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Results | Saturday, 22 May 2021

Playing against the GPS Schools is always a tough affair and Saturday was no different for the men in green and white. Of our 15 fixtures, we were only able to secure victories in three matches with wins to the 1st and 2nd XV sides as well as the 14Bs. Our previously undefeated 15s sides all suffered their first loss of the year, leaving the 1st XV as the only undefeated side.  This week marks the commencement of the CAS rounds for rugby with our first contest to take place against St. Aloysius’.

1st XV20 – 1415C29 – 34
2nd XV24 – 714A12 – 15  
3rd XV0 – 26  14B12 – 10
4th XV12 – 3114C14 – 17  
16A7 – 4713A7 – 44
16B5 – 37   13B0 – 36  
15A12 – 31  13C10 – 12
15B7 – 22  

Team of the Week

Whilst there was limited success across the age groups, there were several impressive individual performances. Taj Young (7Yo) continues to shine for the 13A team, making his third appearance in the team of the week in just five games, while Hunter Hannaford (12Du), Oliver Askew (10We) and Alan Chen (8Fo) all make their second appearance. This week’s team is:

  1. Marcus Mastro (8Mu) – 14A
  2. Jon-Luc Shalala (12Sc) – 2nd XV
  3. Darren Ho (8WH) – 14B
  4. Alan Chen (8Fo) – 14C
  5. Ari Nikolakopoulos (10Yo) – 3rd XV
  6. Archie Groundwater (7Ke) – 13C
  7. Taj Young (7Yo) – 13A
  8. Sam Niulala (10St) – 15A
  9. Aiden Carmichael (10Hi) – 16B
  10. Oliver Askew (10We) – 16A
  11. Darcy Burge (12He) – 4th XV
  12. Hunter Hannaford (12Du) – 1st XV
  13. Joey Acland (7Fo) – 13B
  14. Dawson Williams (9WJ) – 15B
  15. Stamatios Plangetis (9Yo) – 15C

Leading Try Scorers and Point Scorers

After our 6-week trial period we have had some very impressive performances across the age groups. The two most notable performances belong to Christian Henriques (9He) who scored six tries in a game against Cranbrook and Jonothan Bassily (9Yo) who scored five tries in a day against St. Patrick’s College (4 in the 15Bs and another in the 15As). The point scoring ability of our 15s age group is highlighted by the fact they account for six of the eight leading try scorers and the top five point scorers.

 Try Scorers Point Scorers
11Max Meagher 9Hi64Ashton Frazer 9Mu
10Mitchell Chen 10AR Christian Henriques 9He60Zachariah Alshehabi 9Du
8Zachariah Alshehabi 9Du55Max Meagher 9Hi
7Angus Mansfield 7Ke, Jonothan Bassily 9Yo, Sam Niulala 10St and Theo Kidd 12WJ50Mitchell Chen 10Ar Christian Henriques 9He
6Dawson Williams 9WJ, Jozeff Cluff 7Ar and Olly White 12Fo40Hunter Hannaford 12Du

Friends of Rugby

Home fixtures will now include one of the greatest sights and smells possible on a Saturday morning; crackling eggs, and juicy bacon. We once more have BBQs running and as usual, the volunteers of the Friends of Rugby Committee are going above and beyond to help the young men of Trinity. The TGS Friends of Rugby Facebook page is a great source of information for all things Trinity rugby and if you are interested in being involved in any capacity then please join their Facebook page via this link:

Mick Snowden | Director of Rugby

1st XV Match Report

Following a physical battle against St. Patrick’s College, the young men in green and white made their way across the Harbour Bridge to take on Shore. Despite a bout of flu introducing itself to the 1st XV during the week the boys were ready to play.

A large home crowd were in attendance at they certainly made themselves known with an early arm wrestle the result of some questionable early decision-making, as Trinity tried to run the ball from their own half rather than playing territory. Our normally dependable set piece attack was somewhat subdued, and the result was Trinity spending the majority of the first 20 minutes making tackle after tackle. Thankfully, as we have become accustomed to, Hunter Hannaford (12Du) stood up when his team needed leadership and he poked through a clever kick for Theo Kidd (12WJ), who regathered the bouncing ball and scored underneath the posts to give Trinity an early 7-0 lead.

The remainder of the first half followed a similar theme with Kai Roberts (12La) leading the defensive effort, finishing the game with a season high 22 tackles; he was ably assisted by Ronan Hennessy (12St) who repeatedly denied the Shore backline any attacking opportunities with his strong 1-on-1 defence. The siren sounded for half time and Trinity went to oranges with a 7-point advantage.

Thankfully, Trinity approached the second half very differently to the first with Hunter and Orly Hatton-Ward (10Sc) kicking Trinity out of trouble and ensuring that Shore would have to work hard for their points. Eighteen phases of repeated defensive pressure saw Trinity force a turnover, allowing Hunter to kick the ball downfield and, with Theo in pursuit, the inevitable took place as he outran his opposite number to score his second for the day.

The immense attacking pressure from Shore eventually tolled as they crossed to close the gap to five points. Trinity’s response was swift, as a set piece move best described as “get the ball to Theo” saw him beat his opposing player once more to score in the corner. Hunter Hannaford added a penalty goal to see the score push to 20-7 with five minutes to play. However, another try to Shore would see the final two minutes turn into a nail-biter. Thankfully, the boys learnt their lesson from Cranbrook and closed the game out in controlled fashion.

The 20-14 victory saw our 1st XV finish the trial period with a perfect 6-0 record, a very pleasing result. But our focus now shifts to the CAS Rounds, with our boys excited to return to Summer Hill for the first home fixture with a crowd in two years.

Final Score: Trinity 20 defeated Shore 14

Tries: Theo Kidd (3)

Conversions: Hunter Hannaford (1)

Penalties: Hunter Hannaford (1)

Mr. Snowden and Mr. Pay | 1st XV Coaches

2nd XV Match Report

On a crispy winter’s morning, Trinity ventured to Northbridge Oval to play Shore at 9am. It was clear that the different starting time affected the men in green as they were a little slow in getting out of the blocks. Shore held possession for the first three minutes and looked to threaten Trinity’s 22 until Jon-Luc Shalala (12Sc) held his feet at a breakdown and turned the ball over. The 2nd XV quickly gained territory leading to a Jake Varone (11He) try in the 4th minute.

Jordan Stojceski (12Ke) led the charge with a strong carry, leading to another Varone try in the 15th minute. Maxwell Richards (12Mu) showcased his disappointment of being dropped from the 1st XV through his galloping ball carries and relentless tackles across the park; this allowed scrumhalf, Michael Lindsey (12Ke), to carefully craft a set of phases to send Josh Van der Goot (11We) over the try-line in the 18th minute. With only minutes to go in the first half, Trinity allowed Shore to creep into their 22 giving them an opportunity to score just before halftime.

The second half saw some frustrating rugby for Trinity with multiple opportunities not being capitalised on, and with Shore successfully disrupting Trinity’s breakdown. The tension was broken in the 45th minute as flyhalf, Theo Hatton-Ward (12Sc), organised the green machine to send Hugh Browning (11Du) to score in the corner. The game was not over, with Shore kicking off and putting pressure on a fatigued Trinity defence. The men from Summer Hill demonstrated some grit by keeping Shore out to finish the game 24-7.

Final Score: Trinity 24 defeated Shore 7

Tries: Jake Varone (2), Josh Van der Groot (1) and Hugh Browning (1)

Conversions: Michael Lindsey (2)

Mr. Kearsley and Mr. Ikeuchi | 2nd XV Coaches

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