Tennis vs Cranbrook

A wise person once said, ‘the only thing constant is change so you have to learn to embrace it’ and that’s exactly what coach and student had to do last week. This was due to three freak accidents over a 48-hour period that ruled out our number one, three and five players. Max Nguyen (11Yo), Finn Taylor (9La) and Angelo Shi (9Sc) had to be content watching from the sideline and imparting their wisdom to the new-look 1st and 2nd IV. Nathan Tsang (8Du), Domenic Fufaro (9Ar) and Liam Ling (12La) were shuffled into the 2nd IV, whilst Sam Kang (9La) and Max Knauer (10Ho) made their 1st IV debut. All players were fit for the role and up for the challenge. The 2nd IV match was extremely competitive in the doubles, with Jayden Higgins (10He) and Nathan Tsang losing two extremely close sets after some great play. Likewise, on the adjacent court, Liam and Domenic had their chances but ultimately succumbed to their persistent adversaries after two long sets. The telling difference between the two teams was the unforced error count which allowed Cranbrook to win the more important points and keep the scoreboard ticking over. Despite this our boys were gallant in defeat, trying to the best of their abilities throughout the match.

The 1st IV definitely had their chances and performed way better than the 1-7 score line indicated. A myriad of tiebreak sets and close losses allowed Cranbrook the win. However, the result could have easily been reversed if we had been able to convert a handful of key points over the course of the fixture. This was an extremely positive concept given the fact our students had never played doubles together before. All players should be commended for trying their hardest and competing for the entirety of the fixture. Max Knauer showed determination and grit and possessed the necessary mindset to perform to the best of his abilities. This allowed him to be competitive in his singles and win a doubles set after combining well with Dylan Guler (11WH). Sam Kang played well in the doubles, combining fluidly with James Kim (10Ar) – the pairing should be more potent tomorrow against Barker College. Dylan and James were unlucky not to win their singles and showed periods of extremely good Tennis.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis

Injured 1st and 2nd IV quad members and supporters
Max Knauer (10Ho)1st IV
Sam Kang (9La)

3rd and 4th IVs

Cranbrook proved to be no pushover, but the 3rds were able to resist their charge with a commendable showing in both doubles matches. The most pleasing feature these two triumphs was Daniel Tran’s (12Ta) volleying exhibition – a delight to behold! At last, a 2-0 lead was established before the singles sets began. Any thought that we had the round in the bag was quickly dispelled by some tenacious play from Cranbrook. However, Justin Yang (12WH) stood tall at No.1 and registered a commanding 6-2 victory, the highlight of which was his consistent dismissal of any of his opponent’s groundstrokes which landed mid-court. Nick Papadopoulos (11He) had to play his most tenacious tennis to resist an adversary he knew from the summer competition. His win ensured that the 3rds won four sets and thus the round.

The 4ths played well at times, and, indeed, none of the singles matches were one-sided, but only Callum McLeod (12He) could claim a victory. Callum’s able opponent succumbed to the attritional tactics for which this fine lad has become famous. The remainder of the team should take heart from their gallant display – they will be rewarded for their commitment to the cause – of that I am sure.

Ashley Lucas | Coach

Match report carried over from round 2;

As expected, Knox provided both the 3rds and 4ths with very stiff opposition. Once more, the 3rds lost two close doubles sets, and, once more, they were under pressure. While Nikhil Kapoor (12Yo) fought very hard in a close singles set, he was unable to stem his adversary’s counterattack. Liam Ling (12La), on the other hand, took inspiration from his doubles’ loss and served his way past his opponent, literally. His service was easily the most dominant weapon the Trinity boys were able to deploy on the day. Liam’s 6-3 victory was most deserved.

The 4ths were unable to secure a set, but both Nick Papadopoulos (11He) and Jack Vine (11Mu) recovered from a poor doubles showing to extend their opposition in the singles matches. Both Nick and Jack need to believe that they could win the return encounter.

I have no doubt both teams will give it their all in the upcoming fixture against Cranbrook.

Ashley Lucas | Coach

5th and 6th IVs

Last Saturday the 5th and 6th IV tennis matched up against a very strong pairing of Cranbrook sides. A large number of unforced errors across all games meant that the Trinity sides went down 6 sets to 0 and 5 sets to 1 in the 5ths and 6ths respectively.

