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Tomorrow is the last round of Term One summer sport.

Winter sport trials are set down for next Saturday, 27 March, along with the IPSHA Cross Country at Kings for selected boys.

During Terms Two and Three, traditional Rugby, 1st XV, 11A and 10A will play most of their home fixtures at school this year.

All Junior School football home matches will continue to be played at Bressington Park, which will also host Intra Sport.

The AFL draw is still being completed. All matches are likely to be conducted at Northern Oval and Macquarie University Oval.

The boys will see winter lists on the Junior School notice board before next Thursday’s initial trials commence but should already know their chosen winter sport.

If you are still to purchase uniforms and protective equipment, mouthguards are compulsory for Rugby and AFL and recommended for Football.

PE uniform will suffice for all three codes during the trials process unless your son already has the correct kit.

Headgear is recommended for rugby. Shin guards are compulsory for football. All boys require boots for Thursday sessions and naturally their games on the weekends.

Intra Sport will start with football. All boys will come to school in PE attire and change into their respective football uniforms each Thursday.

Another reminder to check the TGS App firstly and have notifications turned on as the best option when checking for updates on a Friday afternoon or Saturday mornings if the weather is dubious.

My Sportsmaster’s mobile is 0438 980 602. Please put this number in your phone if you need to alert us to a sudden absence or if you are running late.

Last Saturday we had glorious conditions outside for Round Five of summer sport.

The outcomes of the fixtures and boys who performed well are highlighted below.

Sports Results | Saturday, 13 March 2021

1st VTrinity JS 18 def Cranbrook 16
Best and FairestSam De Alwis
Most ConsistentCharlie Earthrowl
2nd VCranbrook 33 def Trinity JS 24
Best and FairestJason Lan
Most ConsistentHugo Tsai
3rd VCranbrook 31 def Trinity JS 12
Best and FairestKai Famlonga
Most ConsistentEthan Soo
4th VCranbrook 47 def Trinity JS 0
Most ConsistentJoshua Deiri
5th VCranbrook 27 def Trinity JS 8
Best and FairestJake Heald
Most ConsistentLuis Kokotovich
6th VCranbrook 28 def Trinity JS 15
Best and FairestEthan Choy
Most ConsistentDavid Martin
7th VTrinity JS 12 def Cranbrook 11
Best and FairestPeter Katsiris
Most ConsistentAndrew Zhang
8th VCranbrook 31 def Trinity JS 12
Best and FairestKai Whitten
Most ConsistentCharlie Yao
4A VTrinity JS def Cranbrook
Most ConsistentKyden Salim
4B VCranbrook 29 def Trinity JS 19
Most ConsistentAiden Tay
Most ConsistentDarren Cai
4C VCranbrook 18 def Trinity JS 10
Best and FairestBlake Rushworth
Intra Year 5/6 
Most ConsistentZac Marques
Intra Year 4 
Most ConsistentJack Bray
6AScots 121 def TGS 101
Best and FairestHugo Walker
Most ConsistentJayden*
6BScots 72 def Trinity 68
Best and FairestChristian Viola
Most ConsistentAthan Fudeh*
5ATrinity 80 def Scots 74
Most ConsistentAlexander Scott
5BScots 101 def Trinity 54
Most ConsistentEmmanuel *
4ACranbrook 109 def Trinity 63
Most ConsistentLachlan Tucker
4B 1Grammar Edgecliff 62 def Trinity 49
Best and FairestAryan Kotwal
4B 2Trinity 60 def Grammar Edgecliffe 31
Most ConsistentHayden Metcalf
SoftballSt. Pius 11 def Trinity Junior School 7
Best and FairestJames Ge
Most ConsistentNicolas Beke
TennisTrinity JS 35 def Waverley 33
Most ConsistentNicholas Servos
Touch Football‘A’ Waverley 11 def TGS 8 / ‘B’ TGS 6 def Waverley 5
Best and Fairest AsKai Pham
Most Consistent AsJamieson Geras

Chris Robinson | Sportsmaster

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