Tennis Round 2 vs Knox

Last Saturday’s fixture was contested against the students from Knox Grammar School with the 1st IV playing away at Wahroonga. As usual, Knox provided a strong opposition in all Year groups with their depth of ability being the telling difference between the two schools. Knox must be congratulated for winning the majority of matches, but they were not successful in the 1st and 2nd IV fixtures, where Trinity proved to be the stronger teams.

The 1st IV continued their winning form, edging out Knox on games won, after the sets were locked at four apiece on completion of play. It was a close win for our boys, but much deserved with all players competing until the very end of the match. The first doubles pairing this week comprised of our veteran players Max Nguyen (11Yo) and Dylan Guler (11WH) who were able to win both their sets after some quality tennis. The first set was extremely close with our boys prevailing in a tiebreaker which paved the way for a more dominant display in the second set, where they won 6-2. On the adjacent court Finn Taylor (9La) and James Kim (10Ar) were also entrenched in a marathon doubles contest and were unfortunate not to register a winning set, after losing 6-7, 5-7. Only a handful of points determined the outcome, with Knox winning the more important points as they presented themselves. However, there were many positives such as improved volleying, first serve percentage, and court positioning, but the never say die attitude that permeated the performance was perhaps the most satisfying. In the singles, Max and Dylan registered good wins to the tune of 6-4 and 6-3 respectively and should be commended for holding their nerve despite not performing to the best of their abilities. James Kim went down fighting against a feisty opponent in yet another tiebreak set whilst Finn Taylor was narrowly defeated by his quality opponent 6-3.

The 2nd IV also had a good win, by even a larger margin, with the final score being 5-3 in Trinity’s favour. All team members combined well together, and we were able to win three of the four doubles sets contested. Angelo Shi (9Sc) and Max Knauer (9La) went on to register strong singles wins. Sam Kang and Jayden Higgins played well despite losing narrowly to quality opponents.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis

5th and 6th

After missing out on playing last week, the 5th and 6th IV tennis sides faced a strong Knox opposition. Despite a series of well fought matches, the 5ths ended the day with a 6 sets to 0 loss. The 6ths had a slightly better encounter, going down 4 sets to 2.

In the 5ths, Kevin Zhang (11 Holwood) and Alex Zou (12Yo) showed plenty of grit in their doubles match. Despite some well-directed forehands from Kevin, they were unable to overcome the sliced serve of their opposite pairing and lost 6-3. The other doubles pairing of Young Hoo Cho (11La) and Jt Xia (11Fo) had a shaky start and a 3-0 deficit quickly emerged. After getting used to the court, which took on lots of spin, our boys began to fight back. Unfortunately, they could not catch their opposition and came away with a 6-3 loss. This left a lot of room for improvement in the singles. However, a myriad of unforced errors, paired with a lack of match practice proved too tall a task for our boys to overcome. Kevin showed lots of potential on serve but was overpowered by his strong serving opponent. Alex also played valiantly. Both boys came away with 6-3 losses. Young Hoo demonstrated plenty of resolve as he looked to target his opponent’s weaker serve. While he had opportunities to get ahead in the match, his opponent found a way to win the big points and Young Hoo went down 6-4. Jt played well and hit some commanding forehands but will need to focus on finishing the point. He came short, losing 6-3.

The 6ths doubles pairing of John Sakoutis (12Du) and Chris Grubisich (12La) started well, gaining an early lead. But some wayward serving allowed the opposition to get back into the match and take the set 6-4. In the other doubles match, Varun Iyer (11WJ) hit some powerful serves, including one where the ball got lodged in the throat of the opposition’s racquet. His partner, Logan Ng (11WJ) played some clinical volleys. After a match which was close throughout, the boys went down 6-4. Following close results in the doubles, there was much excitement brewing for the singles. Chris got Trinity our first win of the season with a well-rounded performance where he beat his opponent 6-3. John faced a stronger opponent and went down. He will have to work on his mid-point positioning throughout the week. Match of the round went to Varun who played a hard-hitting set against a very strong opponent. Varun played some ferocious forehands and had an opportunity to win the watch after gaining a 5-4 lead. However, some inconsistent backhands let his opponent back into the game, and Varun ended up losing 7-5. In the last match Logan had the best performance of the day. He backed up his strong volleying from the doubles and played some lovely, sliced backhands. Logan came away with a 6-1 win.

Thomas Thorpe | Coach

Year 10A and 10B

Although the 10As went down 1 set to 5, the scoreline does not reflect how close the matches played out. Alex Gavrilovic (10Yo) and Beier Chen (10Yo) looked like the better pairing in the doubles, hitting far more winners than their opponents but unfortunately had more unforced errors. Their singles matches were no different, the boys playing great tennis with beautiful rallies and strong winners. Andrew Yang (10Hi) fought hard in his singles playing well but just unable to keep in rallies long enough. A big well done to Mark Charas (10Ho) hitting some incredible ground strokes and strong serves to see him win his singles set 6-4.

