Tennis | Round 10

The ultimate round of the Tennis competition was contested last Saturday against Barker College. As usual, Barker provided a very strong opposition, but the following teams were able to record strong victories; 5ths, 10ABC, 8D and the 7D teams. It was a good fixture to cap off a successful and enjoyable season for all teams and players.

The 1st IV continued to play above expectation with passion and determination. With high emotion and a quiet resolve, all team members took to the court with something to prove against the undefeated CAS Premiers. What ensued was a highly entertaining spectacle of quality shot-making that saw Trinity push Barker to the limits of defeat. Max Nguyen(11Yo) and Kevin Lin (12Sc) demolished their doubles opponents 6-0 in the first set with the shell-shocked opposition having no clue as to how to stop the onslaught. This was perhaps the most complete and perfect set of doubles over the course of the season. In the singles, Kevin Lin and Spyridon Konidaris (11Sc) played brilliantly, defeating their Barker counterparts with little resistance. This gave Trinity three sets, the team needing one more set to take it to four sets all, and possibly a famous victory against the champions. Max Nguyen was the man in the hotseat who, playing like a man possessed, came tantalizingly close to achieving his goal. After a brutal 12 games during which both players traded the lead, Max fell short, losing the tiebreaker 7-4. It was an excellent performance from Max who was very unfortunate not to have won. I am extremely proud of how the team has developed and improved over the course of the season, and the excellent performance last weekend was an apt way in which to conclude the season. Another high note was the selection of both Dylan Guler (11WH) and Max Nguyen in the CAS representative team to play GPS next Wednesday at the Trinity Tennis Centre. Kevin Lin was also acknowledged for his excellent play, securing the number one reserve position for the team. Well done, boys!

The 2nd IV concluded their season with a good performance against a very strong opposition. Trusty replacement Deon Kontonis (12Fo) was once again called upon to step up, and as usual did a good job. All other team members including James Kim (10Ar), Jim Gong (12Ar) and Nathan Xie (12St) played to the best of their ability and were competitive on the day. I do commend all team players for their efforts and positivity over the course of the season and for the quality tennis they produced.

Finally, I would like to thank all students, Years 7 to 12, who have contributed to a great season, and also acknowledge the team of Summer tennis coaches who have once again risen above and beyond. I also wish the departing Year 12 students, who have long term associations with Trinity Tennis, the very best in their future endeavours.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis

3rds and 4ths Tennis

The boys from Barker were unbeatable on home soil but even so, there were some noteworthy performances displayed by the players of the 3rd and 4th IV in this last round of the CAS summer season. I must make special mention of Callum McLeod (12He) who has impressed with his growing on-court confidence and steely play of the big points. He has gone from strength to strength during the season and this week he absolutely demolished his opponent in a well-executed match, 6 games to 1. Similarly, and again building on a series of recent victories, Nicholas Papadopoulos (11He) displayed a clinical Singles victory, 6 games to 2, in which his opponent found it nigh on impossible to counter everything Nick threw at him, or should I say, hit at him! There were some notable performances in our Doubles encounters: Ben Prsa (12La) and Cameron Ong (12St) had some fun but were categorically outplayed and found the hard courts difficult to contend with. They both fared a little better in their Singles matches, displaying some heavy hitting and clever shot selection, but sadly too many unforced errors were the downfall. In another Doubles match, Nicholas Papadopoulos and Rohan John (12Ar) combined quite well and enjoyed some dynamic and well-played points. With a little more consistency they really could have stretched their opposition. Matthew Chan (12Ar) came up against a very fine player in his Singles and really struggled to enforce his game and find a way in. Max Guo (12Ar) tried valiantly to get into the match and record a few games but again the Barker opposition was just too strong!

Throughout the season, the players have trained well and fought hard in competition. I trust they have enjoyed the season with its wins and losses and have learnt a few lessons along the way! The boys are to be commended on their fine sportsmanship, camaraderie, and commitment to improving their game. I would like to take this opportunity to particularly thank the players of Year 12 who have been such great ambassadors for the sport and who have led by example, always willing to go the extra mile with such generosity and good humour.

