Tennis vs Waverley | Round 5

Last Saturday’s fixture was against Waverley College who fielded a reduced number of representative teams. Despite this they were competitive across the board, but it was Trinity who emerged as the stronger school on completion of the day’s play. The winning teams included the 1st and 2nd IV who both won 5 sets to 3 in the away fixture at the Waverley campus. The 1st IV, still under-strength, (Captain and number one ranked player Max Nguyen still injured) did receive a lifeline with the return of Finn Taylor (9La) who slotted back into the team after his badly strained ankle injury. Finn was competitive in all aspects of play and was able to win a tightly contested doubles set with partner Dylan Guler (11WH). The pairing lost their other set in a nail-biting tie breaker that went down to the wire. The second pairing of James Kim (10Ar) and debutante Angelo Shi (9Sc) combined exquisitely together and were able to out their dogged opposition, in both highly contested sets. Angelo playing in the team for the first time then went on to win his singles match without resistance, from his shell-shocked opponent. In fact, by the time I got to his court to watch the match it had already finished. James Kim then put Waverley’s chance of victory out of contention with a 6-4 singles win. It was a good team victory across the board! Tomorrow the boys will play for outright second position against a St Aloysius’ opposition.

The 2nd IV won by a similar margin after positive play by all team members. The foundation for victory was laid down in the doubles component of the match, with Trinity winning three of the four sets contested. The first pairing, consisting of Max Knauer (10Ho) and Jayden Higgins (10He), won both sets convincingly with their opposition only able to manage a handful of games. Jayden’s big serve and Max’s heavy ground strokes were too much for their less able opponents, who capitulated without resistance. Max then went on to win his singles set, to the tune of six games to three, after some beautiful passages of play. Our younger pairing of Sam Kang (9WJ) and Domonic Furfaro (9Ar) competed well together in the first set winning 6-3. However, they couldn’t keep their mojo in the second set where they lost their focus and positivity. Sam regained his composure in his singles and won a telling match that allowed the team the victory. Domenic lost his singles narrowly after passages of impressive shot making. The team sits in outright 3rd place on the ladder at the halfway mark of the season.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis

3rd and 4th IV

The 3rds could not have been more disappointed to lose Justin Yang (12WH) to injury before last Saturday’s fixture. However, they did rise to the occasion, … eventually! Liam Ling (12La) formed a new combination with Daniel Tran (12Ta), while Nikhil Kapoor (12Yo) had a new partner in Nick Papadopoulos (11He). Neither combination began well, and both teams found themselves trailing and in serious danger of losing the opening sets. Much to the delight of their coach and the Trinity parents, both teams staged a comeback. While Liam and Daniel had to be content with a respectable 4-6 loss, Nikhil and Nick, who struck his down the line forehand with amazing venom and precision, finally wore down their opponents 7-5. All four boys maintained their momentum to win their singles matches against adversaries who refused to give up. Nikhil is to be commended on finally finding his chief weapon, his forehand, in his singles match (it was missing in action during the first half of his doubles game). To underline the fact, he won the final point with a forehand down the line which may have exceeded the speed of sound.

The 4ths too lost one of the doubles matches but made up for it with four handsome singles wins. Jack Vine (11Mu) may have had a battle the week before, but last Saturday he was in no mood for tension, dismissing his No. 1 counterpart 6-1 with aggressive, athletic play. Callum McLeod (12He), attritting as only he can, and Max Guo (12Ar), with a combination of clever angles and some cheeky tactics, also destroyed their adversaries by the same margin. Not to be outdone, Kevin Zhang (11Ho), in a style characterised by focus and determination, won his singles 6-0! In a season of very close contests, the 4ths can be very proud of their second consecutive 5-1 triumph.

Ashley Lucas | Coach


It was a very close match up for the 10As, the boys coming away with a draw in sets and 23 games to 21 win. In what started off looking like an easy win being 4-1 up for Alex Gavrilovic (10Yo) and Beier Chen (10Yo) things slowly started to turn, unforced errors and silly mistakes crept into their game and the boys found themselves shaking hands at the end of the match with a loss. Both boys went into their singles in a bad mind frame and saw them go down quite convincingly, although technique wise our boys were better, mentally we did not compete. Mark Charas (10Ho) and Andrew Yang (10Hi) had a blinder of a day, between the two of them they only dropped three games overall. Their doubles were played with minimal errors and strong ground strokes which allowed them to move into their singles with confidence. Mark and Andrew played some of the best tennis I’ve seen all season.

Danielle Calvi | Coach


The 9As were up against Waverley this Saturday as they looked to bounce back from their defeat last round. While there were two forfeits that went Trinity’s way, the boys wholeheartedly deserved to win on merit by virtue of the brilliant tennis they played. James Chan (9La) played a solid singles match coming up with a 6-3 win. Lawrence Hoe (9Yo) had a close affair but showed tremendous nerve to see out his match 6-4. Kavi Suri (9Yo) and Tom North (9Hi) put together a clinical performance in their doubles match before dominating their respective singles matches.