A call up for our top ranked 5ths player meant that everyone had to shift up one position. This gave Eliot Kim (11Ta) an opportunity to play his first game for the 6ths. Eliot played some nice sliced forehands across his singles and doubles matches but will have to be careful not to overplay the shot in the future and remember to hit through the ball.

In the other 6ths doubles match, Varun Iyer (11WJ) and Logan Ng (11WJ) went down 6-0. However, they both must receive full credit for turning that result around and both playing very competitive singles matches. The key change for these boys was that they were able to get their serves and groundstrokes in on a more consistent basis. Varun in particular played the match of the round for the second week in a row. He demonstrated great composure along with some powerful topspin forehands in a match which went the distance. In the end, Varun won a gruelling encounter 7-6 (7-5 in the tiebreak!).

The results in the 5ths mirrored those in the 6ths. The Trinity boys struggled to get used to the bouncy hardcourt surface which meant a large number of shots either sailed out or hit the net. In the future, they will need to focus on watching the ball more closely and not hitting down on the ball. If the boys are able to do this then they will be able to pose a much greater threat in the return match against Cranbrook.

Thomas Thorpe | Coach

10As and 10Bs

There were a few close matches played out between the 10As, but unfortunately we were unable to win a set. Alex Gavrilovic (10Yo) and Beier Chen (10Yo) could not get use to the high bounce of the hard court, and they found it difficult to adjust their game to a different surface. The boys went down in both their doubles and singles matches. Mark Charas (10Ho) and Andrew Yang (10Hi) had a really good day of tennis. They played out a competitive doubles match together, but after leading with quite a convincing score line the boys couldn’t keep up their consistency in the rallies and lost 4-6. Andrew played an amazing tie break singles match, hitting strong serves which won him a lot of points.

The 10Bs could not compete against their strong opponents. Oliver Highett-Smith (10Hi) and Jack Burge (10He) found it difficult to return Cranbrook’s strong ground strokes, but unfortunately the boys were unable to find a game in all three sets. Jackson Dumesich (10WJ) once again stepped up from the Cs and competed well. Oscar Shen (10Yo) again played very well. Although going down 2-6 he was very much in the match the whole set, a few unforced errors costing him vital points.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

10Cs and 10Ds

Will Bryan (10Du) and Jonathon Liu (10La) started their doubles off really well together, going down 3-6 but having some really good rallies with their opponents. The boys went down in their singles but showed moments of brilliance with some long rallies and ground strokes. Lachlan Chung (10Ho) and Ty Garaci (10Ho) find themselves in the wrong spot on the court which catches them out; they have the potential to be really good tennis players. With some guidance and training for doubles matches, I’m sure some wins will follow.

The 10Ds came up against some really strong opponents. All the boys tried very hard and played with a smile on their face the whole time, which was great to see. Alex Ward (10Mu) and Mark Gadalla (10Fo) don’t have much experience in match play, but in saying that they did hit a few decent shots and kept rallies going which they should be proud of. Ashvin Peter (10Ho) and James Valiozis (10Yo) always seem to have a good time together when they play, and although they lost in their matches the boys played out some great rallies and showed off some beautiful ground stroke winners.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

9As and 9Bs

The As had a narrow loss against Cranbrook this weekend despite playing some exceptional tennis throughout the day. Remarkably, both doubles pairings, James Chan (9La) and Lawrence Hoe (9Yo), and Kavi Suri (9Yo) and Tom North (9Hi), went down in nail-biting tiebreaks. All four of them should be very proud of their efforts and the mental strength they showed to keep fighting till the end. James Chan was undeterred in his singles match and proceeded to produce a comprehensive display of powerful groundstrokes and serves to comfortably win 6-2. Lawrence played a very close match and despite playing some brilliant shots, went down 5-7 in the end. Kavi was able to put the disappointment of his doubles defeat aside and produce a stellar display, winning 6-2. Tom played in what was arguably the closest of all the matches on the day. He showed incredible spirit and played some exceptional shots but unfortunately went down 4-7 in the set tiebreaker.

