gabriel (12Hi), Euan Germanos (12He) and Lewis Potter (11Fo). These three played the entire game unchanged and worked extremely hard both in attack and defence. Goal scorers for Trinity were David Gabriel (12Hi), with two goals, and Euan Germanos (12He)  and Alan Weston (12Ta) with one goal each.                  

Ray Swinnerton | Coach

Mr Swinnerton addresses the 2nd VII team 

3RD VII | LOSS 2 – 14

On Saturday, the Trinity 3rd VII Water Polo team played The Scots Collegefor their first official game of the year. The first half of the game favoured Scots due to passing and attacking errors made by Trinity players in the beginning of the game. However, the entire Trinity team showed great resilience and a competitive spirit at half-time, talking to each other and showing a hunger to score goals. Goalkeeper,Lachlan Devlin (11WJ), spoke passionately to his teammates about what he wanted from them in defence and continued to talk to his teammates from the goals in the third and fourth quarter. The second half of the game was much closer, with Trinity defending and attacking stronger, resulting in fewer goals by the opposition and some well-deserved Trinity goals scored by Benjamin Orr (11Ho).  

Amy Graetz | Coach 

16A | WON 7 – 3

After a long holiday break, our 16As returned with a very good attitude about training and playing on Saturday. Taking on The Scots College, the game was not easy. The team began aggressively pressing at the start of the game and by half time the game was very close. The effect of this early tactic of pressing hard, paid off in the second half of the game. Our opponents struggled to keep pace and began to tire. This, in turn, allowed Trinity to score more easily. All the boys played very well, but the players who stood out were Lucas Blythe (10La), Mitch Chen (10Ar), Samuel Foung (10Sc), James Robertson (10Du) and Jayden Higgins (10He). I am happy with the team’s performance to date. Well done, boys!

Florin Bonca | Coach

16B | LOSS 7 – 10

The 16Bs started the match slowly in their match up against The Scots College. As a result, the team fell behind on the scoreboard 3 – 7 at the third quarter break. A strong final quarter saw the team come back into the match scoring 4 goals to 2. However, we gave Scots too much of a lead and the final score was 7 goals to 10. The team has addressed certain areas of their game they need to improve throughout the week, including starting the game with a greater intensity and closer marking in defence. I look forward to seeing this team improve throughout the remaining matches. 

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

16C | LOSS 3 – 14

Our first game back after a long break did not give Trinity the result we desired against The Scots College last Saturday. However, the game emphasised the importance of teamwork and spirit – qualities upon which this team has significantly improved since the beginning of the season.  A supernatural performance from our goalkeeper Max Anderson (9Hi), who was player of the match, kept the opposition from scoring more goals. Quality first quarter and fourth quarter goals from Edward Simonds (9WH) and Joshua Otto (9He) lifted team spirit when we were behind on the scoreboard. The team should be encouraged by their efforts and be proud of their commitment; whilst a win was not achieved, the growth has been impressive.

Nina Seeto and Nadia Nero | Co-Coaches

15A | WON 12 – 11

This was an extremely exciting close-fought game against The Scots College with Trinity running out winners 12 to 11 and Trinity scoring the winning goal in the last seconds of the game. Scots grabbed an early lead with a 3-1 first quarter score line, while in the second quarter Trinity netted five goals to have Trinity leading 6-5 at half time. It was then 9-8 at three-quarter time. Scots took the lead early in the final period and were leading 11-9 and then two quick goals by Trinity saw the scores locked at 11, then in the last seconds of the game Max Meagher (9Hi) slotted home the final goal. Best for Trinity were Jonah de Groot (9Ar), who was very active both on attack and defence, scoring five goals; Zachariah Alshehabi (9Du), who was very strong at centre back shutting down Scots centre forward and scoring two goals; and Euan Potter (9Fo), who worked extremely hard in both attack and defence scoring three goals. Luke Raptis (9Ta) continues to show significant improvement in his game using his swimming ability to enhance the team’s chances. Matthew McLennan (9Yo) scored the other goal.

Ray Swinnerton | Coach

14A | WON 10 – 6

Last Saturday the team took on The Scots College; the start of the game was a slow affair with Trinity sluggish off the mark in countering our opposition in the first quarter, with the score in favour of Scots, 5-1. During time out in this session the discussion focussed on being more aggressive in defence. The team is learning that when we lose the ball in attack we need to continue pressing very aggressively to retain control in the game. The team worked on this tactic with successful results as we turned the result in Trinity’s favour. In the last quarter, our team dominated the game and we won 10-6, after struggling at the beginning of the match. It was great to see the team’s positive reaction to a great win. Well done, boys!   

Florin Bonca | Coach

14B | LOSS 3 – 5

The 14Bs had a tough game against The Scots College, narrowly going down 5-3. Our team definitely had their fair chance to win, with many good shots just hitting the frame. Overall, an improvement on man-to-man defence will significantly help this good side to stay competitive. We look forward to next week’s match so we can implement our growing water polo skills.  

Tristan Glanznig | Coach

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