The Power of Zzz | Event Wrap

Trinity parents and boys were treated to an informative and engaging presentation by Dr Hugh Fullagar, an expert on sleep, performance, recovery and overall health.

The Power of Zzz: Sleep for Optimised Student Performance and Health covered a range of topics centring around how sleep has a relationship with every basic human drive in life.

Hugh provided scientific research in an easy to comprehend way whilst drawing on his professional experiences from his time working within the professional and college sport sector.

Hugh presented his top ten tips to sleep better and more effectively;

  • Wake up; setting a routine, sleep should be part of a strategy rather than a chore
  • Alarm; having an alarm set each day to assist in setting routine
  • Light; making your sleep environment as dark as possible
  • Zen; downtime prior to going to sleep, de-stress from the day
  • Screens; reducing screen time and blue light emitting devices at least 30 minutes pprior to going to sleep
  • Nutrition; avoiding caffeine and high sugar foods after 3pm
  • TV; reducing noise and light from these devices for a more peaceful sleep
  • Temperature; sleep environments should be between 18-21°C
  • Mattress; a good quality mattress and pillow
  • Mental; switching off mentally, stepping away from study, computers etc

If you missed the presentation the recording can be viewed below, and a copy of the presentation notes are available here.

Mikaela White | Sports Operations Specialist

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