Water Polo | Round 12

D. Blythe


Last Saturday Trinity played Newington College across all teams. Each team prepared well throughout the week and Trinity knew that they had competitive matches coming up and the intensity and focus at training was fantastic. The matches did not disappoint – they were very entertaining and played in the right spirit. I must commend all players for their effort and the sportsmanship shown in their matches, it was exceptional! Whether the result was a win, loss or draw, Trinity teams were competitive and played fairly and I am very proud of how they represented the school. Notable victories from the day included the 13As, 15As and 14Bs – well done, gentlemen. The 3rd VII had a draw and some teams, including the 16A and 16Bs, had very narrow losses. The 1st VII match was a fantastic Water Polo match. Trinity put in an admirable performance of which they should be extremely proud. Despite the scoreboard, for much of the game they were the dominant team. However, Newington was just too good on the day and must be congratulated on their victory. For most teams, except for the 1st VII, 2nd VII and 16As, this weekend marks the final match. I wish all teams the best as they face Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore).   

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

R. Williams

J. De Groot

L. Potter

E. Germanos

A. Weston

S. Hohne

W. Rule

J. Robertson

J. Higgins

C. Izzillo

Z. Alshehabi

E. Potter

J. Johnstone

H. Stewart

H. Ryan

L. Young

T. Rathbone

L. De Lisle

1ST  VII | LOSS 6 – 12

The 1sts team faced the strongest team in the competition Newington College in their home pool over the weekend. The boys made some early errors in defence which potentially came from nervousness. Newington, as a result, were able to take a comfortable lead in the first quarter and the boys were forced to play catch up for the rest of the game. To the boys’ credit they never gave up, and fought hard the entire game with some exceptional defensive efforts, which in periods of the game saw Newington struggle to score. Unfortunately, this was not rewarded up the other end as the boys found it very difficult to find solutions in their attack, with many missed scoring opportunities that hit the cross-bar. While the result was not what the boys were after, they should be extremely proud of their efforts and attitude throughout the game. They have improved immensely since the start of the season, and as the young team they continue to mature and develop and they will be very strong contenders for next season’s title. The boys have two more games left in the season to secure third place in the school competition which will be a great achievement for such a young team and a building block for what can be achievable next season.

Blake Edwards | Coach

1st VII Coach Blake Edwards addresses the team.

Round 8 of Water Polo saw our Trinity 1st-grade team line up against Newington College. Newington’s 1st VII are equal first on the combined GPS/CAS ladder, making this the biggest game of the season for us. Winning this game would have meant that we had a shot at becoming equal CAS/GPS premiers. The game started off far too slowly for Trinity, with Newington scoring four unanswered goals in the first quarter, putting us on the back foot for the remainder of the game with Newington constantly applying pressure. The rest of the game saw us execute our game plan far better than in the first quarter, allowing us to keep the score line to 6-1 by half time. The second half saw Trinity in trouble with three of our players fouled a maximum of three times meaning that they could not re-enter the game. This made it even harder because it meant some players had to stay in the water with little to no rest. The end result for the game was 6-12 Newington’s way. Overall, this was not a bad effort considering this was the most physically demanding game of the season to date and we faced a far more experienced and older team. This augurs well for us in the future as we become a stronger and more mature team. 

Thomas Rathbone (11Ke), Harper Stewart (10St) and Lucas Young (10We) | 1st VII Co-Captains

2ND VII | LOSS 2-10

Newington College finished winners 10-2 in a high quality, fast paced game. From the outset, up against the undefeated Newington team, boasting a large number of experienced club water polo players, Trinity were well aware of the difficult task confronting them. Trinity started well, showing great intensity in defence and were able to limit Newington’s attack skills giving a 1-2 score line after the first period. The second quarter continued in the same vein, giving a half time score line of 2-4. In the second half, as Trinity’s stronger players tired, defensive errors crept into our game, and some bad decisions being made in attack allowed the experienced Newington players to capitalise on these errors and score six unanswered goals. Best for Trinity were: David Gabriel (12Hi), who again was outstanding in defence and controlled  Trinity’s attack; Lewis Potter (11Fo), whose strong work at centre back limited Newington’s set attack; and Euan Germanos (12He), with his non-stop speedy counter attack and defence. A special mention to Alan Weston (12Ta) who spent some time at centre back marking much larger centre forwards and nullifying their set attack. Lewis Kanellos (12He) had a strong game in goals. Goal scorers for Trinity were David Gabriel (12Hi) and Alan Weston (12Ta). All Trinity players are to be congratulated on their effort and the intensity in which they played the game.

Ray Swinnerton | Coach 

3RD VII | DRAW 7-7

On Saturday, the Trinity 3rd VII Water Polo team played Newington College. The first half of the game was not in our favour, despite Trinity scoring the first goal. At half-time, it was clear to all Trinity players that there was a chance of closing the gap and reducing the number of goals scored by the opposing team. In the third quarter, Trinity went into the water with a strong fighting spirit, which led to excellent defence and fewer goals scored by the opposing team. Lachlan Devlin (11WJ) played such a strong part in our comeback, showing great anticipation as our goalkeeper. The vibrant and bellowing cheers of Jonah Sowmi (11We) encouraged his teammates as he pushed his team until the final seconds. Michael Wierum (12­He) and Patrick Cantlon (12Du) are two players who should also be commended as they play consistently and fairly in every game, making them very reliable players in the team. Ultimately, the game ended in a draw which I still think is an amazing feat, considering we were losing by four goals at halftime. All players should be very proud of this game as it is not an easy task to come back from. The team is commended for their fighting spirit and great sportsmanship.  

