Water Polo | Round 10


There were some exciting matches played in the Trinity Centenary Pool last Saturday. The 1st VII team put on a clinical display during their highly anticipated match. The team showed great teamwork and poise in front of goals against a top-level goalkeeper to experience an outstanding result for the team. There were other excellent performances seen from the 3rd VII, 16Bs, 15As and 14As teams who all experienced well-fought team victories. The 13s age group showed some great promise and will look to work together as a team to show improvement throughout the remainder of the term. Trinity teams are split between the Trinity Centenary and Riverview pools this Saturday. Good luck to all teams in what will be another competitive and enjoyable round of Water Polo. 

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

1ST VII | WON 16-3

The team played a well-respected The King’s School side last Saturday. The players’ preparation and focus for the game was excellent which translated to arguably their best performance of the season. The team understood the importance of playing with intelligence and patience against a very talented King’s goalkeeper. From the start of the game the boys played an aggressive press defence and had fantastic awareness to minimise the impact of King’s offensive weapons. This well-executed defensive style generated many counter-attack opportunities which left the King’s side with little hope. I am very pleased with the boys’ efforts and focus and it is encouraging to see them continue to improve each week. I am looking forward to seeing the boys continue this momentum into the end of the season.                        

Blake Edwards | Coach

Round 3 of the CAS/GPS Water Polo season ended successfully for the Trinity 1st grade team when playing The King’s School last Saturday. The boys played very well against the skilled King’s goalkeeper, effectively utilising the cross pass to an open player to finish the multiple scoring opportunities. This was evident as the team captains showed their skills and spatial awareness to deliver many of these pinpoint passes. Although the opposition’s offensive drives were not overly successful, the team stuck to defensive tactics taught to us by coach Blake Edwards, which allowed us to generate numerous successful counter-attacks throughout the game. Defensive pressure throughout the game helped secure the win, as the team managed to hold the opposition’s offence to just one goal in the first half. The team finished the game off strongly with an encouraging 16-3 win. This augurs well against the next match against Riverview this Saturday.

Matthew Robertson (12Du) | Captain of Water Polo

3RD VII | WON 19-2

On Saturday, the Trinity 3rd VII Water Polo team played The King’s School. This game was by far the best demonstration of skill and fitness we have seen all season. The Trinity team played consistently throughout the game, remaining in the lead and playing strongly until the end of the last quarter. All Trinity players should be commended on their attitudes and behaviour, playing fairly and professionally despite the strong opposition. Special mention to Edward Newton (11WJ), Joshua Hanna (11Ho) and Michael Wierum (12­He) who showed great knowledge of the game and demonstrated this on Saturday. I was very proud of the overall performance by all members of the Trinity team on Saturday and look forward to everyone keeping the same intensity for the remainder of the season.

Amy Graetz | Coach 

16B | WON 18-3

The 16Bs proceed to show their strength against teams in the GPS organisation, defeating King’s 16As 16-3. The team started out very well and finished very strongly in all aspects of the game, with a standout game from Finn Ramanuskas (10Ke) who scored 12 of the team’s 16 goals. However, this game was won from a dominant press defence by all players of the team, with the King’s team finding no options for passing and our team counter attacking off this strong press defence. Two goals were also scored by Mile Brigham (10WH), and one goal each by Thomas Power (10Mu) and James Boulougouris (10St). However, it must also be noted that many boys are skilled and knowledgeable enough to understand the need to pass the ball off in a 2 on 1 with the goalkeeper, with Hudson Korda (10WJ) earning the right to say he assisted with multiple goals. Overall, the 16Bs should be proud of their efforts and discipline through the whole game from beginning to end.

