Time for More Eco Warriors in Term 4

I am writing to let you know of some amazing student led initiatives from the Eco Warriors’ Club. During our lockdown in Term 3, the uploads by Christian and Daniel Farrah and Jack Brown were so impressive, that I invited them to become presenters of the Eco Warrior site.

These three boys have chosen, researched and prepared two videos which highlight environmental issues with which they are particularly concerned. The first video examines how we can protect our fauna and flora, whilst the second looks at the impacts of the fashion industry on our environment. These boys are truly passionate and care for our environment. Mrs Hitz-Morton has said that: “They are living the PYP Learner Profile with their knowledgeable and inquirer mindsets.”

To launch our first video, Christian and Daniel have set up a challenge for all boys at Trinity Prep. 


1. Go wildlife spotting in your garden or local area

  • Find THREE native animals or plants, take a photo and upload to the pallet.

2. Plant something new

  • You can order seeds online or simply regrow some veggies from scraps.
  • Better still, plant a native Australian plant to attract wildlife and bees to your garden!
  • Some great natives that you can plant are Kangaroo Paw, Native Bluebell or Everlasting Daisy.
  • Take a photo of yourself planting and upload to the pallet.

3. Get creative

  • Make a bird feeder or nesting box
  • Draw or make a sculpture of your favourite native animal
  • Upload a photo to the pallet!

There are 4 small bird watching kits prizes which are to be given to boys who create the best uploads. This will be judged by Christian, Daniel and Jack.

Go to: Time For More Eco Warriors with a link to the Eco Warrior Padlet.

My special thanks to Mr Lever and Mrs Hitz-Morton for their encouragement and support of the boys’ endeavours.

Mrs Nicole Smeulders | Eco Warriors

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