Volleyball vs Knox

Trinity defeated Knox 3-0 (25-11, 25-22, 25-23) 

Fresh off a strong week in training, the boys saw their strongest opponent to date in the CAS competition. The first set was in Trinity’s favour as David Gabriel (12Hi) led the boys with a 9-point serving streak, landing serves with more dip than a Lebanese lunch. Joel Matthei (12La) also decided to crank the ball straight through the opposition blockers, putting on a masterclass display. Martin Wong (11Ta) also had a cracker swing, with his bounce down the line, allowing his dominance to be established once again.

After a comfortable first set, the boys saw the result become significantly closer in the second. Alex Saba (11WH) dominated the set with multiple streaks over power float serving. James Kern (12WJ) aesthetically performed with an athletic sobriety that allowed him to pick up every driven ball that came his way. William Blanchfield (12Ho) also held together the back line with convincing passing and covering, truly allowing the squad to maintain their lead and to hold out the set.

Following on from the second set, the boys aimed to further their position in the game and make up for any blunders seen previously. This was encapsulated in a quality pick up, as well as Steven Yarad (11Mu) decisively entering the game with a strappingly husky right arm that potentially caused some mental damage to the newly installed decking. Edward Feng (12Yo) also came in consistently with his numerous block touches and pickups throughout.

Overall, the score line does not capture the nail-biting moments and pressure the boys were under. A huge win for the Trinity men to go without losing a set against such a tough opponent.

Ben Powell (12Ho) | 1st VI Captain

Trinity 2nd VI defeat Knox 2nd VI 3-0 (25-14, 27-25, 15-4)

Last Saturday, the Trinity 2nd VI played against a greatly improved Knox side, who were able to bring out the full potential of our team. They had significantly improved in all aspects of the game, eventually forcing us into a deuce in the second set. Furthermore, a couple of key players were missing due to injuries or clashes with other sports, meaning the rest of us present had to step up our game—and we did.

The first set started off with lots of energy and communication from the Trinity side. This allowed us to pick up many balls that were sent over by Knox, especially by libero Keshav Baldeo (11He) who not only created many opportunities for our setters, but also led the rest of the backcourt, creating a solid defensive foundation. This was followed up by David Tsai (11Ho) who was able to spike every ball that came his way right onto Knox’s side of the court. 

However, this momentum didn’t carry on into the second set. For the first eight points, Trinity and Knox traded points, with only a one-point gap between us. This point gap remained stagnant until Patrick Mansfield (11Ke) went on a five-point serving streak to widen the point gap between the two teams. Trinity continued to push ahead with strong attacks down the middle from Blake Plavsic (12WH) and Jim O’Brien (12WJ). Yet, with one point left to win the set, Knox’s serving caught us off guard and brought the score to 24-24. After a quick timeout, Trinity was ready to play again and was able to serve and spike their way to win the second set by two points.

After the realisation that Knox was a really good team, Trinity was able to perform with more energy and a higher team morale than ever before. The set started off with an 8-point serving streak from Josh Munter (10Hi) and excellent passing from Michael Park (11Yo). Thus, Trinity was able to take the third set.

After playing Knox, they seemed like an entirely new team, and have made themselves formidable opponents and contenders for the premiership this season. 

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity defeated Knox (25-10, 25-23, 25-18)

The 3rds had another win away at Knox this weekend, and thank you to everyone who showed up. The first set started off bumpy again but when we started picking up the talking, points started to tally up and we were gaining morale. This was lifted when we saw some nice serves from Ken Takei (10La) and Matthew Warrilow (10Yo). 

Throughout the whole game, everyone was happy, and we got some very good plays in. Our backcourts were controlled well by our defensive specialists, Oscar Shen (10Yo) and Kevin Zhong (11He) where they screamed their lungs off to get to the ball. We also saw some great hitting from Sam Thanopoulos (12Hi) and Jeremy Chia(11WH), which was fun to watch and a lot to learn from. Aside from that, there was also some tipping happening from Farhan Tamboli (11Ar) and Zach Nguyen (10Ta), which was very smart and annoying for the other team. This game really tested our communication skills as they gave us a lot of free balls, but we managed to figure things out and have a great game.

Scott Feng (10Yo) | 3rds VI Captain

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