Jessica Spratt | Coach 3rd / 4th IV

Year 10As and 10Bs

It was the best way the 10As could have ended their summer tennis season, the boys taking the day out 6 sets to 0. Both doubles matches were played in beautiful style with some long rallies and awesome ground stroke winners. Alex Runciman (10Yo) and Alex Gavrilovic (10Yo) played one of their best matches so far, strong serves and consistent ground strokes won these boys their singles 6-2. Marcus Lorenzato (10Fo) gave himself a fright, being 5-1 up and letting his opponent back into the game to make it 5-4, but Marcus went on to win the match 6-4. Giuseppe Barca (10Ar) played an unbelievable single match, his opponent standing no chance with Giuseppe’s massive ground strokes.

Although starting 0-2 sets down due to illness, the 10Bs came away with a solid 4-2 win. Aneesh Nagaratnam (10Yo) played out a long singles. Hitting the ball with far more power and consistency as the season progressed, he found himself a 6-4 win. Benjamin Kwan (10He) and Noah Blomfield (10Fo) won their doubles 6-2 and showed some real class up and around the net. In their singles, Noah played out a marathon match, finding the winners he needed to take out the set 7-5. On the other end of the scale, Benjamin’s game was over in no time, with Benjamin showing his opponent no mercy as he won the set 6-0.

Danielle Calvi | Coach

Year 10Cs and 10Ds

It was a solid win for the 10Cs, with overall good matches being played out. Harry Santhiran (10He) and Joshua Munter (10Hi) played a strong doubles together with solid ground stroke winners, and the boys got up 6-2. Their singles were no different, with the boys staying focused for the whole game and coming away with wins all around. Billy Athanassiou (10WJ) played against a strong opponent, and although he walked away with a 1-6 loss there were some great rallies that went on. Consistency is what let Billy down. Caleb Kwan (10Ta) had a whopping 6-1 win, playing with power and consistency. Caleb just kept control of the whole match.

It was a tough day out on court for the 10Ds who only managed to win one set. Max Trigg (10We) and Hari Patha-Nathan (10He) came up against opponents who seemed to hit a lot better than the D3 and D4 position they were in. In saying that, Max and Hari put in a solid effort and went away with good hard match play under their belts. Benjamin Schutte (10WJ) and Chinmay Gaikaiwari (10Fo) played an amazing doubles together, winning the set 6-1.

Danielle Calvi |Coach

9As and 9Bs

The 9As played some great tennis last Saturday. However, the boys were not able to capitalise against a very strong Barker side. In the end, Trinity went down 2-4 on sets and 21-30 on games – a great fight considering the strength of our opponents. Notably, Sam Kang (9WJ) was influential in a gutsy 6-3 win over his counterpart – some bragging rights for the next fixture against Barker and a stepping stone for the Winter season.

The Bs were outclassed today – a big factor being the lack of players for Trinity. The final scores were 0-6 on sets and 5-37 on games. However, I cannot get away from Jack O’Shea’s (9He) performance. Although he went down 5-7 in his singles, he played three singles matches instead of the normal 1x doubles and singles expectation. He should be proud of his efforts, and I wish the boys luck next season.

Kevin Batliwala | Acting 9As and 9Bs Coach

9Cs and 9Ds

The 9Cs battled hard last Saturday but Barker were just too strong. Our final scores were less than desirable but a 0-6 set and 9-36 game loss didn’t show the whole story. Charles Allison (9St) was unlucky to not get the win but went down in a tough but well-fought 4-6 loss. I am keen to see how we take on Barker next season.

Like the Cs, the 9Ds became victim to a strong Barker team. Ultimately, the scores were a 0-6 set and 5-36 game loss – no fault for trying, though. Bryan Yu (9Ta) was the pick of the bunch, mustering up three games in his singles. I wish the boys the best for next season.

