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Tomorrow Year 4-6 sport is the continuation of winter sports trials which commenced on Thursday at Bressington Park, Underwood Rd Homebush or Cooke Park, Belfield.

If boys have not bought a jersey for their sport, please wear the white PE shirt and green PE shorts until the uniform is purchased. If unsure of your son’s selection, please hold off on purchasing any kit. Mouthguards are compulsory for Rugby and AFL and recommended for Football. Headgear is recommended for Rugby. Shin guards are compulsory for Football. All boys require boots for Thursday sessions and their games on the weekends during Terms 2 and 3.

Tomorrow’s schedule at Bressington Park has been cancelled due to council’s ground closure.

Cooke Park

  • Year 4-6 Rugby trials will be held at Cooke Park, corner of Madeline & Chisholm streets Belfield.
  • 8-9am Year 4 report at 7:45am to Mr Herborn
  • 9-10am Year 5 report to Mr Niulala at 8:45am
  • 10-11am Year 6 report to Ms Cross at 9:45am

If the weather precludes the use of any venues an app message will be the first alert.

A DRAFT draw of the winter fixtures will come out for AFL, Football and Rugby on the app next week. I stress it is only a draft and could change depending on grounds becoming unavailable or various weather issues forcing late changes.

Last Saturday the wild weather stopped all outdoor sports, but the 13 Basketball teams were still able to compete against opposition from the Prep School with some success.

1st VTrinity JS 38 def TGS Prep 9
Best and FairestSam De Alwis
Most ConsistentIzzy Constanti
2nd VTGS Prep def Trinity JS
Best and FairestAston Youssef
Most ConsistentOliver Power
3rd VTGS Prep def Trinity JS
Best and FairestLuke Nada
Most ConsistentEthan Soo
4th VTGS Prep def Trinity JS
Best and FairestJoshua Deiri
Most ConsistentArles Hanning
5th VTrinity JS 20 def TGS Prep 12
Best and FairestBen El Hayek
Most ConsistentJacob Chan
6th VTGS Prep def Trinity JS
Best and FairestOliver Tucker
Most ConsistentRuairi Raferty
7th VTrinity JS 16 def TGS Prep 10
Best and FairestDavid Salim
Most ConsistentRyan La
8th VTGS Prep def Trinity JS
Best and FairestKai Whitten
Most ConsistentCharlie Yao
4A VTGS Prep def Trinity JS
4B VTGS Prep 22 def Trinity JS 11
Most ConsistentRalph Chammas
4C VTGS Prep def Trinity JS
Intra Year 5/6 
Most ConsistentJames Crook
Intra Year 4 
Most ConsistentLeon Liu
1st Vs from both the Preparatory School and Junior School

Chris Robinson | Sportsmaster

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