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English – By Sonnie Liang, 6G

In English, we have learnt about many things, these include articles about Trump being banned on Twitter and other news about freedom of speech and the media. We started off with the first few articles, two were persuasive and one was a discussion. The topic was about whether it was the right thing to permanently suspend President Donald Trump on Twitter. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter wrote a statement that we read. We have also done Rapid Writing for 10 minutes a day about this topic to help us formulate our opinions. We were asked if it was right that Donald Trump got banned from Twitter, what we think of social media and what our responsibility is when using social media. We have been planning a persuasive text on why banning Trump was right or wrong and justifying our opinions with examples.

Mathematics – By Kamile Abwi, 6G.

Throughout the first three weeks we have been learning about Whole Number. We have been learning how to make a larger positive number and a smaller negative number by using subtraction and addition. Students in Year 6 have also been learning about square numbers and using them in our inquiries. 

Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are – By Maurice Marroun, 6G

In our first Unit of Inquiry we have been exploring our leadership skills, learning habits and discussing our rights and responsibilities. We also have learned how to lead the younger boys and set a good example for them. We reflected on what qualities we have that make us a good leader. Year 6 have created Essential Agreements focussing on how we can be respectful to our teachers and peers as well as our new learning environment. 

Unit of Inquiry – How We Express Ourselves – By Tomas Keomanivong, 6G

Have you ever been given the opportunity to make a useless thing usable again? Boys in Year 6 have been given this amazing task to do. They have been turning rubber bands into earrings, erasers into collectables, baskets into hot air balloons! The point of this task is to find out how to design a product and advertise it successfully. In addition to the advertisement task we have been reading a novel called The Landry News. It is about a young girl who creates a school newspaper to change her school for the better.

What’s coming up?

Over the next few weeks in English:

  • we will continue to explore Persuasive Writing structure and techniques for persuasion. 
  • we will delve deeper into our class novel “The Landry News” and complete a number of comprehension activities related to the text. 
  • we will begin our spelling and literacy groups to further our understanding of the English Language. 

In Mathematics we will:

  • continue our Whole Number investigations through workshops
  • begin an inquiry into budgeting, decimals and addition and subtraction 
  • use multiple strategies for addition and subtraction

In our current Unit of Inquiry, we will:

  • explore the role of truth in the media
  • analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • experiment with different techniques used in advertising


In Classroom Music the students have reflected upon how they learn best in Music and have identified a learning goal that will drive their GROWTH throughout the year.  The first UOI inquiries into the use of media in delivering a message and how music influences our thinking and how the message is received or understood. They have also begun to investigate the origins of news themes and in small groups identified the characteristics of a Jingle and analysed popular Jingles using musical concepts in preparation for creating and performing their own.


Welcome back boys! We had a really positive start this term. In the first couple of weeks boys discussed and shared in groups the 10 learner profiles and what they would look like in Mandarin class. Based on the written record in discussions, the class Essential Agreements were made as boys’ joint effort. Then boys looked into themselves as language and culture learners, analysed their strengths, something for improvement, and established goals for Term 1 and planned out actions for reaching the goals. Towards the end of this term, boys will be invited to come back to the set up goals and reflect on what has been achieved, what hasn’t been achieved yet and more importantly, what is next. 

Starting from Week 3, class activities will be divided into 2 types: teacher-student small group learning (I am hoping to have a face-to-face session with every boy once a week) and independent learning. We will be collaborating with the UOI topic: How We Express Ourselves–with the focus on Chinese language media in Australia. Meanwhile, Education Perfect (an online learning platform) activities will be assigned to boys to practise basic vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and writing in Chinese language.

I am also very excited to share that a lion dance performance will be held at school this Thursday (11th February) as our special way to celebrate Chinese New Year together. Please discuss with your sons what they like about the whole school celebration at the end of Week 3.

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