The Bs had an even closer affair, drawing with Cranbrook 3 sets to 3 but narrowly lost on games won, 25-28. Beau Moller (9Yo) and Matthew Zeederberg (9Ho) played a superb doubles match to win a close affair 6-4. Finn Hutchinson (9Fo) and Matthew Vickery (9WJ) fought hard but were beaten 2-6. In the singles, Beau once again showcased his skill and gave new meaning to the phrase “ice in his veins”, serving out a close match 7-5. Matthew Zeederberg on the other hand outclassed his opponent entirely, winning 6-1. Unfortunately, both Finn and Matthew Vickery were unable to register a win despite playing some good tennis.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

9Cs and 9Ds

This week, the Cs and Ds were overwhelmed by a very strong Cranbrook side. Both the Cs and Ds were unable to find the attacking opportunities. Due to unexpected circumstances on the day, a few players were unable to show up to the matches, which resulted in multiple forfeits. In the Cs, William Deller (9Ho) and Luke Savage (9La) played against a very strong opposition and were unable to find chances to attack the ball, resulting in a 1- 6 loss. In singles, William Wang (9La) played with good energy and effort, but was unable to overcome a much stronger opposition who was able to dictate the game. Similarly, William Deller played with very good energy, but was also unable to overcome a stronger opponent. His disappointment in the loss demonstrates his desire to win, which is to be commended. Luke Savage was unable to find a way to pressure his opponent and was overwhelmed by his opponent.

In the Ds, Jimmy Qyan (9Hi) and Dihan Soysa (9WJ) played with good communication, but they were unable to best their more experienced opponents on the day. In singles, Liam Swadling (9Mu) played with good determination, but was unable to grab the win. Jimmy, who is relatively new to tennis, played well. However, the lack of match play experience gave his opponent an edge to grab the win. Similarly, Dihan who was called up from the colours played well given the lack of match play experience and demonstrated much room for growth.

Today was a tough day for the 9Cs and Ds. It was clear that the lack of match-play experience in these players proved to be a disadvantage, but this has illustrated a plethora of areas in their game which can be improved. For future reference, if boys are unable to attend Saturday sport, parents must send the school an email requesting leave preferably before their last training session of the week and before Saturday. Similarly, boys should be arriving 30 mins before the given time, which allows time for warm-up and organisation.

Edward Lai | Coach

Year 8As and 8Bs

The 8As tried their best against Cranbrook, but unfortunately were unsuccessful this past weekend. Maxi Tsai (8Fo) and Christopher Lowe (8Ho) played well in their doubles match together. Both boys were hitting very well and consistently against their opponents, but they weren’t communicating as much as a doubles pairing should be. Maxi at times hit some good serves and groundstrokes during his singles match but he was a bit inconsistent and could not quite keep control of the ball at times. Christopher was in great form this round; he was hitting exceptionally well during his singles and doubles. His serves and groundstrokes were his strongest shots this weekend, he won both the singles and doubles matches. James Davies (8St) and Christian Laurens (8La) tried to play well but struggled towards the end of the round during their singles matches. James was trying hard but seemed to get frustrated and lose focus during his singles game. He tried hard to regain focus but struggled to start the point and play consistently. Christian also tried hard this round; he was playing up a position this round and was trying his best. Christian just needs to improve upon hitting with more topspin to help keep the ball in play, as he produces too much power which he needs to compensate with more spin.

The 8Bs struggled against Cranbrook over the weekend, losing 6 sets to 0. Travis Ng (8WJ) and Mitchell Bowden (8La) both tried their best this weekend. They were both hitting consistently during their doubles games, but they seemed to struggle during their individual singles matches. Mitchell was hitting some good groundstrokes and his serves were consistent at times. However, he seemed to struggle halfway through the match as he was not moving as quickly as he was during the doubles. Travis’ serves were consistent, but he also seemed to be sluggish on the court and not moving around as much as he should have been. He will need to try and improve upon his footwork when hitting groundstrokes and he needs to improve upon his movement speed on the court. Jonathan Ly (8Sc) and Ravin Chowdhury (8Fo), both tried hard this past weekend. Both boys were moved up to the Bs for the weekend, so this was an especially tough match for them. Jonathan played well; his on-court movement was good, and he was hitting quite consistently. Ravin was hitting some consistent serves but he also just needs to work on getting to the ball and improving upon his footwork.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

Year 8Cs and 8Ds

The 8Cs boys played very well over the weekend against Cranbrook, with the boys winning this round 4 sets to 2. Grayson Doig (8He) and Leopold Vo (8WH) played very well over the weekend, winning all their matches. During the doubles, the boys had great footwork and communication. Grayson was playing very well; he was hitting some strong and consistent groundstrokes and he was playing very well from the baseline. Leopold was hitting some fantastic serves over the weekend. He was also hitting some fantastic well-placed groundstrokes during his singles and was hitting some great volleys during his doubles match. Elliot Russell (8Fo) and Gabe Stavropoulos (8WH) played well and won their doubles match, but they fell short during their individual singles games. Elliot was hitting some good and groundstrokes and serves, but he just needs to work on improving his consistency. Gabe was also playing well, he hit some good groundstrokes and volleys at times, but he needs to improve upon getting his serves to be a bit more consistent and have a little more pace.

