Shakespeare Carnival 2021

On Tuesday May 11th some 30-plus Bard enthusiasts/performers and 70 parents gathered in The Latham Theatre to celebrate Shakespeare’s ongoing legacy and influence. The forms of Drama included Ensemble and Duologue scenes, group-devised performances and even an original music composition. All the performances were based around Othello and was a culmination of some intensive workshopping in Drama Cocurricular since the start of the year.

Significant moments were:

  • the use of physical theatre in the interpretation of the Proclamation scene
  • Hamish Gray’s evocative piano piece “That Kills for Loving” inspired by the themes of loss and desire in the play
  • the inventive use of symbolism and staging in a Year 7 group’s performance of the handkerchief scene
  • the vast number of students who demonstrated control of the iambic pentameter, showing comfort and mastery of “Shakespeak”
  • a generous sense of ensemble and proficiency in the use of stage space and dramatic elements in all duologues and group scenes
  • a commitment to communicating the stakes for each character: good or evil, hero or villain

All twelve performance items distilled the essence of the play and a wonderful sense of stagecraft. The night culminated with audience participation through online voting. The students who will represent Trinity at the Regional Final on 18 May include:

Act 3 Scene 4 – Group Devised – Peter Bott, Hugo Bruce, Sam Davoren, Jackson Deng, Geronimo Devitt, Benjamin Gallo, Alexander Henry, Axel Lee and Ashvin Nagaratnam. Act 2 Scene 2 Physical Theatre – Ryan Kesby, Jack Fahd, Alexei Baldwin, Hamish Gray, Noah Blomfield, Jai Sharma and Jayden Higgins. Act 1 Scene 3 Duologue – Joseph Britton and Lochlan Demark.

All credit to Ms Smith-Sergi who has driven this wonderful event for some years now; thanks to Mr Bradburn for inducting Year 7s into Shakespeare performance; the indefatigable Mr Pupo for his technical set-up; Ms Hughes for organising the on-line voting; and Mr Mulgrew for his support. Old Bill would have approved.

Brendan Duhigg | Head of Drama 

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