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Dear Parents,

It was lovely to see a full round of IPSHA summer sport for the first time in 2021.

Highlights were:


Finally, a dry Saturday to have all seven teams compete, the highlight being our combined 1st team defeating Newington in the local derby at school.


We had some improved performances in 5/6 Basketball against Grammar & Waverley whilst not coming out on the win ledger in many matches. Our Year 4 teams enjoyed two wins and a pulsating tie in their three contests against Scots at TGS Prep.


A close win at Grammar St. Ives 9-6.


A tight win at home against Scots at the Trinity Tennis Centre.

Touch Football:

As and Bs made it two from two with strong wins against traditionally tough opponents Waverley College at Cooke Park.

Intra Basketball:

Another nice day at TGS Prep with the boys showing pleasing performances and winning all three contests.

Relay Swimmers at the blocks

Swim Invitational 1 at Scots College

Our U11 cohort scooped eight first place ribbons to be the standout performers last week. We visited the same pool and similar opponents again yesterday and the invitational will be reported upon next week along with the swimmer’s and diver’s major carnival, the IPSHA event which is held next Tuesday at SOPAC.

Sports Results | Saturday 20 February 2021

6ATGS 94 def Wyvern 69
Best and FairestTom Henry
Most ConsistentM. Chiam*
6BWyvern 74 def TGS 60
Best and FairestCharles Heanly
Most ConsistentHarry Ingram
5AWyvern 100 def TGS 73
Best and FairestLuke Holani
Most ConsistentJ. Tsang*
5BWyvern 62 def TGS 54
Best and FairestMax Edwards
Most ConsistentHarry Horwood
4AScots 87 def TGS 45
Best and FairestRahid Chowdhury
Most ConsistentIshaan *
4B-1Kings (3A) 81 def TGS 47
Best and FairestArav*
Most ConsistentVeer*
4B-2Cranbrook 67 def TGS 19
Best and FairestClancy Liu-Tian
Most ConsistentJake Lim*
1st VGrammar E 45 def Junior School 19
Best and FairestCharlie Earthrowl
Most ConsistentHudson Lyttle
2nd VGrammar E 26 def Junior School 18
Best and FairestOliver Power
Most ConsistentXavier Jabbour
3rd VGrammar E 20 def Junior School 19
Best and FairestMarcus Xistouris
Most ConsistentJames Fang
4th VGrammar E 14 def Junior School 12
Best and FairestCharles Russell
Most ConsistentJames Taouk
5th VWaverley 34 def Junior School 6
Best and FairestJake Heald
Most ConsistentJacob Chan
6th VWaverley 32 def Junior School 8
Best and FairestEthan Choy
Most ConsistentJoseph Monteleone
7th VJunior School 24 def Grammar E 12
Best and FairestDash Isaacs
Most ConsistentLuke Farrow
8th VGrammar E 20 def Junior School 14
Best and FairestMax Jarvis
Most ConsistentMarco Pavic
4A VJunior School 16 def Scots 4
Best and FairestFinley Askew
Most ConsistentAnthony Fanos
4B VJunior School 18 tied with Scots 18
Best and FairestRalph Chammas
Most ConsistentAsh Dao
4C VJunior School 12 def Scots 0
Best and FairestChris Faragallah
Most ConsistentJackie Jiang
4/5 IntraJS 10 def Prep 0
Best and FairestSeb Lamb
Most ConsistentAlan Shaba
5/6 Intra2 wins v Prep
Best and FairestJames Crook
Most ConsistentOwen Kingham
5/6 AJunior School 9 def Grammar S.I. 6
Best and FairestOscar Yang
Most ConsistentJolyon Gadiel
Touch Football 
5/6 ATGS 5 def Waverley 4
Best and FairestJack Castles
Most ConsistentJordan Armenis
5/6 BTGS 7 def Waverley 4
Best and FairestJ. Radford*
Most ConsistentKobe Harb
5/6 AJunior School 21 def  Scots 19
Best and FairestEligh Balic
Most ConsistentMax Munday

4B-2 Cricket v Cranbrook
4B Basketball v Scots

Chris Robinson | Sportsmaster

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