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Our journey commenced Saturday morning at Terrey Hills to play Mosman Prep. After coming off a loss in the previous week we regrouped and were ready for our next challenge.

The game started and it was intense and both teams showed great teamwork. We managed to score first early in the first half. Mosman scored soon after to level the scores 1-1. As the game progressed in the first half with through balls from both sides, Mosman Prep took the advantage to lead 2-1. In true Trinity spirit and with great teamwork we managed to level the scores at 2-2 at half time.

During our half time break our coach provided positive feedback as to how we were playing well as a team and also provided ideas on how we could improve.  As a team we were given all the necessary guidance from our coach to make the best of our opportunities in the second half.

The Second half commenced, and we were all ready and focused to play. Both sides showed signs of strength to take ownership of the game. Trinity managed the first goal in the second half with a great team effort display. Our centre midfielder managed to pass the ball to a free unmarked player who managed a shot on goal which found the back of the net. Trinity were now ahead 3-2.  Mosman Prep did not give up. They showed great perseverance and defence in their game. Mosman Prep found an opportunity to score and managed to level the score 3-3.  Trinity tried to regain control of the game, but Mosman Prep’s defence was outstanding. The game finished as a draw 3-3.  When the whistle blew at full time, we all congratulated one another with great sportsmanship.

Our coach led us through of what we should practise on Tuesday and Thursday training so that we can achieve our goal and play together as a united team on Saturday.  We can’t wait to play this week’s game and have lots of fun representing our school.

James Stylianou


Last week, the Trinity Preparatory 2nds team played Mosman Prep. Coming into this match after a brutal loss to Cranbrook School, the 2nds were hungrier than ever to win their first match of the season. The 2nds started the game strong with Zachary Hovilai, Jessie Cha, and Lennard Suen scoring a goal each in the first half to set a stable foundation for the rest of the game. There was even an own goal shot which gave the 2nds a four-point lead heading into halftime! The first half of the match was built off some amazing team play that included excellent passing and defence. The coach gave the team some helpful advice during the halftime break as the boys took a rest and stayed hydrated. After the break, the 2nds were eager to give the final half one big push to secure our first win. This half started off to fly as Samedh Chirravuri scored an early goal. After this goal, the team dominated the match, making goals every few minutes. With lots of supportive passes to the shooters, Zachary Hovilai, Jesse Cha, and Kescharan Ketheswaran scored two goals each in the remaining time left in the game. These boys mentioned above, all scored hat-tricks during this game which is an extremely special achievement both for their team, and them individually. The final half ended with Trinity Prep having complete control of the game and ending with a landslide victory. The final score was an impressive 12-0. The 2nds won this game by passing to teammates in open space by spreading out and working together as a team. This surely has to be one of our most encouraging and memorable matches this season. Although the 2nds won comfortably, we as a team still have areas for improvement. 

Marcus Chiam


It was an unbelievable game this Saturday. Trinity Prep put all their effort in and finally won with a score of 5-4.  Our team was at full strength, but Coogee had a shortage of players so Thomas Lee, Michael Lee, Jaemin Yoo and Oscar Yan showed great sportsmanship and volunteered to play for them. It was a weird experience for us to verse our own teammates, but it was a valuable experience.

During the first half, coogee started off with the ball. Thomas Lee and Michael Lee were playing for the opposition. We had spent our Thursday training session practicing in our new positions and the result was immediate. Now, we were much more comfortable showing our skills and working as a team.  We had some great individual performances. Unbelievably, Roderick Chang saved every ball that was heading towards him! Preston Lo did a fantastic job in scoring 3 of the 4 goals in the first half. Defence was very strong and defended the ball very well. After the first half, the score was Trinity four, Coogee nil.

During the second half, we started off with the ball. In this half Jaemin yoo and Oscar Yan were playing for the opposition. We started off strong but Jaemin Yoo was proving to be a handful for his own team and scored 2 goals. Unluckily for Coogee they scored an own goal to make the score 5-2. Then surprisingly, Coogee scored 2 goals! Thankfully the game ended with a score of 5-4. 

