Snow Sports

Snow Sports is an extra Co-curricular the School offers where boys can compete for Trinity within the Interschools Championships. Interschools has three main events, being Sydney Regionals, NSW State Championships and Australian Championships. All boys are able to compete at the Sydney Championships and depending on how well they place they have the opportunity to represent the School at State and potentially National levels. In 2019, NSW Interschools also introduced a slopestyle event for (Yr7-12) skiers and snowboarders, and these events will be held at the NSW State Championships, 23 to 27 August.

The Sydney Championships always occur during the third week of the June/July holidays, and the State and Australian Championships occur during third term. This Year the Sydney Interschools Championships take place at Thredbo between 5 to 9 July. All boys are required to stay with their families and are assisted on the mountain during racing hours by Trinity staff.

Essentially any boy can compete for the Trinity Snow Sports team although we do ask that all boys should be confident and competent enough to race down a blue run with parallel turns on skis or linked turns on a snowboard. Our focus is for boys to compete and achieve their best while having fun whilst racing.

If you would like your son to compete or you would like more information please contact Ben Treloar via email

Division 3 Skiers with Mr Treloar, Ashton Frazer, Jayden Skuse, Callum Campbell, Lachlan Johnson, Charles Williams, Arthur Gerakas
Division 3 Snowboarders with Mr Treloar, Lochlan Demark and Ollie Stocks

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