The Green Bugle

These past few weeks, the Cadet Unit has been abuzz with the excitement surrounding the upcoming AFT.  All companies have been hard at work refining their skills, with Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Companies brushing up on their drill, and Delta doing Nav lessons today.  

HQ has been working intensively to finalise plans for what will surely be a spectacular AFT.  We are very excited to be introducing a new station, SIMEX, a war zone simulation which will put all the skills cadets have gathered to work, alongside the existing SURVEX and FIELDEX. SURVEX, or ‘Survival Exercise’ entails patrolling and tracking in a timed tactical task, alongside concealment and camouflage.  Cadets will apply knowledge of first aid and field craft in the Field Exercise.

Not only will the skills learnt in lessons – including RATEL, navigation and first aid come in handy AFT, through learning and teaching lessons, cadets and rank alike have practised leadership, camaraderie and taking initiative – all central values of the Unit.

Just a reminder to both Meriden and Trinity cadets: ensure you have all the necessary uniform, hootchies, equipment, etc., as outlined in the Packing List – if not, please ensure you go to Q-store promptly.

All cadets are to be commended for their improvement in dress and bearing and we expect this to be maintained at its high standard. Many rank members have remarked on the cadets’ drive for excellence and positive attitude.  

As always, well done on today’s training, keep up the good work, and get excited for AFT!

SGT Shirley Wang | Media Team | Trinity Grammar School Army Cadet Unit

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