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2nds | Marcus Chiam

After a tight loss against the Trinity Junior School last week, the Trinity Preparatory 2nds were keen on coming back and winning another game in Round 5 of Football. The opponent was Shore School and beating them would be a remarkable achievement. The Prep 2nds started the game with no substitutes and a lot on their shoulders. Within the first few minutes of the game, Shore scored a goal which added lots of pressure on our team. They continued their dominance on us, scoring three additional goals to conclude the first half. The score was 4-0, Shore’s way. During the halftime break, the Prep 2nds were exhausted. With all players having to play the full 40 minutes of the game, we needed to not let fatigue keep us down. We had to not let Shore thrash us completely. The second half started with all our players reducing the many chances Shore had to score. Our attacking and defending were much better than the first half, and we only conceded two goals in the final half. The highlight of this half had to be Zachary Hovilai scoring 2 unexpected goals with only a few minutes to spare. This allowed the Prep 2nds not to be clean swept and feel embarrassed. The final score was 6-2. Although we lost, we still managed to persevere through the hardship of being in the sun for more than half an hour, running back and forth. I would like to congratulate all the boys who gave it their all and worked really hard to try and bounce back in the second half. Our team can work on being more composed when having control of the ball and passing into space instead of always passing to a teammate’s foot. Thank you to all the coaches and boys who played or contributed last week! Go Trinity Prep 2nds!! 

4D | Oliver Cardiff

The 4Ds have again won 3-1. With Isaac Lui, Johnny Huang and Aarav Sharma ripping a hole through the goal. While St Aloysius did really well, they had not enough skill for the Green Army. Next goals are to throw down the field. 


1sts | Adonis Karabetsos

Last Saturday the Trinity year 6 A’s vs Waverly. The score was 25-10 Waverly’s way. Sam scored both 2 of our tries. At halftime the score was 10-10 and in the second half they took over us. We did well win the rucks and spreading the ball through the line. We need to work on our tackling because we let the other team score too many tries. We also need to work on standing deep and not standing in a straight line on offense, and on defence we need to rush up in a line on defence.

Adonis Karabetsos

Year 6 7’s | William Hunt

Last weekend, the Open Rugby 7’s played their third round of rugby against St Andrews College and Cranbrook. Going into our first game against St Andrews we were determined to play as a team and help everyone have a good time. We started strong with a quick try from one of our forwards Lachlan Green, he then again led to another amazing try bustling through the St Andrews defence. A third try occurred from our left winger William Hunt and then, later, scored another two in the second half. St Andrews played strong, but our defensive row fought heavily and astounded caused St Andrews to score no tries at all! The final play was finished resulting in a 10 – 0 game Trinity’s way. 

With a confidence boost from our last game, we faced Cranbook who were a much tougher opposition. We set off with our first try from Jayden Rodger, our star halfback, later on, he scored another three tries during the first and second half. But Cranbook was strong and they fought back against our front row causing them to seep in a try. We were tied 2 – 2 a few quick subs were subbed in and were off forcing a front and backline into Cranbook defence. The ball was passed to one of our forwards and boom – yet again, we ran through Cranbook front line scoring the winning try! The game result was 5-4. Another two wins to our season.


Year 4/5 Green | Alexander Ishak

First half: Summer Hill scored early in the first half and there was a great ongoing defence from Jimmy. Good goal save from Ben and Ishan did a great job with kick ins. Great assist from Ishan against 2 defenders to pass to Ethan, scoring a goal. Great intercepts from Ben.

Second half: There was great dribbling from Ishan and good defence from Eshaan. Good movement to Alexander and Ricky showing defence on his kick ins. Good save by Eshaan and a goal by Ishan.

Total score: Prep 2 goals and Summer Hill 1 goal.

Year 4 / 5 Pink | Arvin Lin

We lost because of the junior’s better training tactic and teamwork. We also did absolutely nothing to protect the goal.

The team could improve by sending more defenders and taking turns to attack to figure out the best plan.

Year 5 / 6 Green | Anthony Cheng

During week 5’s Saturday sport, the 22nd of May, Trinity prep’s intra team 5&6 green won versus Trinity junior school, or Summer Hill’s intra (insert name of opposition). 

In the first half, Orlando Ang (prep) scored early against Summer Hill, setting an early precedent for what was coming up. We’ve got a nice steal from Linzhi Xu (prep) and a pass from Orlando to Aravinda Chauhan (prep) to score.

More scores coming up, a great steal from Orlando to score followed quickly by yet another intercept and score by Aravinda. Great defence from John Nammour and Anthony Cheng (both from prep) and another great intercept from Linzhi for a score. And Orlando Ang strikes again, finishing the first half with a score.

At the end of the first half, green scored a total of a whopping 6-nil.

During the second half, not as many points were scored, with good defence from Anthony. During the game, a new opposition approached, changing the team dynamics for the Junior School. This new person slightly disoriented intra prep as he wore colours that were similar as Prep as well as creating more opportunities for Summer Hill. And for an epic conclusion, there was a 2 on 1 offence with a great assist from John to Aravinda just before the end of the game, ending the game with a final goal.

In the end, Green scored and absolutely decimating 7-nil.

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