The 2021 Winter 1sts VI with their Jerseys on Quad

Trinity Defeated St Ignatius’ 3-0 (25-21, 25-12, 25-19)

Saturday was the first round of the highly anticipated Winter season and despite already coming up against St Ignatius’ in the trial game, the Trinity 1st VI found themselves in another close contest with the Riverview side.

After the CIS trials on the Friday night, the majority of the team found themselves fatigued and sore yet had to  rise above to match the strong Riverview side. The first set opened with a quick string of points coming from the middle attack with Steven Yarad (11Mu) swinging above their block. However, Trinity began to pull ahead when both Joel Matthei (11La) and David Gabriel (12Hi) spiked well from outside finding the back corner with multiple unanswered points.

The second set saw Trinity take a much larger lead with James Kern (12WJ) continuing to perfect his passing to Ben Powell (12Ho). Ben’s chemistry with Sam Vickery (12WJ) allowed for dominating spikes which convincingly secured the second set.

The final set saw the boys face a tighter contest. However, Blake Plavsic (12WH) was able to translate the blocking drills from training to the game, closing the gap between the outside and the middle and preventing the opportunity for the ball to sneak past the block. This led to multiple points where Riverview tried to hit over the block, yet Martin Wong (11Ta) ,despite his consistent hitting, was still ready in defence, picking up the tips and roll shots, preventing any of the opposition’s spikes from hitting the floor.

Congratulations to Ben Powell (12Ho), Sam Vickery (12WJ) and Steven Yarad (11Mu) who were selected in the CIS volleyball team and Martin Wong (11Ta) and Ed Feng (12Yo) who were selected as part of the shadow CIS team.

Oscar van Hal (12Mu) | 1st VI Vice Captain

Trinity 2nd VI defeated Riverview 3-0 (25-11, 25-11, 25-10)

Last Saturday marked the beginning of the 2021 winter volleyball season. Trinity’s 2nd VI team had mostly stayed the same during the transition from the summer, with only a few changes to the roster. This meant that the team was able to synergise well and work together to win against Riverview and potentially against the two powerhouse schools Sydney Grammar and Sydney Boys. 

From the beginning of the first set, it was clear the team had just come off holidays. The team started three points behind Riverview due to service errors and miscommunication. However, a strong spike down the middle from Patrick Mansfield (11Ke) gave Trinity the momentum it needed to get going. From there, Trinity started widening the gap between themselves and Riverview, with Tyrone Ponggun (11WH) scoring many needed aces.

This momentum carried on into the second set, with Josh Munter (10Hi) giving our spikers perfect sets, including David Tsai (11Ho) who showed his dominance on the net, as well as Jonathon Reissis (10WJ) who made many smart tips, which allowed the team to take the second set with ease. 

The third set was where Trinity displayed their defensive prowess, with Keshav Baldeo (11He) and Eric Mihas (11La) saving many balls from touching the floor, keeping the ball in play and allowing players like Jim O’Brien (12WJ) to score many points.

Overall, it was a rough start to the season, but the team was able to get back into the game and pull away with a win. This week, Trinity will take on Sydney Grammar, which will be a tough game and could dictate if Trinity comes away this season with a premiership. 

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity defeats Riverview (25-17, 25-4, 25-7)

The first game back after the Easter holidays by our newly formed 3rds team played our first match today for this season, winning all three sets. The first set began with us scrambling across the court and not being in the right places, but thankfully that ended with the set that was carried out with great serving from Anthony Le (11He) and Jeremy Chia (11WH), who properly got us ahead of Riverview, letting us have time to win the set. 

The second set belongs to Farhan Tamboli (11Ar) who really showed us how to hustle and get to the ball, keeping the rally going and attempting to play every play. He also managed to get at least a 10-point serve streak, acing the opponents till they called time out. 

The third set was a lot like the second set, Matthew De Belle (11Sc) scored a number of points with his intimidating target serving. The 3rds performed beyond what I had hoped for and this season will be a very tough, but fun one to play.

Scott Feng (10Yo) | 3rds VI Captain

Trinity Defeated Riverview (25-12, 25-17, 15-7)

Last Saturday was the commencement of the winter season for Trinity Volleyball and the 16As were all excited to play a proper match after the Term 1 Holidays. Although we had spent two weeks away from the court, I was pleasantly surprised by the team’s ability to quickly get back into the groove of the game.

After dusting off some cobwebs in the first few points of the first set, Trinity began a scoring run with Ken Takei (10La) smashing in a few great serves. This run was then continued by outside hitters Gabriel Simoes Peixeiro (10Sc) and Jason Wang’s (10Ar) incredible spiking which led to Trinity’s comfortable first set win.

The second set began with both teams fighting for points. However, Tom Powell (10Ho) and his phenomenal jump float serves were too much for our opponents and created a large gap between Trinity and Riverview’s score. This lead was solidified by a slightly injured Zachariah Nguyen’s (10Ta) great receiving ability and his constant cheering and support that boosted our team’s morale.

In the final set, Trinity continued their dominance. Our middle blocker Shivam Wadhera (10Ke) had his chance to shine with a few great quick attacks as well as a very creative windmill action spike.

In summary, Trinity played really well despite not having played a game over the holidays. I am truly excited to see how the rest of the season will unfold and look forward to next week’s game against a tough opponent in Sydney Grammar.

Kyle Tran (10WH) | 16As Captain

Trinity lost to Riverview 1-2 (19-25, 25-18, 23-25)

The 16 Bs first game as a team featured some great moments from Mitchell Reid-Queeney (9Ar) who was able to pull out his best serving yet, winning the team the second set with ten serves in a row. Matthew Warrilow (10Yo) also showcased his strong serving ability, keeping the Bs in the game and serving multiple aces in the game. 

The first set started strongly, with Trinity pulling an early lead, but the opposition team was able to bring it back. Strong blocking from Max Lau (9Ar) kept the game tight for most of the game, but a strong serving string was able to win the opposition the first set.

The second set saw the team truly start working together and dominate the whole set. Amazing passing from Jet Lin (9We) showcasing some remarkable receiving, and also some more star blocking and tipping from Liam Sandilant (10Hi) was able to quickly and confidently win the second set. 

The third and final set was a tight and strong set for the entire team. Good serving and passing from Evan Tong (10Fo) was able to keep Trinity in the game, and more amazing blocking from Christopher Saravanos (9Ar) kept the game tight and close. However the team just went down in the end of a tight set, receiving a loss. 

Overall, it was a strong first game from Trinity, showing the team’s abilities, and giving us good hope for the rest of the season.

Noah Blomfield (10Fo) | 16Bs Captain

1st VI Time out

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