Water Polo Round 11


It was an exceptional round of Water Polo for Trinity Grammar School last Saturday. Trinity experienced seven victories from nine matches played against Saint Ignatius’ College (Riverview) and The Scots College. The two losses against Reddam House were Trinity teams playing against higher grade teams in their divisions. This weekend, Trinity plays 11 matches against Newington College, split between the Centenary Pool and the Newington College pool. It will be the toughest round of Water Polo for all teams. The teams are ready to give it their best. Whether they win, lose or draw, these matchups will be enjoyable for players and spectators alike. 

NSW CIS Team Selection

Congratulations to the following Trinity Grammar School Students who have been selected in the NSWCIS 17 Years and Under team: Harper Stewart (10St), Lucas Young (10We) and Thomas Rathbone (11Ke).

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

1ST VII | WON 17-5

Following their exceptional team performance in the previous round against The King’s School, the 1st VII team were keen to keep their form going into their matchup against St. Ignatius’ College (Riverview). The match started intensely with both sides showing up ready for the contest. Throughout the first quarter, Trinity managed to score some well-executed team goals and led four goals to one. After an intense first quarter, with a few missed opportunities in front of goals for Trinity, the main message at the break was for the team to relax and focus on the process and keeping things simple. To the team’s credit they remained composed throughout the second quarter and slotted six unanswered goals to extend their lead ten goals to one at the half time break – which is an exceptional half time result. In the second half, a number of exclusions caused the team to lose their focus and allowed St. Ignatius’ several one-on-one scolding opportunities. Taking into consideration the 15 exclusions against Trinity, the final score of 17-5 is an exceptional result. However, it probably did not ultimately reflect the dominance of the Trinity team throughout the match. The team will need to build from their last three exceptional performances. The exciting challenge of Newington College awaits this week. With both teams experiencing dominant performances in the CAS-GPS competition this season, it is certainly going to be an exciting and fierce match up.

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

2ND VII | WON 7-6

This was the first game Trinity has played without our quality centre forward and thus set play was always going to be difficult, so Trinity were relying on playing a fast break counter attacking game. From the start, it appeared that it would be a close contest with St. Ignatius’ College (Riverview). They were able to match Trinity’s fast break game and thus the first quarter produced a 1-1 score line. In the second period Trinity dominated with a number of quality outside shots, producing five goals and thus giving Trinity a handy 6-2 lead at half time. This should have been the end of the game and Trinity should have controlled the rest of the game to produce a comfortable win. However, in the second half of the game some very poor defensive reads by Trinity gave Riverview far too many opportunities, and this, coupled with some exceptionally bad decisions in attack which squandered Trinity’s opportunities, gave Riverview the second half 4-1. The final 7-6 win to Trinity was far closer than it should have been. That said, one cannot be critical of the effort put in by all players. Best for Trinity were: Lewis Potter (11Fo), scoring three goals from outside shots and saving a number of goals with great defence; David Gabriel (12Hi), also scoring three goals and organising the attack and defence, particularly in the first half of the game; and Euan Germanos (12He), with his non-stop speedy counter attack and defence. Alan Weston (12Ta) scored the remaining goal.            

Ray Swinnerton | Coach 

3RD VII | WON 7-5

On Saturday, the Trinity 3rd VII Water Polo team played The Scots College (Gold team). This game was one of our closer matches of the season, yet the Trinity team showed excellent improvements in their defensive skills, putting pressure on the opposition and slowing down their attack.Jack Vine (11Mu) and Ryan Quinn (11St) should be commended for their defence, remaining strong and staying close to their man throughout the game. James Huang (11Sc) and Brandon Wong (11Hi) both played in the centre-forward position, ensuring that they were able to balance our attack set-up which led to some very skilful goals. The 3rds team have shown great improvement overall as they are now able to work together as a more cohesive team unit.  

Amy Graetz | Coach 

16A | WON 11-7

The truth is that St. Ignatuis’ College (Riverview) did not make the game easy for the 16As last Saturday. Throughout the game, the team controlled game play and did so consistently throughout the quarters, which is pleasing to note. It was also good to see our players offering great defence in pressing. Special mention goes to Mitch Chen (10Ar) and Lucas Blythe (10La). They played a very good game and this sets up an exciting game this Saturday against Newington College.

