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For Weeks Five through Seven, the boys in Year 4 are studying Patterns and Algebra during mathematics. They will be learning about different patterns which involve increasing and decreasing patterns, different operations, missing numbers and how to create rules which explain how a pattern works. For algebra, the boys will look at the key components and rules associated with algebra and start to develop their understanding of how symbols or letters can be used to represent parts of a question, a missing number or a possible solution to a sum. The boys will work on building their understanding of the different concepts, methods and strategies associated with patterns and algebra and aim to increase their confidence using this particular area of mathematics.


Within Literature Studies, we have been focusing on the comprehension skill of inferring. Inferring involves using the information in the text that we have in order to understand information we may not have access to or know. The boys have been attempting to deepen their understanding of the characters and plots of their texts by asking ‘I wonder’ questions, gathering evidence from what they already know in the text and their prior understanding, then using the evidence to come up with a logical conclusion. 

We have moved onto persuasive texts as our new writing focus for the next 6 weeks. Students are currently looking into the features of persuasive texts, with a specific focus on perfecting their introductions. Students will understand how to structure their introductions and begin having a better understanding of how to enhance their texts using high modality, rhetorical questions and convincing research to back up their arguments.

Unit of Inquiry

Our inquiry into How the World Works led students to inquire into the form and function of renewable and non-renewable energy systems. Students applied their communication and research skills as they developed their understanding of the positive and negative impacts of energy production and the role humans play. Week 6 saw us begin our new Unit of Inquiry, How We Organise Ourselves. In this unit, we are inquiring into many areas such as how video games have revolutionised scientific research and how the security of the digital world is in danger because of hacking. In time, students will inquire into how different digital applications are used to connect people and create change. 


In Music the students have continued to inquire into the elements evident in body percussion routines and percussive sounds of the English Physical Theatre Ensemble called STOMP. They have created in small groups a STOMP 8 beat body percussion routine accompanied with relevant lyrics to demonstrate the connection between speech and body as both are related through the use of rhythm and syllables. The students have used Reflective Thinking to reflect upon the experience and identify the challenges they encountered in creating and presenting their routines. Developing their Social Skills in cooperating with others was another key element they all agreed was essential to ensure a successful performance. By analysing and discussing the 10000 Celebration Performance by STOMP they were able to identify how mood, dynamics, structure and performing techniques were employed.

Christian Studies

To help the boys understand the purpose and role of prophets in the Old Testament, they inquired into the concept of communication in today’s world and how it is similar and different to the ancient world. They have been using our inquiry cycle – wow, questions and that’s right – to grow in their Thinking, Research and Communication skills. With a focus on the key concepts of responsibility and function, as well as the related concept of faith, communication, and consequences, the boys are using their Action Bible to understand  how the prophets were integral as messengers in helping the people of the Old Testament to have a relationship with God. Over the next few weeks, the boys will be researching one of the prophets and choosing their own method of presenting to the class. In Chapel, the boys have been learning Memory Verses from the Bible – a way to remember key verses that can teach, change and impact the way our faith in God and the way we live.

Visual Arts 

Over the last few weeks in Visual Arts students have begun a new Stand-Alone Unit exploring the Central Idea Art inspires playing with reality. We have looked at a range of artists whose art practice involves light including James Turrell, Yayoi Kusama and Hannu Huhtamo. The boys have begun considering artworks from multiple perspectives (artist, artwork, world, audience) by collaboratively analysing an artwork from Lumen, the current exhibition at White Rabbit Gallery. Unfortunately, White Rabbit Gallery does not accommodate school groups, but I highly recommend the exhibition if you have the opportunity to visit on the weekend. Lumen runs until August: ‘…With works by more than 25 artists from China and Taiwan, visitors will traverse harsh fluorescents, digital realties and literal cracks of lightning to uncover the invisible architecture that shapes our world.’

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