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Last Saturday we had our Winter Sport trials day. We were fortunate enough to be given permission from Council to use the grass field for Rugby and therefore be more adequately prepared for the Winter season. It was pleasing to see boys engage with the activities and challenges associated and coaches have mentioned that because of this engagement in the sessions, team selection was harder than ever. 

Some parents have enquired about the Age Groups for the Winter season. Boys are allowed to participate in the category of their Year group and not age. For example, if a boy is in Year 6 but turning 11 and not 12 like the majority of his cohort, then he will still participate in the Year 6 or Opens teams. If boys wish to participate in their age group rather than year group, then parents are encouraged to chat with me and we can work out the best solution for their son. To clarify, ‘Opens’ refers to the oldest year group of the School. It is possible that we have Year 6 boys who are already 12 when they enter Year 6, therefore we don’t have an Under 13 team, rather just an ‘Opens’ team for boys Under 12 and over.

James Bremner | Sportsmaster

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