Florin Bonca | Coach

16B | WON 16-7

The 16Bs last week demonstrated a strong improvement when competing against a strong The Scots College. Three weeks prior to this match we lost 7-10 to this team, so this victory was certainly welcome. The win came about as a result of the boys incorporating a very strong press defence, while the Scots players questioned all their passes, often allowing counter attacks from Finn Ramanauskas (10Ke) and Hudson Korda (10WJ), scoring a combined total of 13 goals. However, credit must also go to many boys who looked for options, covering in defence, whilst others had one-on-ones or two-on-ones. Credit must also go to Xavier Afonso (9We), Thomas Power (10Mu), and Miles Angus (10WH) for each scoring a goal. The boys should be extremely proud of their efforts and their ability to maintain discipline to the last second of the game and not allowing the other team any chance to comeback. This illustrates that the team can play to a high standard and playing like this demonstrates they can beat any school side.

Oscar Jones | Coach

16C | LOSS 6-13

It was a tough match time in the water this week with the 16Cs against Reddam House. The game tested the defensive skills of our players. However, the strong spirit and good sportsmanship shown by each member of the 16Cs is something to be proud of. Whatever the score is at the final whistle, the determination and teamwork by each player, each week is admirable. As coaches, we have enjoyed watching the skill and love for the game grow. Best wishes to the team this Saturday.

Nina Seeto and Nadia Nero | Co-Coaches

14A | WON 8-2

The 14As showed a lot of determination in this fixture against St. Ignatius’ College (Riverview). After falling behind one goal to two after the first quarter, the team knew they had to focus to perform at their best. In the second quarter the team was more focused. They were more aggressive in their defensive press and were more patient with the ball in hand. The team scored four unanswered goals and went up 5-2 at the half time break. The third quarter was similar to the second with three more goals to Trinity. The final quarter saw no stoppages in play due to many errors from Trinity in attack and easy turnovers, yet positively the team maintained their determined attitude in defence and did not allow Riverview any goals, and the final score ended 8-2. The team will need to maintain focus for all four quarters this weekend, they will need to be aggressive in their defence and not turn the ball over easily if they are to compete with the benchmark team in the competition, Newington College. 

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

13A | WON 18-1

As I made my way around Iron Cove Bay heading to St. Ignatius’ College (Riverview), with the sun poking through the clouds and shining on the water, the morning just had that good feeling to it. The boys were all there on time ready for our second game of the season. There were two main focuses for this week following on from our game against Shore the week before. These were to maintain position, keeping the ball away from our opposition through greater passing accuracy, and to mark up defensively, maintaining a position between our attacker and our own goal when defending. With these two things in mind, we took to the first quarter and it was clear that the boys had progressed from the week before, as we scored some encouraging goals, swimming with our heads up and looking for the best scoring opportunities. This spatial awareness application continued for the remaining quarters as we worked well together as a team and created many scoring opportunities that were capitalised upon. Although the goals were shared around the team, special mention must go to Jaiden Sivapirabu (7Hi) for scoring seven goals during the game, and also Sterling Tuxford (7WH) who scored four goals—three in the last quarter. There are still many aspects for us to work on as a team as we look to the horizon for our game against Newington College at the end of Week 5. Two focuses for this week will be to work on our man-on-man defence, ensuring that we have an understanding of where the opposing attacker is at all times, as we put them under pressure. The second aspect is to look for some quick turnover opportunities, listening to the whistle of the referee, reacting quickly, and grabbing these opportunities when they become available. Congratulations to the boys on their improved efforts last week and we must continue to build on each game to improve our skills and our teamwork every week.

Stephen Heanly | Coach

13B | LOSS 1-6

The 13Bs played yet another A-side team, Reddam House, losing 1-6. The closer scoreline for this week proves their growth and development over the past couple of weeks. Notable mentions would be: Benjamin Simonds (7WH), who had some excellent saves in goals; and Harry Marshall (7We), who applied great pressure onto the opposing team’s goal keeper and scored our only goal. An improvement in defensive play and practicing game situations will help this team to improve. It is pleasing to see the team work hard and try their best. Keep up the hard work, boys! 

Tristan Glanznig | Coach

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