Swimming | NSW Speedo Sprint Series

Saturday, 6 February 2021 at SOPAC

front row (left to right): CJ Nguyen, Dylan Bell middle Row (left to right): Toby Ji, Harry Howells, Sterling Tuxford back row (left to right): Leopold Vo, Benny Chen

The 2021 NSW Speedo Sprint Series served as the first meet of the year for our Trinity swimmers to race on the competitive stage. It was an opportunity to race for a top four place which would qualify them for the Speedo Sprint State Finals, which are to be held on 6 March.

Leopold Vo (8WH) on his way to winning the 13 Years 50m Breaststroke

The meet was held at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre where Trinity were represented by nine swimmers, who all competed with great spirit whilst supporting their fellow Trinitarians. Of the nine Trinity Grammar students who competed at the Speedo Sprint Heats, six have qualified for the finals and were rewarded with a total of 13 medals (6 Gold, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze).

Sterling Tuxford (7WH) and Toby Ji (8Ta) finishing first and second in the 12 Years 50m Butterfly

Gold Medallists

Sterling Tuxford (7WH)

12 Years 50m Freestyle 28.57

12 Years 50m Backstroke 33.53

12 Years 50m Butterfly 30.47

Toby Ji (8Ta)

12 Years 50m Breaststroke 37.99

Leopold Vo (8WH)

13 Years 50m Breaststroke 35.63

13 Years 50m Backstroke 31.53

Silver Medallists

Toby Ji (8Ta)

12 Years 50m Butterfly 31.77

CJ Nguyen (7Yo)

11 Years 50m Backstroke 36.04

Austin Wu (7We)

12 Years 50m Breaststroke 39.48

12 Years 50m Backstroke 35.42

Leopold Vo (8WH)

13 Years 50m Freestyle 27.09

Bronze Medallists

Toby Ji (8Ta)

12 Years 50m Freestyle 29.44

Benny Chen (8Du)

13 Years 50m Freestyle 27.81

While all Trinity Grammar students swam superbly, there was one particular swim that requires special recognition. Congratulations to Sterling Tuxford (7WH) who has broken the Trinity Grammar School Record in the 50m Butterfly in his time of 30.47, knocking almost half a second off the previous record from 2015.

Sterling Tuxford (7WH) after breaking the Trinity Grammar School Record in the 12 Years 50m Butterfly

We wish all our Trinity Grammar School qualifiers the best of luck at the Speedo Sprint Series Finals on 6 March at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Yours in Swimming,

Calum Timms | Coach of Swimming

2020-21 LC Speedo Sprint Heats Results (6/02/2021)

Samedh Chirravuri50 Free 45th50 Breast 40th  
11 Years41.4157.45  
Harry Howells50 Free 22nd50 Breast 17th50 Back 26th 
11 Years34.7347.8445.97 
Christopher Nguyen50 Free 7th50 Breast 7th50 Back 2nd50 Back DQ
11 Years31.8644.1836.04 
Dylan Bell50 Free 13th50 Breast 26th50 Back 23rd50 Fly 17th
12 Years32.8051.3542.6439.91
Toby Ji50 Free 3rd50 Breast 1st50 Back DQ50 Fly 2nd
12 Years29.4437.99 31.77
Sterling Tuxford50 Free 1st50 Back 1st50 Fly 1st 
12 Years28.5733.5330.47 
Austin Wu50 Free 6th50 Breast 2nd50 Back 2nd50 Fly 5th
12 Years29.9539.4835.4233.23
Benny Chen50 Free 3rd50 Breast 20th50 Back 5th50 Fly 4th
13 Years27.8141.0234.1531.32
Leopold Vo50 Free 2nd50 Breast 1st50 Back 1st
13 Years27.0935.6331.53 

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