Volleyball vs Barker

Trinity defeated Barker 3-0 (25-15, 25-12, 25-19)

The last round of the summer season saw Trinity attempt to close out the season undefeated. 

The first set started off tentatively with the scores remaining quite even, until Joel Matthei (12La) began to swing through the middle, picking up key points. This was also aided with extremely consistent setting coming from Oscar Van-Hal (12Mu) and massive swings from Steven Yarad (11Mu) and Ed Feng (12Yo).

The second set saw Trinity become much more dominant, with massive serving streaks from Alex Saba (10WJ) and Joel Matthei (11La). Trinity managed to lose few points with the strong passing of Will Blanchfield (12Ho) and James Kern (12WJ), who hardly missed a pass.

The final set was far too close for our liking, with the score staying even until swing after swing from Martin Wong (11Ta) and David Gabriel (12HI) also blocked and passed strongly to give Trinity the leading edge.

As Saturday was the last game of the Summer Season, I would like to say a few thank yous. Firstly to all the boys for putting in so much great effort this season for us to become undefeated CAS premiers. The results are justified with all the work that the boys put in at training. Secondly, thank you to the parents, who drive us to every game and support us in the stands, with cheering and post-game snakes.

And lastly, to Mr Simos who is honestly the heart and soul of the team. Thank you so much, sir, for the season and all the time you put in, both on and off the court. Thank you so much for your volleyball IQ and all the time and effort you put into the team.

Ben Powell (12Ho) | 1st VI Captain

Trinity 2nd VI defeated Barker 3-0 (25-14, 25-10, 25-7)

Last Saturday, the Trinity 2nd VI played their final game for the summer season, looking to end it on a high note and maintain our undefeated streak. Fortunately, Trinity was able to play great volleyball, allowing us to take the win as well as the premiership without dropping a single set over the course of the season. 

The first set started off rather slowly, with the point gap between Trinity and Barker being only four points apart. However, great defence from Tyrone Ponggun (11WH) and Keshav Baldeo (11He) allowed Trinity to stay on their feet and keep the ball in play. This allowed Josh Munter (10Hi) to go on a ten point serving streak, nearly ending the set. Not only did this help Trinity take the first set, but it also increased the team morale for the rest of the game.

The second set started in a similar fashion to the end of the first set. This was primarily due to Trinity’s relentless offence, started by setter Eric Mihas (11La), who was able to set up Trinity’s spikers with accuracy from all around the court, especially Patrick Mansfield (11Ke), who was able to score every ball that was set to him and was on fire the entire game. On the defensive end, middle blocker Jim O’Brien (12WJ) managed to get some valuable touches on many of Barker’s attacks, making opportunities for Trinity to counterattack and win the point.

The final set of the game was filled with many highlights. Jonathan Reissis (10WJ) was able to step up and hit some powerful spikes off Barker’s block and out, becoming a valuable offensive player. Furthermore, middle blocker Blake Plavsic (12WH) was able to hit multiple spikes down the middle of the court, but also showed off his smart decision-making and reactions after picking up many blocked balls and keeping the play alive. David Tsai (11Ho) also showed us why he is one of the best spikers in the team, blasting many balls that came his way.

Overall, Trinity’s final game for the summer season was one of the team’s best, showing just how much everyone has improved during the season. Going undefeated without dropping a set is a challenging goal, but through good teamwork and a high level of playing, the Trinity 2nd VI were able to pull it off. I look forward to playing again in the winter season with this team, and hopefully taking away the premiership again.

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity defeats Barker (25-13, 25-21, 11-15)

The 3rds finished the season off with another win on home turf. We played our best sets this weekend with communication up and everyone staying on their feet. Even though we dropped a set this game, we played the best volleyball together as a team this weekend. 

There were some outstanding plays, such as Oscar Shen’s (10Yo) , who gave us some great passes just by hustling a little bit and getting the ball up for our setter Jeremy Chia (11WH) to play the ball and do his thing. Besides our liberos’ passing, everyone else also passed well, even under game pressure which is great progress from where we started. 

Our middles Max Lusty (10Sc) and Ken Takei (10La) played extremely well on the net, denying any balls they tried to put over. These two also showed us their consistent serving that left the opponents in the dust. We saw Sam Thanopoulos (12Hi) play defence, which you don’t see every day.

I am very happy with this weekend’s game and a great last game of this season. I hope everyone will continue to play volleyball next season.

Scott Feng (10Yo) | 3rds VI Captain

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