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Week 9 saw the beginning of a new inquiry into How the World Works. Within this unit, boys will gain an understanding of light, heat and electrical energy, how energy is utilised for human consumption and, how scientific thinking can minimise our impact on the environment. To begin our inquiry, Year 4 gathered together in the library where scenarios were posed to the boys around surviving in apocalyptic conditions. What issues did they think would arise? And how would they survive without electricity? Teachers wanted to provoke student’s thinking and gather wonderings for the unit which would further guide the direction of this unit. By the end of the unit we hope boys will be able to take away an enduring understanding that our knowledge of science and innovation can have positive and negative impacts on the environment.


During weeks 9 and 10, the year 4 boys have a new Mathematical focus, Mass. They will work through a range of mathematical problems that involve problem solving, reasoning and communicating ideas, while using tools such as scales to find the mass of objects in their everyday lives. Boys will learn to recognise that there are 1000 grams in one kilogram and convert between these units. By the end of the unit they will have an understanding of the difference between weight and mass; weight being a force that changes with gravity, while mass remains constant. To support your child during this math focus, ask them to find the mass of different objects around the home or at the shops and convert these to kilograms and grams. 


In English, Year 4 will switch their focus to informative texts by creating procedures and information reports. Through their writing they will explore the concepts of form, function and causation, while also connecting to our unit, How the World Works. Boys will complete independent and group tasks to show their understanding of how procedures and information reports are structured, who the audience is and, what the purpose of these texts are. Year 4 will also be working on the comprehension skills of making connections and cause and effect. Making connections is important to assist in finding meaning in a text. Students can make connections between the text and themselves, the text and another text and, the text and the world around them. The cause and effect skill helps students understand the relationship between a cause that results in an effect. This will be taught through class novels, giving students opportunities to justify that because something has happened in a text it therefore means a specific effect has occurred. Boys will continue to focus on the fundamentals in grammar and punctuation, looking at verbs, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, conjunctions, full stops, commas, quotation marks and exclamation marks. 

Next term, students will engage in the Recitation Competition. To assist in this process, it would be helpful for boys to start thinking about finding a suitable poem. 

Visual Arts 

This week in Visual Arts students have continued their inquiry into how art has evolved through the expression of drawing. More specifically we have been looking at the expanded drawing practices of a range of contemporary Australian artists including Chris Fox and Cameron Robbins. Students have been experimenting with non-traditional drawing practices and materials. This week the boys enthusiastically began building their drawing apparatus/ machine using recycled objects and cardboard. Next lesson we will begin drawing with our machines, we look forward to sharing them with you when complete.

For students who may be interested in further exploring expanded drawing over the holidays, we have discovered that one of Cameron Robbin’s drawing machines is currently on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Rocks!

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