After the game, Mr Goulbourne and the team sat down for a debrief. We all agreed that we were fantastic in passing, communicating and positioning ourselves. But when it came to the things we needed to work on, we all agreed that dribbling needed to improve. Trinity had a great spirit today, and even helped our opponents by playing our best (even against each other!). The goals made by the opposition really tested us and helped us grow as a team

Jaemin Yoo 


Today we played well against the junior school because we stayed in our triangles and passed well to each other but made a few mistakes.  Some areas that I think we need to work on are our corners and where you need to stand. If we can do this I think that we will win a lot more off our corners. The second thing I think we need to work on is our tackling and how to tackle. The score this morning was 7 – 6 our way.

Nicholas Khouzame


It was an amazing game, Trinity Prep versus Trinity Junior School.

The first goal was scored by Luke on the Prep team. At the end Prep lost the match, 4-7. It was a great game, everyone played extremely well and man of the match for the Prep team went to Luke Gerges.


The recent football match between St Ives Grammar and Trinity 4D was an epic match of highs and lows. At half time, the scores were Nil/Nil with the superstar goalie Kerry Chen stopping everything that was thrown at him. The second half was a different story completely. The brown and gold(St Ives) stepped up their attack on the green army. It was a devastating defeat that saw a narrow loss of 2-1 to St Ives. Special mention to Aarav Sharma who got one past the defence lines. As our second round of the season, it really was an amazing game. 

Oliver Cardiff



On the 1st of May 2021 the first XV Rugby Team played Mosman. Mosman was a great team and the way they passed the ball out was pretty well.  The game went pretty well for us in the first half of the game because we managed to get a few good tackles.  The XV Rugby team went pretty well although we did not come out victorious.  Our Rugby team played really well against Mosman prep and the Team managed to always get Mosman back to where we had an advantage point to score a try.  

The reason we all agree that our first half was good is because of our tackles made by the boys and especially the ones mentioned in the text. Our defence was really good and that is the other reason because we managed to do a good job in cleaning them out and catching up to the boys so they could not score. Also, we all managed to put pressure on Mosman Prep which made them Knock it on or drop the ball which gave us the biggest advantage to gain those extra meters.  

Unfortunately, the XV Rugby Team Lost to Mosman prep to 38 – 0. Even though we Played hard and defended well, we were no match for Mosman Prep. In the end we played really well and next time we need to work on passing it out to the winger or just generally passing out and also giving that forward advantages to do rhino ball instead of halfback always being there. We played really well compared to the first game and if we improved in those things, we would be able to beat almost every team.

Ace Sharma

Year 6 7’s

It was a nice warm day when the open-7s rugby team showed up at Kings school. The first game we played against Waverly; it was a low scoring game. I thought the first game the team played well with good communication and supporting each other. The second game was a harder game against Knox. Knox was organised and played a stronger game, but the Trinity spirit kept the open-7s rugby team strong to score the last try of the game on the final whistle.


On Saturday the 4As were against the Kings. This game was the game when we scored 2 trys. It was very exciting because it was the first 2 trys of the year. The trys were made by Musa and Joseph.  Kings were very good with their defence but they got through our one. The trys we made had even up the score. It was 4-4. Then Kings had scored at least 1 or 2 trys. We were still very happy even if we lost but what we wanted the most was a smile on each face.

Sebastian Nguyen


Year 4 / 5 Green

It was a bright sunny Saturday, the 1st of May 2021. The grass fresh as usual, we were pumped to play the game. Our coach Ms Palmer instructed us on our positions, and I was the leading Captain along with my 5 teammates. Our worthy opponents were a team of six. We started the first half very badly with Navy leading 2-0 in spite of us playing well.

During the break we had a debrief and figured out that we were not scoring well, because we were not spreading out over the field. The second half was dominated by us, with Ricky Chen scoring the first halfway goal and Ethan Koh scoring a goal as the ball barraged through the defensive line. 

The score was 3-2 Navy’s way. Well, although we lost the game, we had a great time playing with the boys.

