Tennis vs St Aloysius’

The CAS Summer season recommenced last Saturday with Round 6 being contested against St Aloysius’ College. Overall, it was a very competitive fixture with Trinity winning the majority of senior school matches and St Aloysius’ being stronger in the middle school age groups. It was also the first opportunity to see the new incoming Year 7 cohort competing for their first-ever high school fixture (see match reports below).

The 1st IV team playing at home made the most of their home court advantage and systematically demolished their less able opponents, winning eight sets to love. This was a pleasing result for the team as their previous match against the same team was extremely tight. The closest set of the day was in the first set of the second pairing doubles. Here Dylan Guler (11St) and Spyridon Konidaris (11Ke) overcame a sleepy start to triumph 6-4 after being down early. They then proceeded to accelerate away, winning the second set 6-0. Our other pairing, comprising Max Nguyen (11Yo) and Kevin Lin (12Ho), played exemplary well controlled, high percentage tennis and were never in doubt from the very get-go. They took their time to plan, communicate and implement a superior match strategy and this paid solid dividends on the score board, with the combination winning 6-1, 6-3. In the singles, all players won with relative ease after making fewer errors and ensuring a higher percentage of shot-making than their opponents. Overall, it was a very pleasing result courtside.

Not to be outdone, the 2nd team also rose to the occasion with a similar eight sets to love win. Finn Taylor (9La) and James Kim (10ar) played the closest set of the day first up in their doubles, winning the more important points to triumph 7-6 in the tie break set. After that it was all one-way traffic with all team members winning without too many obstacles. Tomorrow’s match will be against a more competitive outfit, Waverley College, and I wish both teams the best of luck.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | Director of Tennis

3rds and 4ths

Despite the inclement weather, the players of the 3rd and 4th Trinity tennis teams took to the courts with enthusiasm and energy, ready to impress in our first competitive round of the year.  They were keen to repeat their successful performance of last year against St Aloysius’ College and so they did – the 3rds winning six sets to love and the 4ths five sets to one. As usual, the score line does not paint the full picture – there were some very tight matches and special mention must be made of Matthew Chan (12Ar), who found himself down 2-5 and at risk of losing. He determined to leave nothing on the court and slowly but surely set about clawing his way back into the match. It was very exciting to watch this cool, collected and feistily determined young man serve and rally his way into a winning position to finally win the match 7-5. Deon Kontonis (12Fo) with his elegant (and terribly effective) serve and groundstrokes annihilated his opponent to love, as did teammate Cameron Ong (12St). Cameron’s energy and consistency and his great shot placement were also evident when he and his Doubles partner, Ben Prsa (12La), demolished their opposition to love. Ben’s singles match was a little tougher than he hoped, but again his determination was evident as he closed out the match 6-4.  Congratulations to Rohan John (12Ar) and Nicholas Papadopoulos (11He) who both served superbly and were very convincing in their Singles’ wins. Max Guo (12Ar) and Callum McLeod (12He) combined very well in their Doubles match and secured a good win 6-2, enjoying some impressive rallies, solid serving and deep groundstrokes. In all, it was a great start to the 2nd round of the CAS competition. Tomorrow it will be important to concentrate on good footwork, good position and early racquet preparation. Good luck to all players.

Jessica Spratt | Coach

10As and 10Bs

The 10As played excellently and narrowly came away with the win. Special mention must go to Giuseppe Barca (10Ar) who played a flawless singles match, winning 6-0. His serve was unplayable for the entire match and his groundstrokes were clean and precise. Additionally, Alex Runciman (10Yo) played extremely well in both his singles and doubles matches and showed great composure even when the rain started to come down. Overall, the 10As played extremely consistent all weekend and deservedly came away with the win.

The 10Bs had a difficult weekend. They struggled for consistency in both their doubles and singles matches. Special mention must go to Noah Blomfield (10Fo) who played extremely well in his singles match and had match points, but lacked composure in those big moments. Additionally, Benjamin Kwan (10He) performed at a high level but similarly to the rest of his teammates, lacked consistency in his ground strokes and gave away too many free points to his opponent. Overall, the 9Bs should be encouraged by aspects of their performances but must improve on their consistency and not always be looking to hit the big shots.

