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– by Christian Ghannoum

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about Multiplication and Division. We learnt about Order of Operations – B.O.D.M.A.S. which stand for Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition & Subtraction. We are now focusing on Mass. We have been using scales to measure weight and we have been learning how to convert weight e.g. 1kg is 1000g. We have been using what we learnt in multiplication and division to help us with our conversions. We have workshops for people that don’t understand, people who need some more help and also people who want a challenge. 


– by Ben Gerges

We have just started working on narratives and have had a lot of fun creating our own unique characters and settings. A highlight so far has been an activity where we created a character. We had to include their name, their family, their hobbies, their values and an object which they bring everywhere. In the coming weeks, we will use these characters in a story. We have also been trying out a new system for Literacy Groups which we have been enjoying. We get the chance to read our novels and unpack them with a teacher. 

Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

– by Oliver Varone (6M) and James Stylianou (6S)

In Week 4 of Term 2 on Tuesday 11 May, Mr Gannon organised an assembly for the Stage 3 boys. Years 5 and 6 went into the Year 6 centre classroom where we were joined by four of the student leaders from the Senior School. The School Captain Jamie Christopoulos brought along Will Lenard, Adam Pascale and Adam Stavros to talk with us about leading formally and informally at Trinity Grammar School. After sharing a little bit about themselves, they passed on a number of pieces of wisdom about being a leader. One quote that we remember is “you don’t need to have a position because we are all leaders”.

Once the Stage 3 assembly concluded, the Preparatory School Leaders for 2021 went into a separate workshop with the Senior School leaders. We were separated into groups and discussed different topics including ‘Leaving a Legacy in Leadership’, and ‘Servant Leadership’.

We are really appreciative of this experience. 

What’s coming up in Year 6?

Over the next few weeks in English we will:

  • Continue inquiring into narratives and poems in our Creative Writing unit
  • Learn to develop character and setting in order to produce a detailed, engaging story
  • Hold workshops to develop skills associated with the creative process of narrative and poetry writing
  • Continue developing oral reading, comprehension and grammar skills through our weekly Literacy Groups rotations. 

In Mathematics we will:

  • Delve into Volume & Capacity, Mass, Time and 3D Space until the end of the term
  • Hold workshops that target specific learning needs
  • Show and justify mathematical thinking and problem solving

In Unit of Inquiry we will:

  • Begin our new unit, “Where We Are in Place and Time”. In this unit, we will explore how society has evolved through scientific exploration. If you have a particular interest in this unit, or know someone who does, we’d love to hear from you!
  • In STEAM we will look at how design thinking is used by engineers to prototype and test different structures; how science informs design and design must meet the needs of the community.

A note on Home Learning

To help develop Year 6’s self-management and time-management skills, we will be continuing to set a mixture of fixed (ie: Mathletics) and responsive home learning experiences throughout the week. This will be documented in your son’s record book. 


The Year 6 boys have continued their inquiry into the Origins of Jazz Music performing a 12 Bar Blues Song as a class with a variety of instruments such as saxophones, guitars (acoustic and electric), violin’s cello’s, piano and xylophones. During this exercise they learnt ensemble skills such as listening out for the walking bassline part, listening to each other so that the chords are moving together and not overplaying. Each class took a few takes before they were happy with the performance and during the process, they asked for feedback on how the performance could be improved. They are presently working on a 12 Bar Blues composition where the students have input the rhythm into Note flight, added the blues scale notes, before adding the chord progression and lyrics. Next week we will hear their compositions and learn how to perform another Blues song as a class.

Christian Studies

This term, the boys are exploring Jesus in the Media – understanding how famous people are portrayed in the Media and the impact that has on our personal perspective. With a focus on the key concepts of perspective and function, as well as the related concepts of discovery, choices and responsibility, the boys are using primary and secondary sources to understand how Jesus has been portrayed in movies from the 1950s until today, the impact of western Christianity on how Jesus is portrayed and also how various perspectives influence our personal faith. We celebrated a great night watching the movie “Risen” and will be using the characters to help us in our future inquiry. In Chapel, the boys have been learning Memory Verses from the Bible – a way to remember key verses that can teach, change and impact the way our faith in God and the way we live.

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