Volleyball vs Cranbrook

Trinity defeated Cranbrook 3-0 (25-12, 25-10, 25-14)

With a disrupted week of training, the boys saw their opponent of Cranbrook in a somewhat distracting location with a great deal of noise and external light. The set began with multiple ace serves and big swings from Oscar Van-Hal (12Mu). In the middle of the set as well, there was a “the last dance” inspired moment, of which Trinity managed to receive a point even though the player shot from behind the three-point line. After the three-pointer had gone in, Edward Feng (12Yo) decided to dominate at the net, embodying the Middle-Earth phrase, “you shall not pass”. This combined with the libero superstar of James Kern (12WJ) allowed the Trinity men to take the set comfortably.

The second set began with a stunning pick-up from David Gabriel (12Hi), who would go on to rip so-called ‘zingers’ as his ace serves were more than deadly. Martin Wong (11Ta) also dominated the set with a great swing through the seam as well as quality serves that resemble a boat, in that they both float. William Blanchfield (12Ho), also passed with precision and proactively covered all empty spaces of the court.

The final set saw Alex Saba (11WJ) and Steven Yarad (11Mu) dominate as they both swung and blocked to the best of their ability. With a new addition to the bench, Joel Matthei (12La) went up a gear to hit strategically and powerfully in the front and back row.

In summary, the boys played very well and are keen to finish off a so-far undefeated season.

Trinity 2nd VI defeat Cranbrook 3-0 (25-14, 25-9, 25-8)

Last Saturday, the Trinity 2nd VI were prepared after a scare from a formidable Knox team. However, this time it wasn’t so much the team that Trinity struggled against, but rather the conditions that we played in which inhibited us from playing at our maximum. A low net made it increasingly difficult for our setter to accurately set the ball to the optimum height to allow the spikers to smash the ball into the other side of the court. Furthermore, the sunlight from a massive window wall made it impossible for Trinity to see the baseline of the other side of the court, meaning we didn’t know where the outline was. However, despite these odds, Trinity managed to play great volleyball and win the game 3-0.

When the first set started, the ‘away court’ feeling lowered the team’s energy, putting us three points behind Cranbrook. However, after a quick timeout and a chance for us to recollect ourselves, Trinity started playing the way we always do. The comeback was led by Blake Plavsic (12WH) who showed his dominance on the court, absolutely destroying the other team with his massive spikes. Trinity was also able to score several points from several service aces from Jonathon Reissis (10WJ). Thus, due to Trinity’s offensive power, we were able to take back the first set.

After becoming used to the conditions, and swapping to the other side of the court, Trinity was on a roll. We started the set with an immediate 8-point lead due to the teamwork and chemistry that Trinity displayed. This continued throughout the entirety of the second set, largely due to excellent hitting from David Tsai (11Ho) who was set up perfectly by Eric Mihas (11La). This teamwork between setters and all spikers allowed Trinity to quickly take the second set.

The final set was one of the best Trinity has played all season. The backcourt defence, led by Keshav Baldeo (11He) was relentless, not letting any balls touch the ground. This allowed Patrick Mansfield (11Ke) to spike the ball at will, smashing the ball off the block and down the line on a tight angle. We also saw Jim O’Brien (12WJ) score many points from his serves and hit down the middle of the court. 

Overall, Trinity started slow, but was able to adapt and slightly change our game to fit the conditions to play our best. Our teamwork and communication were especially good this week, with most points only being lost from unforced errors. With only one more game for the summer season left, Trinity is looking to go undefeated again.

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity defeated Cranbrook (25-22, 25-18, 25-17)

This weekend the boys in the 3rds had a challenging win against Cranbrook. They are definitely the best team we have gone up against and everyone should be proud we worked together as a team and won. 

David Haselhurst (10WJ) pulled himself together today and forced himself to play his best so far, getting in multiple serves and spikes. Max Lusty (10Sc) also had a good day by staying on the net and putting over any ball he saw. Our backcourt had mixed plays; some were great, with Kevin Zhong (11He) and Oscar Shen (10Yo) calling out and taking the ball. 

On the serving side, Matthew Warrilow (10Yo) showed the other team how scary continuous serving is. Ken Takei (10La) also had a great day getting many touch blocks and strong serves on the opponents.

I think everyone on the team learnt something new this weekend, good and bad. It was still a great game in which we came out on top.

Scott Feng (10Yo) | 3rds VI Captain

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