Sports Experience Excursion

On Friday November 27, the Sports Experience community were granted the opportunity to visit and train at Dr O’Brien’s gym, SBG Australia, where we learned foundational skills in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

We learned various skills ranging from clinching positions, takedowns, submissions, and grappling reversals. We were carefully taught by top coaches with black belts and were all captivated by our exposure to a new sport. The enthusiasm and energy amongst the group was exceptional, especially noticeable in those students who are big UFC fans, eager to try to learn different techniques and be like some of their favourite fighters. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we thoroughly enjoyed getting to practice all the moves on each other, proving a great way of bonding in our community across all Year levels. 

After a crazy year filled with ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions, we thank Dr O’Brien for organising this excursion for us amongst all the adversity, and for introducing us to a sport that I’m sure many of us will look into for further classes in the future. It was an amazing experience for us all that was definitely a great way to finish off Sports Experience for the year 2020.

Elias Chahine (12Ke) | Captain of Sports Experience

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