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Round 4 IPSHA / Intra Summer Sport 2021

Trinity’s Year 5/6 basketballers won the second stanza of their Ist V contest against Waverley in the Centenary Centre but their six-point half-time deficit proved too hard to overcome. They eventually went down 34-30 to the visitors.

The 4A V came from behind to nudge out local rivals Santa Sabina 13-10 in the Old Gym, showing tremendous grit to overcome a sluggish start.

4A V vs Santa Sabina

Our Softball team ran into stiff opposition in St. Patricks’, as did our tennis boys against Cranbrook.

In cricket we mostly ran second but our 5As had a strong win against St. Patricks’ on No. 2 Oval and we were very competitive in all other matches.

I remind you that tomorrow is the second last round of Summer Sport for Term One.

Saturday, 27 March is the date for Winter Sport Trials for all boys in Years 4 to 6 in the Junior School unless they are one of the 20 boys representing TGSJS at the IPSHA Cross Country.

The app will be updated for 27 March on the school week beginning 22 March.

Boys will already know the winter football codes they will be trialling in, and will be in year groups on the day.

Cooke Park and Bressington Park will be the two venues used on that day.

It will be great to see many of you at our annual Junior School Cross Country next Friday, 19 March, at school. An approximate guideline of events is listed below. All events start and finish on No. 1 Oval.

TimeAge GroupDistance
8:50amU8s / 9s (there is no official U8 event @IPSHA) (turning 8 or 9 in 2021)2000m
9:10amUnder 10s (turning 10 in 2021)2000m
9:30amUnder 11s (turning 11 in 2021)3000m
9:50amOpens turning (12 or 13 in 2021)3000m
10:10amYear 2 Fun Run1000m

Years 4 to 6 need to come ready for winter sport on Thursday, 25 March, as we will change straight over to the three football codes from summer season. Please remember all necessary clothing and protective requirements.

Year 3’s Friday afternoon month of football ended today; it was great to see the improvement amongst many of the boys from where they began back in early February.

The Winter Tuesday morning sessions for ‘A’ teams and anyone else interested will commence in Week 2 next term, 27 April at 7am sharp.

Sports Results | Saturday, 6 March 2021

6ASt. Pats 81 def Trinity 77
Best and FairestTom Henry
EncouragementHugo Walker
6BSt. Pats 20 def Trinity 19
Best and FairestHarry Ingram
EncouragementAlex Germanos*
5ATrinity 139 def St. Pats 120
Best and FairestOscar Rudd
5B St. Patricks’ 127 def Trinity 76
EncouragementBraith Hargreaves
4ASt. Aloysius 43 def Trinity 39
Best and FairestRahid Chowdhury
4B-1Cranbrook 107 def Trinity 82
Best and FairestM Della Torre*
4B-2Cranbrook 85 def Trinity 51
Best and FairestAlec Bailey
Touch Football A Trinity 22 def St. Pius 3
Best and FairestJames Barry*
EncouragementJayden Bechara
Touch Football BTrinity 21 def St. Pius 3
Best and FairestCallum Evans
EncouragementJack Cooper
1st VWaverley 34 def Trinity 30
Best and FairestIzzy Constanti
EncouragementZac Bachir
2nd VWaverley 30 def Trinity 18
Best and FairestAston Youssef
EncouragementXavier Malas
3rd VWaverley 34 def Trinity 9
Best and FairestAustin Da Silva
EncouragementLuke Nada
4th V Waverley 54 def Trinity 18
Best and FairestArles Hanning
EncouragementCharles Russell
5th VWaverley 40 def Trinity 0
Best and FairestGeorge Halvagi
EncouragementRafael Koutra
6th VWaverley 32 def Trinity 12
Best and FairestVasili Pappas
EncouragementOliver Newton
7th VWaverley 24 def Trinity 14
Best and FairestJoshua Vuong
EncouragementJack Maclean
8th VWaverley 34 def Trinity 9
Best and FairestLachlan Stewart
EncouragementXander Vaccarella
Intra 4/5 
Best and FairestVito Zhou
Intra 5/6   Win 26-4 
Best and FairestAngus Barnes – Ferguson
4ATrinity 13 def Santa Sabina 10
Best and FairestNicholas Ma
4BSanta Sabina 21 def Trinity 10
Best and FairestJeffrey Jiang
4CGrammar Edgecliff 32 def Trinity 5
Best and FairestBlake Rushworth
5/6 ASt. Pats 20 def Trinity 4
Best and FairestHarry Carson
EncouragementBen Loughnan
Year 5/6Cranbrook 44 def Trinity 22
Best and FairestDominic Lowe

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