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Please have the boys on time for all sport and training. I am often reminding boys to be at their coach’s feet 30 minutes before matches on Saturdays and to arrive for Tuesday training sessions at 6:55am. Boys are often arriving just before games are due to commence or sessions have begun. Neither is a good look or sound preparation for what is to follow.

We had two more wins in Touch Football and pleasingly five wins from seven cricket contests on the weekend. Our 5/6 Intra boys also secured a large victory in Basketball and our 4B V secured their first triumph of the year against Mosman Prep away at the Mosman Indoor Sports Centre.

Winter Season

Round 1 is on Saturday, 24 April and runs through all five Saturdays in May (1, 8, 15, 22, 29) as well as Saturday, 5 June. No sport will be on June 12 (Long Weekend) then we have the holidays. Our final three rounds of winter competition (Rounds 8-10) begin immediately upon our return from the mid-year vacation and will be conducted are on 17, 24 and 31 July.

Thursday morning trials will commence on 25 March, the Thursday after summer season has ceased for Term 1. Boys are reminded that mouthguards are essential for rugby and shin guards for football as well as boots for all three winter sports.

If your son is selected in an Intra team for Winter, we will be commencing with Football for the first seven weeks in Term 2.

Once the draft draw is ready, I will load it onto the TGS App under ‘Fixtures for the season’ to give you a guide as to where matches will be hosted but please wait until teams are announced for exact times and locations. All home football matches for Football and Intra Sport will be held at Bressington Park.

We have a Winter Trials day on Saturday, 27 March. Cooke Park and Bressington Park will be used. Further details to come. IPSHA Cross Country is also on this day.

TGSJS Cross Country Championships

These will be held, weather permitting, on Friday morning, 19 March at school as a precursor to the IPSHA Cross Country which will take place at The Kings School. Only five boys will go in each age group to Kings, as a squad of 20.

Round 3 Results IPSHA Summer Sport

BasketballFebruary 27th
1st VScots 43 def Trinity JS 18
Best and FairestIzzy Constanti
Most ConsistentHudson Lyttle
2nd VScots 32 def Trinity JS 11 
Best and FairestMatthew Boumelhem
Most ConsistentNathan Jones
3rd VScots 44 def Trinity JS 4
Best and FairestKai Famlonga
Most ConsistentJustin Tsia
4th VScots 49 def Trinity JS 6
Best and FairestAlexander Chung
Most ConsistentChristian Antoniou
5th VScots 35 def Trinity JS 9
Best and FairestBen El-Hayek
Most ConsistentHarry Hartzenberg
6th VScots 36 def Trinity JS 10
Best and FairestDavid Martin
Most ConsistentVasili Pappas
7th VScots 40 def Trinity JS 10
Best and FairestAiden Wills
Most ConsistentAustin Albrighton
8th VScots 53 def Trinity JS 10
Best and FairestLachlan Stewart
Most ConsistentMarco Pavic
4A VMosman 10 def Trinity JS 3
Best and FairestNicholas Ma
Most ConsistentKyden Salim
4B VTrinity JS 26 def Mosman 18
Best and FairestChristopher Skouteris
Most ConsistentLucas Vo
4C VKRB 34 def Trinity JS 15
Best and FairestTianyang Zhao
Most ConsistentJack Zhou
Intra Basketball 
Best and FairestAllan Shaba
Most ConsistentConnor Proberts
5/6Won 28-0
Best and FairestOwen Kingham
Most ConsistentLuke Nunez
6ATGS 112 def Mosman 68
Best and FairestJayden*
Most ConsistentKescharan*
6BTGS 72 def Knox 64
Best and FairestAthan*
Most ConsistentHarry Ingram
5ATGS 96 def Knox 48
Best and FairestRoman Urbano
Most ConsistentJacob Polotoroff
5BTGS 68 def Waverley 26
Best and FairestMax Edwards
Most ConsistentLachlan Davies
4AScots 108 def TGS 26
Best and FairestRahid Chowdhury
Most ConsistentTerrence Ho
4B1TGS 51 def Scots 26
Best and FairestRaj Reddy
Most ConsistentJacob Smith*
4B2Cranbrook 145 def TGS 50
Best and FairestWinston*
Most ConsistentMarcus*
TennisScots 50 def Trinity JS 18
Best and FairestOllie Jessop
Most ConsistentJack Lai
Touch Football ATrinity 5 def Knox 4
Best and FairestHugh Labas
Most ConsistentRemy Humphreys
Touch Football BTrinity 10 def Newington Lindfield 1
Best and FairestMichael Whiting
Most ConsistentMaurice Marroun*

IPSHA Swimming / Diving

20 boys represented Trinity Junior School at the annual IPSHA Swimming and Diving carnival on Tuesday at SOPAC. Highlights of the day included Nathan Jones (5Yo) and Zac Bachir (6Ta) coming first and second in U11 Freestyle, first and fourth in U11 Breastroke, second and third in U11 Butterfly and Zac was also first in U11 Backstroke. They, along with Daniel Zhang (3Fo) (U9 Freestyle) and Moussa Choker (5La) in U10 Diving (1m Springboard) have all qualified for the IPSHA Swim & Dive team to compete on 18 March at the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) carnival.

Chris Robinson | Sportsmaster

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