The 8Ds played well over the weekend. They struggled, but they prevailed this round winning 29 games to 28. James Cicuta (8He) and Brendan Holden (8WJ) played well in both their singles and doubles games. The boys played very well together again this weekend, and they seem to be a very good doubles pairing. Both boys communicated very well and won their doubles match 6-4 after being down 0-4. James was hitting some great groundstrokes and his serves were also consistent, and he won his singles match 6-1 which has been his best game so far this season. Brendan tried his best this round; he was playing well, especially since he was playing up a couple positions this round. His serves this weekend have improved and were very consistent. Marcus Yang (8Mu) and Benny Chen (8Du) played very well over the weekend. Both boys brought their A game after being called up from Ds reserves. Marcus was hitting very well over the weekend; he was very close to a win in his singles but just lost 7-5. Marcus played well; he was high spirited, full of energy and very consistent for the duration of his matches. Benny also played very well this round. He was hitting some consistent serves and his groundstrokes were also quite consistent. Benny did his best and won his singles match 6-4.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

7As and 7Bs

This week, the As and Bs went up against a strong Cranbrook side. Both the As and Bs showcased superb tennis and demonstrated what they are capable of. The As came on top winning all six sets with a game score of (36–14). Similarly, the Bs were able to grab the win smoothly, also winning all six sets with a game score of (36–10). In the As, Khang Nguyen (7WH) and Noah Figliuzzi (7Fo) had a slow start to their match, falling behind four games to one, due to the lack of focus and communication. However, they were able to regain composure and begin playing smart attacking tennis, which allowed them to come back and take the win 6–4. Hugo Newman (7St) and Alejandro Molina (7Ke) played very well with great communication and good determination on court which helped them secure a 6–3 win. In singles, Khang played very well, and was clearly able to take advantage of his back-court strength to place his opponent into tough positions, forcing the error. With great serving, Khang was able to tighten his hold on the game, winning 6–1. Noah started his match slowly, pushing the ball too frequently and missing clear volley winners. However, he was able to regain composure and began ripping the ball with more spin. This forced errors from his opponent and gave Noah chances to attack the ball which helped him breeze away with a 6–2 win. Alejandro played a very close match, with both opponents trading shots and forcing errors from one another. However, due to a Cranbrook injury mid-way through the set, the player retired. Hugo, similarly, played very well and was able to take advantage of his opponent’s weaknesses and make use of his personal strengths to win 6–1. However, a future note for Hugo is to always focus on your own game and goal to win the match instead of the opponent.

In the Bs, Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) and Jared Arnold (7Yo) displayed impressive tennis, with great positivity and focus during the match. This helped them overcome their opponents, winning 6–1. Similarly, Ujwal Yadem (7Fo) and CJ Nguyen(7Yo) played a close game of doubles and were able to challenge their opponents taking the win 6–3. In singles, Ishaan played with great consistency demonstrating his capabilities on court, securing a 6–0 win easily and a much-needed confidence boost. To improve, in future training sessions Ishaan can focus on recognizing attacking chances when they arise. Similarly, Jared performed admirably, taking the necessary chances provided to him and maintaining great consistency. Jared was able to overcome his opponent 6–0. Ujwal played with great confidence on court, demonstrating great attacking tennis, and helping him win 6–2. However, to limit unforced errors, Ujwal needs to learn to hold back and not go for too much in certain situations. Much like last week, CJ demonstrated his great consistency and determination on court, which allowed him to grab a 6–4 win in a very close match, adding to his tally of wins.

The boys all demonstrated very impressive tennis and should be very proud of their performances today. The win was a much-needed confidence boost for the boys given the loss against Knox last week, and has clearly proved that they can come back from bad days. Despite the relatively easy wins today, the boys should note down their strengths and what they did well, to bring to the match next week, as well as clear weaknesses in their game to bring to next week’s training session to improve upon.

Edward Lai | Coach

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