It was a tough day out on the court for the 10Bs; unfortunately, playing a team member down, the boys lost 1 set to 5. Alexander Jacob (10Fo) played very strategically in his singles, playing a lot of drop shots and lobs and really moving his opponent around which is great to see, but he needs to improve on getting some pace on his shots to put winners away. Jack Burge (10He) and Oscar Shen (10Yo) had an entertaining doubles match together, going down 3-6 but showing real glimpses of amazing things which I hope to see in the upcoming weeks. Oscar played incredible tennis in his singles, winning the only set for the 10Bs; Oscar just overpowered his opponents with his ground strokes and serves.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

Year 10C and 10D

It was a disappointing round for the 10Cs coming up against a strong Knox side. The doubles were the first games to kick off and despite some strong hitting, consistency and placement of shots away from the volleyer is vital in winning doubles matches, and that is where our 10Cs fell short. More practice and match play will help in this department.

Lachlan Chung (10Ho) and Ty Garaci (10Ho) played very strong hitters and just needed to try return the ball back instead of trying to match their opponents’ pace on their shots. Jackson Dumesich (10WJ) and Will Bryan (10Du) played out some good points in their singles. Their opponents, having a bit more experience in matches, saw our boys lose both their singles.

The 10Ds had a hard day but showed patches of good tennis. Mark Gadalla (10Fo) played his first ever competitive match and although going down 0-6, Mark tried really hard and learnt a lot from this experience. Jonathon Liu (10La) held his own against a strong opponent, playing well and just getting used to playing in competitive tennis. James Valiozis (10Yo) had moments of brilliance in his singles, going down 3-6 but really keeping up with a strong opponent. Solid effort goes to Ashvin Peter (10Ho), almost winning his singles set. Ashvin was 5-4 up then unfortunately fell short to lose the set 5-7. Ashvin played extremely well, showing off his amazing forehand.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

9A and 9B

The As and Bs faced a strong Knox side this weekend after their comprehensive win last week. However, this time Knox were too good winning all 6 matches in the As in what was a tough loss to take for the team. Likewise, the Bs had a difficult day and were unable to register a win against the depth of the Knox tennis squad. There were some moments of brilliance but ultimately Knox were too consistent and came out on top. Special mention must go to Dom Furfaro (9Ar) who lost an extremely close match 5-7 against the opposition’s A1 player. All the boys will no doubt look to work on their game in training and bounce back next Saturday.

The Cs and Ds fared better, getting two wins on the board in what was another very difficult fixture. Matthew Vickery (9WJ) and Elton Wang (9Ar) of the Cs deserve praise for their performances, winning their singles matches 6-3 and 6-2 respectively. Elton combined some great consistency with the occasional injection of pace on his groundstrokes, proving too strong for his opponent. Matthew was able to keep his head in the crucial points of the match, using his big first serve to put his opponent under pressure and stay on top throughout the match.

Ritvik Dinesh | Coach

8A and 8B

The As gave it their best effort against Knox, but unfortunately were unsuccessful at securing this round. Nathan Tsang (8Du) and Christopher Lowe (8Ho) played well together and won their second doubles match for the second weekend in a row. Nathan was very consistent during his singles and doubles; he had great foot work and movement on the court and at times he hit some fantastic groundstroke winners. He was also hitting some very strong and consistent serves. Christopher was also very consistent this weekend, playing some fantastic points during his doubles and singles games. Christopher’s serves were strong and consistent during his matches, and at times he hit some fantastic volley winners. Maxi Tsai (8Fo) and James Davies (8St) also played well over the weekend. Both boys tried their best against Knox but were unable to secure a win this round. Maxi was consistent with his serves and groundstrokes and he had good movement during his doubles match. James was also playing well; he played some good points and had good communication with Maxi during their doubles. Both boys also had some good points during their individual singles games.

The Bs played well on the weekend but unfortunately lost this round against Knox. Christian Laurens (8La) and Matteo Larrota (8Sc), played well together as a doubles pairing this weekend, they had good communication and team work during their match. Matteo had some good ground strokes over the weekend while Christian was playing closer to the net and hitting some great volleys and overheads. Travis Ng (8WJ) and Mitchell Bowden (8La), also played well on the weekend together as they had good communication and team work during their doubles match. Mitchell played well, hitting some good and consistent groundstrokes and serves. Mitchell had good footwork and was quick on the court during both his singles and doubles matches. Travis also played well in both his matches; his groundstrokes and volleys were consistent.

8C and 8D

The Year 8 Cs boys did well this round but were unable to secure the win against Knox. They came close with three sets tied and lost only by a few games. Jonathan Ly (8Sc) and Ravin Chowdhury (8Fo) tried their best this weekend. They both had good communication during their doubles and they both had great rallies throughout their individual singles matches. Jonathan and Ravin were both particularly strong with their serves and volleys this past weekend. Grayson Doig (8He) and Leopold Vo (8WH) played very well together again this weekend, both boys winning all their matches this round. Grayson was hitting some great serves and groundstrokes and had an amazing comeback during his singles game. He was down 4-1 and came back to win his match 7-6 after a very close tie-break. Leopold also played well hitting some great serves, and at times was hitting some strong and consistent groundstrokes with some quick movement and foot work.

