The Marching Band Returns!

It’s a beautiful early autumn morning the rising sun is soft but warm as it begins to arch gently over the Dining Hall and the Quad at Trinity. The sounds of early morning life stir in the new morning, the birds sing, the whisper of a calm breeze rustles the leaves of Quad trees……..and then the music starts…. Good morning, Trinity, the band is here….

The Marching Band have returned after a tumultuous 2020, still socially distancing but closer together than ever. Our first performance for the year is the honour of farewelling our CAS Swimmers and Divers as they strive for glory in the pool. ANZAC Day Commemorations and the return of the Gala Concert await next term, but for now, we’re content to ROCK.

Our fanfare is the classic ‘Carry on Wayward Son’, a one hit wonder for the American rock group Kansas back in the charts of ’77. Led ably by Drum Major Samuel Vickery (12WJ) and a crack group of dedicated musicians, we’re going to send our Trinity comrades off in style. Sam’s public declaration for the team, ‘For those about to Swim and Dive’ is a worthy play on the famous ACDC chant, ‘For those about to Rock’……

CAS Swimmers and Divers – 2021, the Band Salutes you!

Chris Aschman | Bandmaster

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