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During the Who We Are unit, the boys explored their rights and responsibilities, as well as rights and responsibilities of children around the world. This has led us to the idea that all governments must meet the Convention of the Rights of a Child. The boys will then consider this perspective and write a persuasive letter explaining their perspective on the matter. You may like to have discussions with your son about the Rights of Children and how they are met in different countries around the world. 

We will also be inquiring into stewardship and how this can help regenerate and sustain the environment. Is there a local area near you which has been damaged by humans? Is your community starting some initiatives to help regenerate aspects of your local environment? What are you doing at home to help the environment at the moment? As you ponder these questions, you might like to discuss with your child the action that you are taking at home, and possible action they might be able to take. This unit will have boys appreciate the power of stewardship and agency. 

As a take home thought, ‘Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.’ How can you persuade someone to agree with your perspective on this statement?


For the first two weeks of this year, the boys have been inquiring into the whole number. Specifically, investigating creating and expanding numbers, as well as finding common factors and multiples. Part of this time has also been spent finding different ways we can use our new spaces, grouping according to next steps and some collaborative work. We are finishing this unit in the next week and moving onto investigating angles and some strands within measurement.


This term, the boys in Year 5 have been listening to Music from different Indigenous Cultures. We have discovered that the way in which indigenous people express themselves, provides an insight into their history, culture and way of life. In particular, we have looked at the cultures of North America and the Torres Strait Islands. We will also be looking in depth at music from Indonesia. 

Throughout our listening and discussion activities, the boys have not only developed their knowledge, but have also gained insight into how we show empathy and understanding for others. By performing music from other cultures on untuned percussion instruments and xylophones we have learnt about the structure of melodies and rhythm.  We have notated our ideas on to the treble stave using time names and solfa. (Nicole Smeulders)


Welcome back boys! We had a really positive start this term. In the first couple of weeks boys discussed and shared in groups the 10 learner profiles and what they would look like in Mandarin class. Based on the written record in discussions, the class Essential Agreements were made as boys’ joint effort. Then boys looked into themselves as language and culture learners, analysed their strengths, something for improvement, and established goals for Term 1 and planned out actions for reaching the goals. Towards the end of this term, boys will be invited to come back to the set-up goals and reflect on what has been achieved, what hasn’t been achieved yet and more importantly, what is next. 

Starting from Week 3, class activities will be divided into 2 types: teacher-student small group learning (I am hoping to have a face-to-face session with every boy once a week) and independent learning. We will be collaborating with the UOI topic: Sharing the Planet–with the focus on Chinese agriculture and China’s move from traditional to sustainable farming. Meanwhile, Education Perfect (an online learning platform) activities will be assigned to boys to practise basic vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and writing in Chinese language.

I am also very excited to share that a lion dance performance will be held at school this Thursday (11th February) as our special way to celebrate Chinese New Year together. Please discuss with your sons what they like about the whole school celebration at the end of Week 3.

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