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Measurement, 2D shape, perimeter, area, angles, circles

This last 2 weeks during maths we have had to design a mini golf course. There have been different kinds of focuses on each golf hole. For example, one of the holes had to be a triangular hole and our mission was to draw 6 triangular obstacles. We then had to record the area and perimeter of each triangle. We found this extremely fun and a good way to learn and practice measurement.

Another fun activity was learning about the parts of circles. This activity was a race to see who could complete all the questions first. Questions were placed around the room like a treasure hunt. This was very fun because the questions made it challenging. We learnt about radius, circumference centre, arc, sector. Section, chord, tangent and diameter. In week 9 we started to talk about 2D shapes and the different properties. We are currently learning about quadrilaterals and polygons. A quadrilateral is every single 2D shape that has 4 sides. Also, a polygon is a 2D shape that has more than 3 sides. We will now look into symmetry and rotations.

Jayden and Aaron – 6S

Next Term – We are investigating into multiplication and division.


During Term 1 Year 6 have been inquiring into a book called the Landry News. The Landry News has determined us as 6S to find the difference between mercy and freedom of speech. We have also been looking at new persuasive techniques, this has helped us to be better writers. Persuasive writing might 

Canberra Excursion

In Week 8, Year 6 went on a Canberra excursion. The Year 6 boys learnt about the past of Canberra and what it was like before today. On the first day we visited the war memorial and we saw things that the soldiers did to protect our country. We then visited the new parliament building and we saw politicians’ debate and do other things. In parliament house, we saw a couple of politicians in the House of Representatives and we watched them speak (or play on their phones) while we answered some questions from our tour guide. 

After dinner at our motel, we visited the A.I.S (Australian institute of Sport) and we were able to play around with a variety of games and things they had. We liked the virtual wheelchair race and the skiing machine the best. We stayed at the AIS for around an hour and then we returned to our motel to shower, get ready for bed and sleep!

On the second day we visited the National Museum. At the National Museum we learnt about Australia’s past as well as famous indigenous Australians. After visiting the national museum, we drove to the Australian mint and we had an opportunity to purchase items from the shop. In the Mint, you could build your own coin, buy special limited-edition coins and other things. We then played laser tag and the arcade there for around 1.5 hours. Laser tag was definitely a highlight, but Mr Gannon and Mr Freshwater (The Falcon) were too good!

Questacon was great. We saw many galleries like ancient things, physics, electronics and space. The lightening machine, earthquake simulation and photobooth were very fun. Thanks to all the teachers that came on camp with us. It was lots of fun and educational.

Eric Liu and Orlando Ang – 6S

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