David Lambropoulos | Coach

10Cs and 10Ds

The 10Cs had a fantastic match day. They performed at a high level and displayed excellent teamwork in the doubles. Special mention must go to Josh Munter (10Hi) who was thoroughly dominant in both his singles and doubles matches. Furthermore, Caleb Kwan (10Ta) had a very tough-fought victory in his singles match in challenging conditions. Overall, the 9Cs should be very optimistic for the rest of the season as they performed at a very good level in both the doubles and singles matches.

The 10Ds had a tough weekend. Although the score line was not in their favour, they gave 100% in all the matches played. Max Trigg (10We) had an excellent singles match and came away with the win. Additionally, Jonathon Lenard (10St) played extremely well, filling in from the colours group. Despite not winning the match, he was very consistent and could easily have won the match with a bit more composure in bog moments. Overall, the 10Cs should use this weekend as motivation to strive to improve in order to come away with the win next match day.

David Lambropoulos | Coach

9As and 9Bs

The 9As did very well this past weekend winning this round against St. Aloysius’. Sam Kang (9WJ) and Angelo Shi (9Sc) did very well in their doubles match together, winning this round due to their great communication and teamwork. Sam tried his best in his singles match and came very close to a win with only a few points difference during a tie break. Angelo did very well in his singles; he had great serves during his match which led him to a win this round. Mitchell and Dominic had a very successful weekend and both boys played very well, winning their doubles match without dropping a single game. During his singles game, Mitchell also played amazingly well, not dropping a single game point. Dominic did very well in his singles match this weekend, also coming away with a win. Both Mitchell and Dominic’s serves, and groundstrokes, were key to winning their matches over the weekend.

The 9Bs did very well over the weekend winning this round against St. Aloysius’ 4 sets to 2. Aidan Kuoch (9La) and Jack O’Shea (9He) played well in their doubles game over the weekend. They had great communication and shot placement during each rally. Aidan was hitting some great groundstrokes this weekend, along with very some consistent serves. Jack also did well, coming away with a win from his singles match this round. His serves this weekend have improved and were very consistent and accurate. Charles Allison (9St) and Dylan Ritchley (9Ho) also played well over the weekend; although they did not win their doubles match, they both played well and won their individual singles matches. Charles was very consistent with his groundstrokes over the weekend and played quite well against his opponent. Dylan also played well and, in particular, his serves were very strong.

9Cs and 9Ds

The 9C boys gave it their best effort over the weekend but were unsuccessful. Lachlan Dai (9Du) and Keegan Van (9St) tried their best in this round against St. Aloysius’. During the doubles the boys gave it their best, they had good communication, and the boys were hitting great shots for the duration of their match. Lachlan and Keegan were both particularly strong with their groundstrokes this round. Ethan Chan (9Ar) and Nicholas Musumeci (9Ke) struggled this weekend during their doubles match. Both boys played well individually but could use some improvement on their communication and teamwork during doubles matches. Ethan did well in his singles match this round, winning against his St. Aloysius’ opponent. Nicholas played very well over the weekend, trying his absolute best against his opponent; he was quick on the court and was hitting some consistent serves and groundstrokes.

The 9Ds came close on the weekend but were unsuccessful this round against St. Aloysius’. Harry and Brian Yu (9Ta) played a great doubles match together and managed to get a win this round. The boys had great on court movement and communication during their match. Harry did a great job during his first match playing for Trinity, and he came close during his singles with only a couple games difference. His groundstrokes were particularly strong this round. Brian did very well this round, coming away with a win in his singles and doubles match. His serves were very consistent and he had great on court movement and footwork. Jatan Singh (9Mu) and Ronald Ye (9La) gave it their best effort this round. They came close in their doubles match and both boys tried their best during their singles matches. Jatan gave it a good effort during his singles match, and his serves were quite consistent. Ronald played very well during his match this weekend. His shots were very well placed and his serves were strong and consistent.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

8As and 8Bs

Haberfield Tennis Centre became the victim to some periodic rain spikes last Saturday – a miserable day for tennis – that also was a day of mourning, learning the passing of the great, Christopher Plummer. Nevertheless, the boys managed to muster up the courage to fight and play for the Trinity badge we’ve all come to love. Although we went down, 2-4 on sets and 18-31 on games, the scores, in all the grade teams, were quite deceiving on face value. Notably, Samuel Perkin (8Yo) was able to get a 6-3 victory in his singles.

Likewise, the Bs were given a bitter pill to swallow; also losing 2-4 on sets but a much closer, 24-30 on games. The Man of the Match had to go to Isaac Latt (8WH), who put his opponent to bed with a 6-2 victory. I am sure the boys will learn from this experience and be ready for revenge the next time they face St Aloysius’.