Oscar Jones | Coach

15A | WON 12-4

This game saw Trinity play their best team Water Polo of the summer with all players contributing to the final 12 to 4 win against St. Joseph’s College. The first quarter was a very even affair with Trinity struggling to overcome the very physical nature of St Joseph’s play but were still able to keep the score at one each. The second and third quarters saw Trinity gain ascendancy, overcoming the rugby (or perhaps wrestling) tactics of the opposition to produce a three-quarter time score of 8-2. The Trinity defence did relax in the final period, allowing St Joseph’s to score two easy goals but still were able to score another four of their own. Best for Trinity were: Sebastian Green (9Ta), who was able to use the excellent service he received from the team to score seven goals from centre forward; and Bailey Martin (9We), who played most of the game at centre back being held, sunk, kicked and pushed, but still able to nullify the opposition’s centre forward and not get ejected. A special mention to Oscar Sealey (9Sc) who played his best defensive game this summer, never allowing the opposition any leeway. Other scorers for Trinity were Mathew McLennan (9Yo) with two goals, and Joseph Britton (9He), Luke Raptis (9Ta) and Jonah de Groot (9Ar) with one each.

Ray Swinnerton | Coach

14A | WON 18-1

The 14As had a great match on the weekend against St Joseph’s College, displaying excellent defensive strategies to force numerous turnovers throughout the game. This generated many counter attacking opportunities for the team which saw Trinity leading five goals to zero at quarter time. In the next two quarters Trinity scored three goals in each quarter before scoring seven goals to one in the final quarter. Best players included Lachlan Rathbone (8Ke) and Leopold Vo (8WH). All the best for the next round. 

Florin Bonca | Coach

14B | LOSS 7-11

In a hard-fought match, Trinity fell to The King’s School 11-7. The King’s 14A team was playing against the Trinity 14B team but we still made a great effort. In the first quarter we kept it close, only going down by a goal, 3-2. Matteo Pezzano (8Fo) added one goal in the first from half court. He then added another half court shot to add to his two goals for the day. Zaine Bachir (8Mu) added one goal in the second quarter. Gabriel Stavropoulos (8WH) is showing promising skills as a leader of the boys. They look at him as an example of what to do. Toby Ji (8Ta) scored the most impressive goal all day in the fourth quarter as he did a give and go, passing the ball and driving back by receiving a pass from Gabriel to score a goal. Toby finished the day with two goals overall. The team put in a good effort. While lacking some basic Water Polo knowledge, this game’s result demonstrates an encouraging sign the team will improve throughout the season. 

Sam Slobodien | Coach

13A | LOSS 4-7

Thankfully, Water Polo is one of our sports that goes ahead rain, hail, or shine. Well, it was certainly raining as our families made their way over the bridge to play our first game against Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) in their newly completed sporting complex. There was a lot of excitement, and possibly some nerves, as we prepared to hit the water. Shore managed to score three goals in the first quarter whilst we continued to warm up. We came to life in the second quarter and managed to score two goals through Jaiden Sivapirabu (7Hi) and Dylan Blyth (7La). In fact, we kept with Shore for the remaining three quarters as we finished the game with a 7-4 loss. We had two other missed opportunities where the ball just drifted over the top of the crossbar, and had we scored these two goals, the score line would have been a better representation of the game we played. As many boys in the team have only played a few games of Water Polo before, it was great to see them working together as a team and encouraging each other. However, many aspects of the game will need to be developed in the weeks ahead. One is to make sure our defensive structure always ensures that the defender positions himself between the attacker and our own goal. This makes it significantly harder for the opposing attacker to have a scoring opportunity. I am sure through the weeks ahead that the boys will continue to improve, and I am very proud of their first effort this weekend against Shore.

Stephen Heanly | Coach

13B | LOSS 3-18

The 13Bs had another difficult game against The King’s School A-grade team. Although they lost 3-18, the team definitely showed improvement from last week as they are developing their game awareness and ball skills. Special mention to Hugo France (7WH) for scoring two goals and Cristian Izillo (7Mu) for scoring a great outside shot. Another significant effort was goalkeeper Benjamin Simonds (7WH) having some great saves that were almost certain goals. In the following weeks we will continue to work on ball skills and game strategies. 

Tristan Glanznig | Coach

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