Kevin Batliwala | Acting 9Cs and 9Ds Coach

8As and 8Bs

The year 8 As gave it their best effort against Barker, but unfortunately were unsuccessful at securing this final round. Nathan Tsang (8Du) and Maxi Tsai (8Fo) were playing very well together; they had some very strong opponents and they were making it very difficult for them to secure any points during their doubles. Nathan played very well in comparison to the last time he played Barker, this time making it more of a challenge for them to win. His serves and groundstrokes for this final round were very strong and consistent. Maxi also played very well during his singles and doubles match. His serves were very consistent and he was very quick on the court. Christopher Lowe (8Ho) and Sam Perkin (8Yo) played some fantastic tennis both together and in their final singles matches for the season. Christopher was playing exceptionally well this round, winning against Barker. His serves were very accurate and consistent, along with his groundstrokes. Sam played an amazing match this round. His opponent was difficult, but he hung in there, coming very close to a win, and only losing by a couple points during a final tie break. Sam’s strong serves and groundstrokes made it difficult for his opponents to secure that final win.

The Year 8 Bs played well on the weekend but unfortunately lost their final round of the season against Barker. Andy Zheng (8Yo) and Isaac Latt (8WH) played well together, they had very good communication and they had great on-court movement and footwork. Andy’s groundstrokes were consistent this past weekend, while Isaac’s volleys were certainly strong and difficult for his opponents to return during his doubles game. Allen Zheng (8Yo) and Alex Lieng (8Ar) played well together in their doubles match; these boys also communicate very well on court. Allen was hitting some good groundstrokes at times and was quick on the court. Alex played very well over the weekend, winning his last match of the season. His serves were very consistent along with his groundstrokes.

Tristan Kontonis | Coach

8Cs and 8Ds

The Year 8 Cs boys tried their best but were unable to win this final round for the season. Daniel Lok (8Ke) and Owen Street (8La) played well this weekend; they both did a great job and played well during their matches. They both tried their best and they performed well against their opponents. Both boys’ groundstrokes were consistent and well placed during their matches. Shaan Mohan (8Ke) and Andy Nguyen (8Mu) played quite well together, hitting the ball well, and were both quick moving around the court. These boys both had a great team dynamic when it came time to play doubles. The boys both communicate very well and are quick on the court. Shaan played a great singles match, hitting some fantastic serves and volleys. Andy played very well this past weekend, winning his match against Barker. Andy’s serves and volleys were on point during both his doubles and singles matches.

The Year 8 Ds did very well over the weekend, winning this round against Barker. Louis Lusty (8Sc) and Mitchell Bowden (8La) played very well over the weekend with both boys winning their singles and doubles matches. Mitchell was hitting some good groundstrokes over the weekend and had great on court movement. Louis also played very well, his serves and groundstrokes were very consistent. Waylon Liu (8Yo) and Michael Hatzistergos (8Mu) both played well over the weekend, considering there was a forfeit this round. During their friendly matches, they still tried their best and were both hitting very well for their last round of tennis this season. Waylon played a great final singles match in which he came close to winning; he was hitting well and was very consistent with his groundstrokes this round.

For their final match of the season, the year 7 As and Bs faced a competitive and fierce Barker side, with both sides demonstrating impressive tennis, grabbing wins.

7As and 7Bs

In the As, Noah Figliuzzi (7Fo) and Khang Nguyen (7WH), played with great vigour and communication, helping them breeze through their opponents 6 – 1. Hugo Newman (7WJ) and Ishaan Sharma (7Ar) were not so fortunate and faced a very strong doubles opponent who overwhelmed the boys. In the singles, Noah had a slow start to the match with a plethora of unforced errors and instances of pushing the ball. However, Noah was able to regain composure and play magnificent tennis, winning 6 – 4. Khang competed fiercely in his singles match and played great backcourt tennis, but due to the lack of consistency was unable to grab the win. Hugo Newman played against a very consistent opponent who was able to get everything back into the court. Hugo was able to counter this with backcourt grind. However, despite Hugo’s efforts, he was not able to overcome his opponent. Similarly, Ishaan played against a strong backcourt player, who forced him on the defence. Ishaan was able to fight for the points, but their opponent was able to grab the win. Overall, despite the loss, the boys performed very well against a very consistent Barker side.