Amy Graetz | Coach

16A | LOSS 4-6

The 16As have worked very well all year and the results are evident because last Saturday against Newington College was the toughest game of the year. The boys reacted very well to the final score and they played with a very good attitude, performing at their best. The team’s awareness in the water, whether it is fighting for any ball, in defence working as a team, or attacking that could be more effective, shows the boys are trying hard all the time. While the loss was 4-6, we were very close to winning the game having just missed two penalties. And combined with neither team scoring a goal in the last quarter demonstrated how tense the game was. Despite the loss, the team is victorious because of their competitive spirit. Well done, boys!

Florin Bonca | Coach

16B | LOSS 6-9

This week proved to be the 16Bs toughest game yet, battling an extremely competent Newington College side. The boys fought with grit and determination, showing incredible sportsmanship by playing till the last second of the game. Unfortunately, the boys had a narrow loss 6-9. However, several boys are to be commended on their incredible efforts, in particular Edward Simmons (9WH), scoring two of the most vital goals, one right after the other in extravagant fashion. Edward’s development, much like our other players, truly emerged in this game. This, combined with a major defensive effort by James Bolgorus (10St) in the final quarter, impressed spectators with his level of commitment and effort. With another incredible display by Finn Ramanauskas (10Ke) scoring multiple goals, it is fair to say that he is one of the stronger players in the whole 16Bs competition. It is noted the boys worked well as a team due to their strong press defence run, especially by Hudson Korda (10WJ) at centre-back. Even though the boys lost this week, their efforts in this game must be acknowledged. 

Oscar Jones | Coach

16C | LOSS 1-21

Last week the Trinity 16C team played a well-drilled team from Newington College and lost the match, 1-21. The score line did not do justice to the boys’ efforts, with William Brown (9Du) and Jonathan Ucchino (9WH) sharing the match as new goalkeepers, blocking several shots. Our main downfall was our defence letting players pass them rather than covering each other which resulted in the boys conceding multiple goals. There were some good efforts to attack displayed by the team, eventually resulting in a goal by Joshua Otto (9He) in the last quarter. 

Nina Seeto and Nadia Nero | Co-Coaches

15A | WON 16-6

The 15A team appeared to have a relaxed warmup approach to their games, even though this weekend we were tackling Newington College in our home pool. The boys were reflecting on their previous game against Newington, whereby they managed to dominate them by scoring a significant number of additional goals. Perhaps there was an underlying emotion of revenge from the boys to try and return the favour from their previous encounter! This was evident in the initial opening quarter where the team managed to score three goals to Newington’s one, with Jonah de Groot (9Ar) scoring two of these three goals. Euan Potter (9Fo), returning from Field Studies camp at Woollamia, injected his strength and power by putting two goals into the back of the net in the second quarter, making the school line 5-4 at half time. It was close. Zachariah Alshehabi (9Du) also displayed some strong shots and Euan Potter (9Fo) found himself with three additional scoring opportunities in the second half of the game. It was the back end of the game that saw the team clearly dominate Newington, extending the lead further and creating a final score line of 16-6. Congratulations to the boys on an excellent performance and an amazing turnaround from the previous game against Newington.

Stephen Heanly | Coach

14A | LOSS 4-10

The expectation to win was high with last Saturday’s game against Newington College. Unfortunately, a few absences meant our strongest team was not available for this round. The team played well under such circumstances, but struggled against a dominant Newington 14A team. Despite the loss, it was fantastic to see the team remain determined throughout and enjoy themselves during the game. 

Florin Bonca | Coach

14B | WON 6-4

In a hard-fought match, Trinity 14Bs came out victorious against Newington College 6-4. The team made a great effort and I am proud of the boys showing improvement from the previous week. In the first quarter we kept it close, staying tied at 1-1. Matteo Pezzano (8Fo) added two goals in the match. Zaine Bachir (8Mu) and Gabriel Stavropoulos (8WH) also added one goal. However, the star of this game was Marcus Mastro (8Mu); with great defence and two goals, he led the charge in our close victory. The boys learnt how to go for steals last week and they are already starting to incorporate this skill into the games we are playing. I was very proud of how the boys played and I can see their competitive spirit and desire to win the games we are playing. 

Sam Slobodien | Coach 

13A | WON 13-8

The team was excited to be playing our first game in our home pool as we were preparing to do battle against Newington College. With some thorough preparation through the week, including some additional coaching from Ray Swinnerton, the boys were ready. As we warmed up for the game, there were plenty of nerves, but also a feeling of confidence. It was a really close start with the first quarter ending in Trinity ahead by only one goal, thanks to fantastic scoring opportunities from Jaiden Sivapirabu (7Hi), a goal to Hudson Myliotis (7Yo) and a goal to Dylan Blythe (7La). Similiarly, in the second quarter we manage to sneak ahead by one more goal, creating a half time lead of two goals. It was still tight. The game was electric, with the opposing coach continuously calling out on numerous occasions to rally his team, but to no avail as Trinity continued to take the game away from Newington. It was the second half of the game that saw Trinity display its dominance scoring a total of six goals to Newington’s three. Special mention must go to Taj Young (7We) who scored four goals in the second half and was a pivotal player to help increase the score line. It was a fantastic win by the boys, with a final score line of 13 to 8, and we look forward to our next game against Shore this coming weekend.

Stephen Heanly | Coach

13B | LOSS 2-18

The 13Bs had a tough game against a strong Newington College side, going down 18-2. Although this was a big loss, I was very proud and happy to see them implement the tactics and game play we have been working on in training. Instead of panicking every time the boys were pressured, and passing the ball into “no man’s land”, they properly received a foul and gave a safe pass up the pool. Special mention goes to Hugo France (7WH) and Oliver Ware (7Yo) for scoring, Jonah Charbel (7Mu) for playing great defence, and Ben Simonds (7WH) for excellent saves in goals. 

Tristan Glanznig | Coach

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