The Year 8 Ds tried their best and played some great matches but they unfortunately did not win this round against Knox. Elliot Russell (8Fo) and Gabe Stavropolous (8WH) played well again this weekend. They had great communication during their doubles game and good team work. Elliot’s serves were very strong this weekend along with his groundstrokes. Gabe was also very consistent with his groundstrokes and his serves. James Cicuta (8He) and Brendan Holden (8WJ) played well and tried their best this past weekend. James’ serves and groundstrokes were consistent during his singles and doubles matches. Brendan’s serves and groundstrokes were also very consistent. Both boys had great communication and sportsmanship during their matches.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

7A and 7B

This week, the As and Bs faced a very strong Knox side. The As performed admirably in their doubles, but were overwhelmed in singles losing 1 (14) – 5 (32). The Bs similarly had a very tough day, where despite their efforts, went down 1 (16) – 5 (34). In the As, Khang Nguyen (7WH) and Noah Figliuzzi (7Fo), played their best doubles match thus far in the season with great communication and teamwork. This helped them breeze through their opponents 6 – 2. Hugo Newman (7St) and Alejandro Molina (7Ke) had a strong start to their match as their opponents struggled with positive communication. However, they were unable to close the match as a plethora of unforced errors placed them in a tough position, resulting in a 3 – 6 loss.

In singles, Khang was able to demonstrate his back-court capabilities and his groundstroke power. However, he lacked a strategic approach to the game and was unable to change up shots to challenge his opponent, which resulted in a 2 – 6 loss. Similarly, Noah was able to smash out powerful groundstrokes, but unforced errors affected Noah’s mental composure which forced him to start pushing his shots, causing more unforced errors.

Alejandro was eager to play, but the lack of composure on the court and overhitting shots allowed his opponent to apply pressure, which resulted in a loss. Similarly, despite Hugo’s efforts, he was too distracted by his surroundings and lacked focus on his own game, which resulted in many unforced errors which could be avoided.

In the Bs, Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) and Jared Arnold (7Yo) faced very strong opponents who were able to find opportunities to catch the volleyer out of position. The lack of communication resulted in a 2 – 6 loss. CJ Nguyen(7Yo) and Daniel Villate-Gallagher(7Ke) played a close game of doubles and were able to demonstrate great communication and composure on the court despite losing 3 – 6.

In singles, Ishaan lacked energy and composure on the court which caused many unforced errors and missed chances, which resulted in a loss. Similarly, despite Jared’s fight, he struggled to attack the ball consistently throughout the match which placed him on the defence, resulting in a loss. CJ played a very impressive match, demonstrating his consistency on court, grabbing his first win of the season 6 – 4. Despite a 4 – 6 loss, Daniel performed admirably considering he was called up from the Cs today. He demonstrated he could play against strong opponents and has certainly done so through his consistent ground strokes and serves.

This was certainly a tough day for all the boys. All the matches played were winnable matches and by no means were their opponents too good to be beaten. The boys need to work on their consistency and mental composure on the court to reduce the number of unforced errors, as well as switching up the play to apply pressure on their opponents and create more attacking opportunities.

Edward Lai | Coach

This week, the Cs and Ds were overwhelmed by a very strong Knox side. Both the Cs and Ds were unable to find the attacking opportunities and went down 5 – 0. In the Cs, Alexander Ren (7St) and Alexander Kountouris (7Mu) performed well and placed good pressure against their opponents but were unable to close off the match, going down 3 – 6. Similarly, Gregory Kariatlis (7La) and Jonathan Che (7La) performed very well and played a fierce game of doubles but, unluckily, went down 4 – 6. Alexander Ren performed well with strong serves and groundstrokes but was pressured by his opponent throughout the game which resulted in a 3 – 6 loss. Similarly, Alexander Kountouris was unable to find a way to pressure his opponent and went down 2 – 6. Gregory exhibited powerful first serves and consistent second serves but lacked the necessary speed on the court to reach tough shots. He was unable to overcome his opponent and went down 3 – 6. Jonathan was unable to play his singles due to the lack of time.

In the Ds, Jordan Fudeh (7Yo) and Aakash Viswanathan (7Ta) played with great synergy and communication but poor positioning on the court often allowed their opponents to find attacking opportunities, which resulted in a 3 – 6 loss. Despite Alexander Hales (7Ar) and Pablo (7) efforts, they were completely overwhelmed by their opponents, and lacked the necessary communication and technique on the court. In singles, Jordan played with good determination and fought for every ball. However, he was unable to grab the win, going down 3 – 6. Aakash was unable to finish his game due to the lack of time. Despite the loss, Alexander displayed great resoluteness on the court and continued to fight during the game. Pablo had to step up from the colours today, and despite the loss, he has played admirably for the team.

Much like the As and Bs, the Cs and Ds had a very tough day. These boys need to continue working hard during training to hone their games foundation. By ensuring they have consistent groundstrokes, slices and volleys in their arsenal will allow them better chances against stronger teams. I hope these boys are not disheartened by the loss today, but instead see what they did well and understand what needs further work.

Edward Lai | Coach

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