In the Bs, it was a difficult day with an overwhelmingly strong Barker side. However, this did not prevent great individual performances. Alessandro Re (7La) and Alejandro Molina (7Ke) played impressive tennis with great rallies and intensity. However, their opponents were able to come on top and took the win 7 – 5. Dara Ritchley (7Ho) and Hugh Williams (7St), similarly, played with great communication and movement on the court, however, the lack of consistency cost them points which resulted in a loss. In the singles, Alessandro played well, fighting for every ball on the court, but was overwhelmed by his opponent early in the game. Alejandro, similarly, showed great vigour and energy on the court, however, was consistently playing on the defence preventing any chance for attacking tennis, resulting in a loss. Hugh played very well, and was able to grasp the weaknesses of his opponent and play great attacking tennis, winning 6 – 3. Dara fought well on the court but was pushed into the backcourt too frequently, allowing their opponents to take advantage of short balls and dropshots.

Overall, both the As and Bs played magnificent and impressive tennis. However, to improve in the future, all players need to focus on consistency in the backcourt, play defensive tennis, and learn to find opportunities to attack the ball, giving themselves an edge over their opponents.

Edward Lai | Coach

7Cs and 7Ds

This week, the Cs and Ds faced a determined Barker side. The Cs played their hearts out and tied 3 – 3 in sets but lost in games by only 4 games (24 – 28). The Ds’ performance was by far their best in the season, coming away with an easy win 4 (31) – 2 (27), demonstrating great communication and tennis skills on the court.

In the Cs, Ashvin Nagaratnam (7Yo) and Julian Grehan (7St), played with positivity and great communication but their opponents’ consistency and strong backcourt game overwhelmed them. Lucas Christou (7St) and Toby Zuzzo (7Ho) played an extremely tough game, with both sides smashing out winners and forcing errors. They were able to pull through in the final tiebreak, coming away with the win 7 (7) – 6 (4). Ashvin played with great intensity and positivity but was unable to overcome his consistent opponent. Similarly, despite Julian’s great efforts on the court, running for every ball with intensity, his opponent was too strong and pulled away with the win. Lucas had a very slow start to the game, with a plethora of unforced errors, placing him in a tough position. However, he was able to regain composure and played smart tennis with great consistency, allowing him to grab the win 6 – 4. Similarly, Toby breezed through his opponent 6 – 0, playing great consistent tennis, with a variety of different shots to force an error from his opponent.

In the Ds, Sasha Ratnavadivel (7Du) and Axel Lee (7Yo) played their best doubles match in this season thus far, with impressive net game and communication around the court, and overwhelming their opponents 6 – 1. Leo Wong (7WJ) and Joshua Lubke (7Ta) played a riveting doubles match against similarly matched opponents, demonstrating their consistency and ability to force errors from their opponents, winning 7 (7) – 6 (4). Sasha played brilliant tennis, approaching the net and backing off when necessary, allowing him to come away with the win 6 – 4. Unfortunately, despite Axel’s best efforts on the court, he was not able to overcome his opponent, going down 2 – 6. Joshua played a great game of singles against a well-matched opponent, with both sides hitting great groundstrokes and engaging in long rallies. Joshua was able to find the winning edge and came out on top 6 – 4. Leo had a great start to his singles, playing confident shots and winners but was unable to find the composure to finish off the game, going down 4 – 6.

Both the Cs and Ds have played tremendously well this season and all players should be proud of themselves. Both teams have been able to grab great wins throughout the season, whereas losses have acted as stepping stones for the players to learn from their mistakes further honing their skills. I hope these players will continue playing great tennis, embracing wins and learning from their losses.

Edward Lai | Coach

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