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Unit of Inquiry

The year 5 teachers were thrilled to see the conceptual learning that has taken place across our Where We Are in Place and Time unit of inquiry. The unit culminated in a series of outstanding presentations, where students synthesised their understanding of how human response to significant events, due to their values, perspectives and mindsets, has shaped societies. While some of the themes explored were conceptually mature, students attempted to gain empathetic understanding for choices and sometimes, mistakes, that were made in the past. The boys overcame the challenges involved in collaborative inquiry, by developing their approaches to learning. We have observed particular growth in research skills and critical thinking. 

This week, we continued the Who We Are unit of inquiry, with a focus on developing healthy, respectful relationships, and making decisions to keep ourselves safe. It would be beneficial to continue discussions at home about healthy relationships and keeping safe in different contexts. 


Building on our understanding of how authors use language devices to bring characterisation to settings, the boys in Year 5 have explored how we can understand perspectives and values of historical events. We now understand that we can view this through the lenses of literature, primary sources and art. We have broken down various historical fiction texts to analyse how authors write to convey value, and to help us deepen our understanding of our Unit Of Inquiry investigations. Year 5 boys are now beginning to write, edit and publish their own historical fiction texts, focussing on how to convey values to the audience. To extend our thinking, the boys are also considering how they can implement extended metaphors throughout their text, as they have seen various authors use this in their own books. Continue watching this space to keep up to date with the authors in Year Five!


Over the past few weeks, the students have continued to inquire into multiplication and division. After completing the Ultimate Four-Day Weekend project, we turned our attention to some general problem solving. It was quite the revelation for many students how important it is to read the whole question to make sure that you know what it is asking you to do. Especially when there was more than one step involved. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be inquiring into time. In particular we will cover the concepts of 24-hour time, elapsed time, and time zones within Australia including daylight saving. You might like to discuss with them the benefits of a 24-hour clock or why we even have daylight saving. Has its time passed? Following this we will begin work on Patterns and Algebra.


Students have spent the past two weeks inquiring into the role of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in our lives today. They identified that AI is used in devices at home like Google home (interacting); selecting content eg Netflix, search engines (decisions); and selecting faces in photographs (perception). They were challenged by the idea that machine learning involves AI ‘learning’ and it can have a positive or negative impact on society. Year 5 recognised positive impacts such as face recognition making access quicker. This week we have begun to look at Dr Peter Scott-Morgan who is using his scientific background to engineer ways of maintaining communication with the world whilst he suffers from Motor Neurone Disease. Your son may be interested in watching the recent Four Corners documentary on this. This shows the development of AI to meet a need and how scientific knowledge can bring about significant change in lives.


The boys in Year Five have been experimenting with sequencing melodic motifs on tuned percussion instruments. Sequencing is when you repeat a melody but start on a higher or lower pitch. This compositional tool is used often in writing pop songs and the boys have experimented with writing their own tunes and sequencing them according to particular chordal structures. The boys have practised writing their compositions on manuscript paper. 

We have now moved on to some group activities where the boys have been creating body percussion patterns to reflect rhythmic compositions. The boys have focussed on developing good group skills and engaging positively with others to create unique and expressive performances.

Christian Studies

To help the boys understand the purpose of archaeology in supporting the Bible, they inquired into some examples of archaeology connected to the ancient civilisation of Egypt (King Tut) and also from Australia’s past. They have been using our inquiry cycle – wow, questions and that’s right. With a focus on the key concepts of form, connection and function, as well as the related concepts of discovery, investigation, and history, the boys are using primary and secondary sources to understand what is archaeology and why is it important, the connection between significant events, people and places in the Bible and archaeology, and also how archaeology can support us on our faith journey. Over the next few weeks, the boys will be researching one of the ancient civilisations connected to the Bible and choosing their own method of presenting their understanding to the class. In Chapel, the boys have been learning Memory Verses from the Bible – a way to remember key verses that can teach, change and impact the way our faith in God and the way we live.

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