Ishan Padmanesan

Year 5 / 6 Green

This week we as the Prep Year 5&6 Green went up against Prep Year 5&6 Navy in Intra-School sport. The match started with the ball in our possession. With 6 people we used a strategy where we had 1 defender, 2 mid-fielders, and 2 strikers. Our defender played brilliantly only letting one goal in for the first half. In the first half using the strategy of making sure that we kept progressing. The strategy also included the fact that if the ball went and we had it we would then kick it into space up the field where one of our teammates would intercept it. We also did well in applying pressure down the whole field to our opposition teammates. In the first half, we scored 5 goals. We were assisted in achieving this by our great defence Anthony Cheng. Then we were also assisted in moving the ball up by Zane Rizoski and Linzhi Xu at mid-field. The goals would then be shot by our strikers Aravinda Chauhan and Orlando Ang. In the second half, we continued our strategy and got 2 more goals in. In the second half with great defence, no goals were let in. We also improved our attacking and tackling to achieve this so that the ball would not end up at our end of the field. We also had great opposition players as well. It was a very successful game for our team, and we hope that we can continue to use this strategy in the future to win more games.

Orlando Ang

Year 5 / 6 Navy

Today is Saturday the 1st of May 2021. The soccer match started at 8:45AM on a fresh and bright morning. We are ⅚ Navy and we were pitched against ⅚ Green from the Preparatory School. The match began with ⅚ Navy kicking off. After the first 5 minutes ⅚ Green scored the first goal. ⅚ Navy scored a few goals but, in the end, it was ⅚ Green that won the game.

The thing that ⅚ Navy did well was trying to prevent ⅚ Green from stealing the ball by passing it to other players in my team. What we can improve on in the future is to put in more pressure so that we can shoot more goals. One lesson learnt is that the goal can be shot from the sideline. So, whenever a penalty shot is being taken, the team must pay attention immediately.

Timothy Huynh

Year 5 / 6 Pink

When we were starting the game, after warm- up, we quickly realised that the red team, the team we were versing, had only one player, which was Ridley (Year Five). Fortunately, we had four green and four whites, so we did green versus whites. On our team we had me, Lucas (Year Five), Sonnie Liang (Year Six) and Andrew Lin (Year Six). The play was two attackers, one midfielder and that’s right, one defender. So, it was me and Sonnie attacking, Andrew defending and Lucas midfielding. The strategy between us was if it went out and it was our ball, Lucas passed it from where he was and to me which I was always near the goals, so we scored a few. Andrew was great at defending, from making quick decisions and kicking it up. Sonnie was great at getting out of sticky situations when all the players were crowding me. About half time we had an extra player Xavier Runado (Year Six) as sub, (the other team already had Five players.) In the end it was 7 nil (I think.)

Jet Ma

Sports Results | Saturday, 1 May 2021

TeamTeam 1Team 2
1stTrinity PrepMosman Prep
2ndTrinity PrepMosman Prep
3rdTrinity PrepCoogee
Best and FairestPreston Lo 
EncouragementJaemin Yoo 
11ATrinity PrepGrammar Edgecliff
Best and FairestLucas Kim
EncouragementEthan Marangou 
11BTrinity PrepGrammar St Ives
Best and FairestJaiveer Singh 
EncouragementElijah Ayad 
11CTrinity PrepGrammar Edgecliff
Best and FairestJames Elghitany 
EncouragementJaydon Chang 
10ATrinity PrepTrinity Junior
Best and FairestGeorge Vavoulas 
EncouragementJayden Wu 
10BTrinity PrepTrinity Junior
Best and FairestLuke Gerges 
EncouragementTimmy Zhou 
10C1Trinity PrepJunior School
Best and FairestWinston Phong 
EncouragementDinal Perera 
10C2Trinity PrepSt Ives Grammar
Best and FairestKerry Chen 
EncouragementIsaac Lui 
TeamTeam 1Team 2
1st XVTrinityMosman Prep
Best and FairestAlessio Caridi 
EncouragementRyder Darlow 
Open 7sTrinityWaverly
Best and FairestDash Isaacs 
EncouragementRyan Zhang 
Open 7sTrinityKnox
Best and FairestWilliam Hunt 
EncouragementChristian Ghannoum 
5A XIITrinity 
Best and FairestLuke Holani 
EncouragementMichael Whiting 
Yr5 7sTrinity v WavT v St Pats
Best and FairestLuis K 
4A XIITrinityKings
Best and FairestJoseph Khoury 
EncouragementDarren Cai 
Yr4 7sTrinity v Knoxv Kings
ScoreKnox 12 def T 03-Mar
Best and FairestJackieZachariah

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