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The Trinity Preparatory 2nds team played the Trinity Junior School at Cooke Park. Despite being from the same school, the competition still stayed at a high level. The first half started with the Junior School scoring an early goal. They looked fierce and competitive. We needed to bounce back. The Junior School gave us many corners that sparked opportunities for some goals. Unfortunately, this luck was cut short with the Junior School stopping our attempts to score. The first half ended with the Junior 2nds up by one. Taking a rest at the halftime break, we were given vital feedback from our amazing coaches and recharged our batteries. In the second half, our attacking and defending was a lot more powerful and aggressive, with Lennard Suen taking a shot at the goal which bounced off the goalkeeper’s hand. The team thought that we had missed but then, out of the blue, Kescharan Ketheswaran raced towards the ball, and finished the job off, scoring the goal. We were back into the match tying with the Junior School, 1-1. The Junior School looked to score and take back dominance, but goalkeeper, Athan Fudeh, saved the goal that they depended on. All was going well, with the Prep 2nds having control of the ball.

However, another attempt to score did not go our way. With a few more minutes remaining in the match, the Junior 2nds found a way to get past our defence, and they scored, leading the match (2-1). Our striker and forward, desperately tried to tie the match. Lennard Suen had the final chance to avoid the loss, with a scoring opportunity, but he narrowly missed with the Junior 2nds taking the game in the end. The final score was 2-1. Although we lost, our teamwork in this game was the best it has ever been. Every match we play together as a team, we are more familiar with each other. Our next steps are to work on our speed and being calmer when having the ball in our control. A lot of effort was put into this game by our Prep 2nds and our dedicated coaches who put their time into helping us improve. Thank you to all the staff and students who contributed to this wonderful game!

Marcus Chiam


On Saturday, the 11Bs played against Shore at their home ground. From the start, the team looked good on offence and defence. Our attackers had some early chances to score, where Alexei took a very good shot at goal, but the Shore goalie saved it. Our defenders played well, where defenders like Massimo stole the ball from Shore many times, and even took one shot at goal that was a little bit too high. In the midfield, Elijah made some very good passes to the open man, but we didnt score any goals from these passes. Unfortunately, the end score was 0-3.  We need more practice in taking and making shots when we are open because there are not many chances to score. I hope we have an even better game next week.

Joshua Tsang 


The Trinity U10C team was playing against Kings this week and boy, it was a chilly morning. The first half was looking bad for us as Kings had scored 3 times in the first half of the game. It was unlucky for Julian because someone on the opposition team kicked the ball into his face – we all wish him the best for a speedy recovery. The second half got better because Daniel and Matthew worked together to score a goal. Good job to Ethan for some amazing saves in goal, while Julian in attack kept the pressure on the Kings’ goal, Winston for some great passes to teammates, Aiden for defending well, Ray for collaboration with the team, Sethum and Dinal for great teamwork and motivating everyone. Thanks, everyone for a really good game of soccer!

Matthew Della Torre



Year 6 7’s

The first opponent for the 7’s was Scots. The 7’s were communicating about their game plan. The siren wailed and trinity kicked off. Jayden picked up the ball and ran to Will’s side then dummied and ran to the try line and had enough for the push over. Scots then ran over the line twice so the score was 2-1 Trinity knew that they couldn’t give up now. 

After half time David pushed through the centre of the field and dived over the try line. It was tied at 2 all. Unfortunately, Scots went over the line again twice, so they took the lead. Trinity refused to give up.  They passed the ball to Jayden and he saw a gap and sprinted through its TRY!!!! Then the siren went and there wasn’t enough time for trinity to score again.

 It was a tough and rough game. Trinity had great sportsmanship throughout the game but unfortunately did not get the result they wanted. The final score was 4-3 Scots way. Trinity wanted to win but they knew the areas they needed to improve on for the second game up against Waverley.

Trinity had a 20-minute break between their games, so they talked about what they need to work on and what they need to keep up. They knew that Waverley would be hard, so they needed to focus. Trinity ran onto the field and set up their line of defence. Trinity spread the ball out to Will on the wing and he had room to move so he sprinted up the sideline and went over the line for a try. Despite our best effort in defence Waverley scored next.  Jayden grabbed the ball from the scrum and powered his way over the line. There were 2 minutes left and Trinity were going to receive the ball, but they dropped it and Waverley dived on the ball and scored as the buzzer sounded.

Trinity showed great sportsmanship and leadership skills in both their games. The 7’s need to continue to work hard and focus on training. Well done 7’s on 2 amazing games.

Jayden Rodger

Year 4 7’s

On Saturday, we had 2 matches. First, Trinity 7s played Scott’s. In that game, we still needed to spread out across the field and Scott’s kept on scoring because we were not coming forward as a team and there were gaps so the Scott’s players went through the gaps and scored. They also scored because we were not tackling enough, and they were also very fast. In the next match, we played Newington prep. In that match, we did better on spreading out and coming forward together and we weren’t separating. We kept scoring and then Newington scored until the end of the game and the score was 8-7 Trinity’s way!

Marvin Xu


Year 4 / 5 Red

We played soccer yesterday. The opposing team was the Junior School, and it was really fun. We didn’t win the match, but our team scored two goals! We couldn’t sub out, since not everyone arrived, but it was still fun playing for the whole time. I even scored a goal! It was really fun, and everyone enjoyed it. Our coach also gave us lots of support and I thank her. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to play sports and I can’t wait until next week!

Julian Wallace

Sports Results | Round 4 – Saturday 15th May

TeamTeam 1Team 2
1stTrinity PrepJunior School
Best and FairestJonathan Chau-Vuu 
EncouragementAdam Radwan 
2ndTrinity Prep 
Best and FairestLennard Suen 
EncouragementLucas Fitzroy 
3rdTrinity PrepJunior school
Best and FairestPreston Lo 
EncouragementMarcus Kuit 
11ATrinity PrepNewington
Best and FairestJayden Paskaranathan 
EncouragementJaiveer Singh 
11BTrinity PrepShore
Best and FairestMassimo Di Maria Alexei Fotheringham Joshua Tsang 
11CTrinity PrepShore
Best and FairestYianni Pahos 
EncouragementJames Elghitany 
10ATrinity Prep 
Best and FairestPaul Arronis 
10BTrinity Prep 
Best and FairestTimmy Zhao 
10C1Trinity PrepKing’s
Best and FairestDaniel Huang 
EncouragementEthan Ly 
10C2Trinity PrepKing’s
Best and FairestIsaac Lui 
EncouragementMarcus Du 
TeamTeam 1Team 2
1st XVTrinityScots
Best and FairestAlessio Caridi 
EncouragementLevi Mikhail 
Open 7sTrinityScots Lions
Best and FairestJayden Rodger 
EncouragementJeremiah Sydhom 
Open 7sTrinityWaverly
Best and FairestChristian Ghannoum 
EncouragementDavid Miller (Jnr) 
5A XIITrinitySIC
Best and FairestAlexander Chung 
EncouragementXavier Malas 
Yr5 7sTrinity 
Best and FairestLouis K 
4A XIITrinityShore
Best and FairestJackson Wai 
EncouragementLachlan Davies 
Yr4 7sTrinity vs ScotsTrinity vs Wyvern
Best and FairestAlec Bailey 
EncouragementMarvin Xu 
TeamTeam 1Team 2
AFL ATrinityWaverley
Best and FairestTom Henry 
EncouragementPeter Katsiris 

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