The 9Bs were also looking put last week’s result behind them and they did so in style. Beau Moller (9Yo) and Matthew Zeederberg (9Ho) were unstoppable in their doubles match as they romped to a 6-1 victory. The pair refused to take their foot of the accelerator, with Beau going onto dispatch his opponent 6-1 while Matthew went one better by winning 6-0. There was another forfeit which meant the second doubles match couldn’t be played. However, Finn Hutchinson (9Fo) didn’t let this distract him as he went on to win his singles match comfortably, 6-1. Matthew Vickery (9WJ) also won his match 6-1, playing consistent and solid tennis.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach


The 8Bs played well against Waverley over the weekend, winning 6 sets to 0. Travis Ng (8WJ) and Christian Laurens (8La) both played well this round against Waverley. Both boys were hitting and communicating very well during their doubles match. Christian was hitting good groundstrokes and volleys during his doubles, and also played well during his singles match. He was moving well on the court and had good footwork. Travis’ serves this weekend were very strong and consistent. He just needs to try and hit with a bit more topspin when hitting groundstrokes, as some of his shots seem to be flat and aren’t as consistent. Jonathan Ly (8Sc) and Mitchell Bowden (8La) also played well, winning all their matches this past weekend. Jonathan played well over the weekend. His groundstrokes were very consistent, and he had good on-court movement; he just needs to practice his serves to improve consistency. Mitchell also played very well. His serves and groundstrokes were very good over the weekend, but he just needs to try and improve upon his volleys and putting the ball away while playing at the net.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

7As and 7Bs

The 7As had a great day against Waverley, winning all matches played with the help of some forfeits. Kang Nguyen (7WH) played a tremendous match, blasting winners on his way to a 6-0 win. Likewise Noah Figliuzzi (9Fo) never looked in any doubt as his massive serve and forehand allowed him to dominate, with the score finishing 6-1. Alejandro Molina (7Ke) and Hugo Newman (9WJ) were in complete control of their doubles match, making barely any errors as they went on to win 6-0 in the doubles. They carried this form into their singles matches with Alejandro picking up his second bagel of the day, beating his opponent 6-0. Hugo was similarly in a devastating mood, winning his match 6-0.

The 7Bs also won all their matches against Waverley. Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) and Jared Arnold (7Ar) played a superb match, combining consistency and power to win their doubles 6-2. Ishaan then went on to produce a clinical performance in his singles, winning 6-3. Jared was ruthless in his singles, belting winners on his way to a 6-1 win. Ujwal Yadem (9Fo) and CJ Nguyen (9Yo) were too strong for their opponents, winning the doubles 6-1. Ujwal then went on to crush his opponent 6-0, hitting some brilliant forehands along the way. CJ Nguyen had a closer affair but ultimately proved to consistent for his opponent as he won 6-4.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

7Cs and 7Ds

This week, the Cs and Ds performed admirably against a well-matched Aloysius’ side. The Cs, having one player short, were able to match the score in sets, but lost by a mere three games. Similarly, the Ds also drew in sets, but lost by a total of eight games.

In the Cs, Daniel Villategallagher (7Ke) and Alexander Ren (7St) played a superb game of doubles, with positive communication and great consistent groundstrokes. This enabled them to grab a 6 – 2 win. Having one player down, the second set of doubles was forfeited. In singles, despite Daniel’s efforts, he was unable to overcome his opponent who was more consistent on the day. Alexander played significantly well, winning 6 – 0 easily, with great groundstrokes and minimal errors. Alex should try and play at this level each week. Gregory Kariatlis (7La) played very well, where his consistent and powerful serves helped him gain an advantage over his opponent, allowing him to pull away with a 6 – 2 victory.

In the Ds, Jonathan Che (7La) and Aakash Viswanathan (7Ta) played with great energy and effort, but the lack of communication on court and plethora of unforced errors allowed their opponents to pull away with a 4 – 6 win. Alexander Hales (7Ar) and Joshua Jeung (7He) played their debut doubles match for the season as a new pair and played very well. They fought for every point and came out with a 6 – 4 win in a highly contested match.

In singles, Jonathan played with great consistency and energy on court, which helped him pull away with a 6 – 4 win. Aakash was unable to find the confidence on the day to attack the ball and resorted to pushing the ball resulting in long points. His opponent was more consistent on the day, forcing Aakash into a poor position, resulting in a loss. Despite Alexander Hales’ effort on the day, his opponent was able to consistently push Alex into tough defensive positions, forcing many unforced errors, resulting in a loss. Joshua played a very close game of singles and was able to trade winners consistently with his opponent. His effort was not in vain as he was able to close out the match 7 – 5, showcasing a very impressive performance.

Despite the loss, both the Cs and Ds played very well. Having one player down and new double teams, the players displayed great positivity and effort both off and on the court. Similarly, there was great sportsmanship between both sides, which enabled a great day of tennis.

Edward Lai | Coach

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