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The Trinity Preparatory 2nds played Waverley College in Round 3. After beating Mosman Prep convincingly in Round 2, the 2nds came into this match with confidence. The first half began well, with both teams playing aggressively. Waverley had some opportunities to score in this half, including a penalty shot that was missed, but our team’s defence was too powerful, and we stopped them from taking a lead. The 2nds also had a couple of chances, but again, Waverley’s defence proved to be too strong. This half ended with both teams not scoring. During the halftime break, the coach provided our team with beneficial advice, and we knew as a team that we could finish the job off and win the match. The second half commenced, and our plan was to take the ball off Waverley every time we had the chance to. However, we were struggling to score, as opportunities were taken away. Luckily, we were given a penalty shot that gave us hope. We were close to scoring the penalty, but just missed out. In the end, Lennard Suen scored a goal to help us win the match. The final score was 1-0. It was a gutsy game, and although tough, we persisted through and showed great defence which led to our win. The 2nds could work on strengthening our midfielders to be more attacking. We are improving after each match. Well done to all the boys who played last Saturday! 

Marcus Chiam


There was two in form teams versing each other but at the end Cranbrook won it 2-0. We tried hard and had some chances but didn’t convert that to goals. The other team had great teamwork and I think we need to learn from them, but we still need to work on some areas like passing in the midfield area and striking so as assisting during the match. We have to do all those things in order to win so next match against kings will be a test. But we still did well and didn’t fuss about a loss so I think we have great resilience.

Jayden Wu


The U10C’s did a great job trying to score against Cranbrook but narrowly missed scoring a goal. We did well pass it up the field when we had a goal-kick and kept the pressure on the Cranbrook team. Unlucky when they scored in the first half, but Ethan Ly defended our goal strongly against their forwards with great saves. Aydin and Matthew cleared the ball out of the goal box, Daniel passed it up the field into the midfield. Winston worked hard protecting the goal and supporting Ethan. Ray showed great speed in the forwards and teamwork with passing. Dinal played well in midfield with Sethum. Thanks, and well done to our team for a great game of soccer!!

Nathan Della Torre


The recent football match between Barker and Trinity 4D was one to be remembered. The 4Ds are improving week by week. There were goals scored in both halves with the Trinity army maintaining possession for most of the game. Special mention to Johnny Huang and Isaac Lui who cemented our victory. We are blessed to have such amazing and supportive coaches.

Oliver Cardiff



In week three the year 6 Rugby team versed Cranbrook in an amazing game of rugby. The rugby team had lots and lots of fun even though we did not win. We had fun because we all improved. Particularly when we tackled and defended as a team. Oliver Varone demonstrated this with some big hits! The final score was 28 to 7 towards Cranbrook. Alessio Caridi scored a solo try in the first minutes of the game with a runaway try, sadly that did not give us the win. Everyone in the rugby team tried their best and we are getting closer to a win. We perfected all the skills that we needed. This included winning rucks and mauls and most importantly we played as a team. If we become more cooperative with each other and stay focussed, we will finally become a force to be reckoned with! We hope to have a winning week next week and score some good tries.

Ryder Darlow


On Saturday we were against St Patricks. They were very very strong, and the defence was good but our one kept falling apart. Every time the past halfway we would grab them and not hit them with our shoulder. At half time Mr Marco said if we wanted to be here and which I knew we had to work harder. In the second half we were better, but they kept scoring. Overall, we didn’t but it was fun.

Sebastian Nguyen

Year 4 7s

On Saturday we played two Rugby games, one against Scots and one against Kings. In the first game, we weren’t the best and needed to improve by not spreading out TOO much and actually paying attention. When game two started, we were a lot better by going out to the sides and not just standing there to be squished. The only negative thing is that we need to work on tackling, since someone sat on the oppositions’ head. 

Arthur Wang

Sports Results | Round 3 | Saturday, 8 May 2021

TeamTeam 1Team 2
1stTrinity PrepWaverly
Best and FairestAlex Ho 
EncouragementWilliam Routley 
2ndTrinity PrepWaverly
Best and FairestAthan Fudeh 
EncouragementSamedh Chirravuri 
3rdTrinity PrepWaverly
Best and FairestAlexander Germanos 
EncouragementThomas Lee 
11ATrinity PrepGrammar Edgecliff
Best and FairestDomenic Alvaro 
EncouragementJayden Paskaranathan 
11BTrinity PrepGrammar St Ives
Best and FairestElijah Ayad 
EncouragementMarcus Nguyen 
11CTrinity PrepGrammar St Ives
Best and FairestHarris Yang 
EncouragementChris Ong 
10ATrinity PrepCranbrook
EncouragementJayden Wu 
10BTrinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestPaul Arronis 
10C1Trinity PrepCranbrook
Best and FairestDaniel Huang 
EncouragementRui Li 
10C2Trinity PrepBarker
Best and FairestJohnny Huang 
EncouragementIsaac Lui 
TeamTeam 1Team 2
1st XVTrinityCranbrook
Best and FairestOliver Varone 
EncouragementLevi Mikhail 
Open 7sTrinitySACS
EncouragementIsaac Ismail 
Open 7sTrinityCranbrook
EncouragementJames Ahn 
5A XIITrinityMosman
Best and FairestKai Pham 
EncouragementOwen Hoang 
Yr5 7sTrinity 
Scorevs Shore WINvs Kings LOSS
Best and FairestOwen Li 
4A XIITrinitySt Pats
Best and FairestVeer Singh 
EncouragementJames Hunt 
Yr4 7sTrinity vs ScotsTrinity vs Kings
Best and FairestArthur WangKarim Tamergi

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