Trinity Grammar School Drama Department


One Man Two Guvnors.

Wednesday, 28 and Friday, 30 April and Saturday, 1 May at the Experimental Drama Theatre at 7pm.

This is an especially joyous occasion for the Trinity Drama Department as our last show, “School of Rock” was torpedoed by COVID last year, just four weeks from opening night. Now we’re back! Week 2 of Term 2! Tickets will go on sale shortly once clear guidelines in response to the changing nature of the pandemic have been published by the government.

This comedy is a re-imagining of Carlo Goldoni’s Commedia classic, “Servant of Two Masters”- same stock characters of masters and servants but set in Brighton, England 1963. The plots revolve around mistaken identities (including gender swaps), betrayals, murders (off stage), romance (on stage) and lots of slapstick and pratfalls (on and off stage). It formed the basis of the Westminster system of Liberal Democracy minus the Oprah interviews. So, what makes it a timeless classic? Well… the issues have been with us ever since God sent Adam out of the garden on Jobseeker. The community fracture lines between class, gender and race are wider than ever. In response one can either take to the streets or get a bit of perspective through laughter. Commedia opts for the latter. One Man Two Guvnors is the first in a series of performances based on the concept of “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” – more to come on this later. Keep an eye out for shoes!

To whet your appetite for the show, you will be given a character portrait each week. The first is…

Francis Henshall

Francis was born on April 19th to 21st 1943 in a bomb shelter during the London Blitz. A fairly unattractive baby, he was mistaken for an unexploded bomb for 3 weeks until the fire department sprayed him with fire retardant. This began a life-long distrust of authority, suspicion of anything foamy and hysterical reactions at the sound of sirens. Francis did well at the Liverpool School for Orphans Who Look Like Shrapnel. He excelled at Lunch Money Extortion and the performing arts where he acted as bits of scenery. Now he’s an out of work busker, thinking about going back to the Armed Services as an unexploded bomb.

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