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In the past 6 weeks, Year 6 have been inquiring into Whole Number, Addition and Subtraction. To improve in these areas, we have been designing our “Ultimate Cubby House”. Our Ultimate Cubby House had to consist of at least 4 rooms, and we had to furnish each room with the items supplied to us. We had to use our addition and subtraction skills to calculate the prices of the items and rooms from our budget of $25,000.

If at any point we needed help, we could go to a workshop. Each workshop was focussed on a specific maths skill for example, factors and multiples and strategies to help with addition and subtraction. These were extremely helpful as many of the boys didn’t know how to do the borrow when doing the subtraction algorithm. If you didn’t know that you needed some help on something, our Year 6 teachers would tap you on your shoulder to tell you that you needed help. Another great thing about the workshop is that you can just go in for a refresher and then head out. David Chang – 6M


Over the past few weeks in English we have been working on persuasive writing. We have written two main persuasive texts. The first one we wrote was titled “Telling the truth shouldn’t be mandatory”. The boys that disagreed went in one of the rooms to discuss their persuasive text with Mrs Bryce, and the group that agreed went with Mr Short and Mr Gannon. Ms Janes hosted another group that re-looked at how to structure a persuasive text. For our second text, we could choose to write about our favourite food, whether or not school should have a dog, or whether we should be spending money fixing earth or investing it into interplanetary exploration. We needed to plan, write and edit these texts by ourselves with the support of our teachers. Alexander Germanos – 6M

Unit of Inquiry

So far, in our current UOI (How We Express Ourselves), we have been learning about several advertising techniques such as ethos, pathos and logos. We have also started to gain knowledge on target audiences, such as age, location, gender and hobbies. We have seen several ads as examples to help deepen our understanding of the information above.

We have also been working on a new campaign called “Look Down”. This is our own creation based on the outdoor “Look Up” advertisement. The “Look Up” company have been focused on helping society appreciate the world around us. Our “Look Down” advertisements will be focussing on the litter in the playground. We also had an incursion about media and advertising by Mrs Barry who is an advertising expert. We learnt about Fake News and how to detect it, as well as the different ways companies advertise their products, such as word of mouth and outdoor media campaigns. Anthony Cheng – 6M

What’s coming up next in Year 6?

Over the next few weeks in English:

  • we will continue to develop our persuasive techniques and apply them to writing persuasive texts
  • we will engage in workshops that help develop our persuasive writing skills
  • we will delve deeper into our class novel “The Landry News” and complete a number of comprehension activities related to the text.

In Mathematics we will:

  • begin an inquiry into length, area, perimeter, 2D shapes and angles
  • participate in workshops based around rectangles, triangles, circles and angles

In our current Unit of Inquiry, we will:

  • analyse multiple advertisements and justify which has been successful in targeting their specified audience
  • continue to develop our “Look Down” campaign. This campaign is based off the Look Up outdoor media advertising campaign that is currently being displayed around Sydney. We will be encouraging the Prep School to “Look Down” at the rubbish on the ground and pick it up to help care for our environment.

The Year 6 students from our school will soon be undertaking an education tour of the national capital. Students will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian government is contributing funding of $30 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate Program towards these costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the program. 


In the Music and Media Unit of Inquiry, Year 6 are at the stage of creating Jingles after careful analysis of well-known jingles.  Our inquiry has involved looking at the intended consumer, gender, style of music, time limit and music elements which has included instrumentation, lyrics, tempo, melody and rhythm. They have successfully taken a popular song and created new lyrics for a product as an introduction to this task. I look forward to hearing the Jingles in the coming weeks.


The boys in STEAM have been computational thinkers as they have been exploring online game design. The boys in Year 6 are reflecting on the form and function of block coding in scratch. Over the past few weeks, they have been creating code that uses ‘if-else- statements’ and variables. The challenge for the term is to create a game using these elements. The boys will be Alpha and Beta testing their designs to reflect on if they are effective.

Christian Studies

Miracles, parables and people and places of the Bible. This term, the boys are investigating the life and times of gospel stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The research “game” is called 33 A.D. and challenges the boys to make their way around the world that Jesus occupied. They are working on their research, thinking and communicating skills in small groups to complete missions, thereby earning coins to travel and purchase items for their adventure. At the conclusion of the research, the boys will be selecting some of their completed missions and presenting their findings to the class. They will be reflecting on the concept of perspective as they present, sharing their own personal beliefs and reflections. Many boys have been giving up their morning breaks during the week to come and complete extra missions, in the search for the elusive “chocolate” mission card.


Year 6 boys have started their language learning on Education Perfect and inquiry-based learning linking to UOI-How We Express Ourselves.

In language learning, students explored some Chinese words for food and drinks, such as “chao fan (fried rice)” and “cha (tea)”. They also learned to use sentences to ask and answer food and drinks each other likes. Here are some key sentences. “Ni xi huan chi shen me?” means “What do you like to eat?”. “Ni xi huan he shen me?” means “What do you like to drink?”. “Wo xi huan chi…” means “I like to eat…” and “Wo xi huan he…” means “I like to drink…”.

In the Unit of Inquiry, students made a bilingual media glossary based on their media type preferences and entered into a diary recording the media they used over a week (here they also reviewed the days of the week words in Chinese). Then students looked into Chinese-language media in Australia, researched and discussed the reasons it is needed in Australia and the functions it serves in Australia. Students also did case studies analysing the informative and influential techniques of Chinese media such as Chinese Google called Baidu and Tencent/Wechat which is one of the most popular Chinese social media.

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