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Students have been developing their understanding of area and perimeter by applying these concepts in a real-world context. The boys had to manipulate the space available to maximise the position of car spaces within a parking lot. This challenged the boys thinking and allowed them to utilise multiple strategies to solve a problem. Have you had to use your understanding of perimeter and area in your life recently? Perhaps you might like to share your story with the boys in Year 5. The boys have also been developing their understanding of cardinal and ordinal directions. They showed a keen aptitude in this concept, suggesting we might have some future sailors in our midst! Furthering our understanding of direction, the boys started exploring grid references. We had to use a map one might have found in a street directory to locate some of the places we might be visiting on our upcoming Bathurst excursion! The boys were amazed to see how life was before Google Maps and can now confidently apply their understanding to find their way around a map. 


Over the last few weeks, the boys have been finishing their work on persuasive texts. There has been clear focus on how to plan effectively, how to choose the best device that will be most effective for your target audience and editing and refining their work. 

We will be moving on to other types of writing that are more imaginative over the next few weeks. 

We have also been reading a wonderful book as a grade by Louis Sachar which explores the benefit that emotional connection can have between friends as well as parents and their kids. The book follows a young boy who at first appears to be a nasty bully but as it turns out is the one being bullied himself. This book has been a real highlight for the boys and well worth discussing with them in terms of how we treat other people and not knowing how someone else actually feels inside. 


Over the last few weeks, the students have been inquiring into the concept of scientific knowledge informing our decisions. How can we make informed choices that are of benefit to our world? While looking at this the question arose about whose responsibility is it to look after our environment? The government, you, our community, the world? It turns out it is all of them, but that it looks different with different perspectives and responsibilities. What the government can do is very different to what we can do. We finished by wondering what those individual, local, and global responsibilities might be when starting a new world.  Our new unit has begun as well, while slightly wet, with a wonderful (so far) experience. Our bushwalk was cancelled but the rest of the experiences at Scenic World were a real highlight.

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