Kevin Batliwala | Acting Coach

8C and 8Ds

For a first fixture back, the Cs and Ds were put under some strife by a strong Aloysius’ side. But like their superiors, they showed their potential. Trinity went down 2-4 on sets and 15-32 on games, but none can take away from an Andy Nguyen (8Mu) masterclass, who delivered a 6-2 smash and grab over his opponent.

The Ds put in a valiant effort; again, close, but not close enough. Ultimately, the result was a 2-4 set, 26-33 games loss. However, we must take a moment to appreciate the efforts of Waylon Liu (8Yo) filling in from Colours to send shockwaves through Haberfield Tennis Centre, taking his opponent down in an emphatic 6-4 victory – give him the plaque already! I know the boys will come back from this defeat a stronger and more capable unit.

Kevin Batliwala | Coach

7As and 7Bs

It was a tough first round for the 7As coming up against a quality St Aloysious’ side. The doubles were the first games to kick off and despite some strong hitting, consistency and placement of shots is vital in winning doubles matches and that is where our 7As fell short. More practice and match play will help in this department. Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) and Hugo Newman (7WJ) both played a good singles set but, like the doubles, just lacked consistency in rallies. Noah Figliuzzi (7Fo) came up against a state player and despite going down 0-6 he managed to get every game to deuce, which is a solid effort against a strong opponent. A big congratulations goes to Khang Nguyen (7WH) winning the only set of the day. Khang played a very smart match; his cool, calm, and collected manner got him the win. Hitting strong winners all over the court and not getting angry when a mistake was made was exceptional to watch.

It was a wet and tough day out on court for the 7Bs. Coming into the start of the season, nerves probably played a big part in their first matches. Hugh Williams (7St) and Dara Ritchley (7Ho) played together in the second paired doubles, both boys just lacking less consistency than their opponents. This also carried into their singles, a few longer rallies were played out but unfortunately too many mistakes lost them their games; these errors can be ironed out in training sessions. Alejandro Molina (7Ke) and Alessandro Re (7La) played very well together, but more practice is needed for their net play. However, they showed great communication with each other around the court. Solid shots were shown by both boys in their singles match but once again the Year 7 problem at the moment is consistency. The boys will soon realise this is a vital part in winning matches, especially for this age group. Overall, it was a great effort shown by all boys.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

7Cs and 7Ds

Last Saturday was the very first official game for the newly formed 7Cs and Ds team, playing against a strong St Aloysius’ team. The 7Cs performed remarkably well this week, winning five of the six total sets, exhibiting great teamwork and individual tennis skills. Lucas Christou (7St) and Toby Zuzzo (7Ho) showcased impressive tennis, playing with great intensity and focus, winning their doubles and single sets swiftly. Ashvin Nagaratnam (7Yo) demonstrated great perseverance and vigour, pulling through with a well-deserved win in his singles and in the doubles with his partner Julian Grehan (7St), who despite playing some great tennis, fell short in his singles.

The 7Ds played extremely competitive tennis where, despite losing 2 – 4 in sets, they had a very close game score, coming short by only three games. Sasha Ratnavadivel (7Du) and Axel Lee (7Yo) played exciting and strong tennis. However, as a result of a plethora of unforced errors, they were unable to grab the win, coming short 3 – 6. Sasha Ratnavadivel (7Du) competed fiercely, with his opponent surviving an abundance of deuces, winning 6 – 2. Axel Lee (7Yo) was able to challenge his opponent with great groundstrokes and consistent shots, though he was overcome by his opponent. Aston Tran (7WH) and Leo Wong (7WJ) played an extremely competitive doubles match, with both players communicating well and hitting great winners and volleys at the net. However, they fell short in the final tiebreak coming down 6 (6) – 7 (8). Aston Tran (7WH) with his powerful groundstrokes and commitment helped him seize the match, winning 6 – 4. Leo Wong (7WJ) displayed great tennis, with his consistency and movement on the court, but was unable to overcome his opponent.

Both the Cs and Ds should be very proud of themselves as they have proven they can play competitive and consistent tennis. This is an opportunity for all the boys to reflect on the positives and negatives of their performance in the matches they have played and bring these reflections to the next training session, along with the desire to improve their tennis abilities.

Edward Lai | Coach

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