The Green Bugle

This Wednesday’s parade marked the final parade of our second term of the 2020-21 training year. The entirety of the unit came together for a briefing from the CO, MAJ Bishop, as well as a brief message from the SUO outlining the meaning of the Company flags.

The company flags are essentially a symbol of meeting for each company. Each company has a colour and emblem that is displayed on their flag. This is where they form up, sleep, march, eat and conduct company activities. Each flag is held with pride by the respective company quartermasters.

Following the SUO’s discussion, the Training officer CUO Alex Paterson delivered a lesson regarding everything AFT. This covered; packing a hiking bag, what to have in a day pack (full patrol order) as well as answered a number of questions providing tips and life hacks for making the Field Training the best it can be.

Furthermore, the Unit’s Drill Squad is coming together as the elite of the Unit’s cadets, to practice challenging and coordinated movements in preparation for the Annual CAS Drill Squad Competition. 

Update: unfortunately due to the recent flooding in NSW, areas such as Singleton have been affected and the call was made to postpone AFT to the first week of Term 2. This new camp will go from the 18-21 April.

With this term coming to a close, the window to collect equipment and gear from the unit’s Q store is quickly closing. Please ensure before the end of the term, all cadets have looked through the packing list (sent to parents) and have everything listed, as there will be no chance to collect this gear before AFT.

See you on AFT!

SGT Havansky

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