The Junior School Choir

The Junior School Choir was formed in 2002 and has gained a considerable reputation for its work as a skilled group of performers. Essentially, the choir is for boys who like to sing together. Since 2014, we have also worked in collaboration with composer musicians from the University of Sydney who provide us with exposure to the latest modern Australian choir practices.

The choir performs a variety of music styles at various formal occasions throughout the year and are very much ambassadors for the School. The Junior School Choir Advance Ensemble attend both rehearsals to assist the boys in their part singing.

Composers from the Sydney Conservatorium have created many songs for the Junior School Choir for boys to perform. The boys have particularly enjoyed working with living composers whom they can meet and ask questions to get a deeper understanding of their music and the message they convey through the beauty of music. Currently the boys are working on For the Beauty of the Earth by John Rutter, who is famous for many choral adaptations such as All Things Bright and Beautiful. We are sure our school community will enjoy listening to the boys perform in the upcoming Junior School Family Chapel Services in March.

The choir gives boys opportunities to learn sight reading, singing and music theory. It can help them advance their skills in music as well as developing focus and teamwork.

A quote from Beethoven is particularly relevant when we think of what it is like to be a part of the Junior School Choir: “I wish you music to help with the burdens of life, and to help you release your happiness to others.”

Harry Hartzenberg (6Ta) | Donald Holder Scholar and

Charles Russel (5Fo) | Junior School Choir Advanced Ensemble Member. 

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