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In Classroom Music the students have continued their inquiry through an Indigenous Transdisciplinary lens discovering the relationship between Music and Visual Art. They have listened to an Australian Work by Peter Sculthorpe called Earth Cry and drawn a scene to describe what they were hearing.  By discussing and analysing their drawing they have realised they have shown emotion, dynamic level, rhythms and melodic lines and from this have been able to discuss the strokes they have used in art terminology to make the connection real between the two disciplines. They have realised that not everyone drew the same picture and that the Concept of Perspective is a personal one.


As we reach the midway point of our current Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, the students are starting to develop a better understanding of the Central Idea: Culture empowers, unites and divides. They are becoming more confident at identifying the Key Concepts of Connection, Perspective and Change, and the Related Concepts of Culture, Identity and Expression through our weekly lessons. Recently our focus has been on the students’ wonderings, including: I wonder if the culture in the olden days is the same? What is the culture of the Prep School and how has it changed? In the coming weeks will be delving into further wonderings, including: How can we unite different cultures? How do cultures divide? and Do we need to change the Australian anthem to unite people? By focusing on the boy’s wonderings, we hope they build an enduring understanding on a range of topics which will enable them to become more globally aware citizens.


The Year Four boys have just started their new mathematical focus, Multiplication and Division. They will be working through a range of different tasks over the coming weeks and developing their mathematical understanding, ability and skills. Through their participation in a variety of independent and collaborative differentiated activities we’re aiming for them to develop their confidence when selecting and using appropriate mental or written strategies to real-life problems. The boys will have the opportunity to share and reflect on each lesson and identify areas of strength, improvement and next steps for their learning.


In English the boys are continuing their work on Imaginative text. Over the past weeks they have focused on Sizzling Starts and Tightening the Tension. In the coming weeks our predominant focus is Dynamic Dialogue. The boys will be engaging in a range of different lessons relating to the purpose and audience of their writing, learning to write and writing to share. The boys will work independently and collaboratively through co-creating short stories which incorporate their understandings. Their weekly Words Their Way spelling will continue with a range of learning experiences allowing them to build a better understanding of the specific rules associated with their sorts. In Comprehension the boys will continue to focus on Main idea and Detail whilst reading a variety of texts which link closely with our current Unit of inquiry.


Year 4 boys have started their language learning on Education Perfect and inquiry-based learning linking to UOI-How We Express Ourselves.

In language learning, beginning learners explored numbers and using numbers in various contexts such as phone numbers. Heritage learners explored different ways to describe people including hair, eyes, body figure, clothing and personality etc. In the small group time, boys played “Guess who” based on the Chinese descriptions.

In the Unit of Inquiry, students have completed a few mini-inquiry cycles (I knew-I wonder-I discover-I share/reflect) on cultural elements including Food and Table Manners, Festivals and Celebrations, History & Buildings, and Common Beliefs & Values. For the UOI part, we mostly used story books as the provocation. For example, “Chinese Chopsticks Brothers” was used for Food & Table Manners; Lion Dance incursion was used for Festivals and Celebrations; and “Ming’s Adventure with Confucius in Qufu” was used for Common Beliefs and Values. 


In year 4 STEAM the boys have been exploring ‘unplugged’ coding, this is coding without a computer or device to develop logical thinking. We have been inquiring into how coding has impacted society and culture. The boys are comparing braille, morse code and signal flags as a way to communicate. The boys have been using their critical thinking as they decode and interpret different forms of code. 

Christian Studies

This term, the boys have been encouraged to explore one of the more challenging parts of the Bible. Known as parables, these stories are unique to Jesus in his teaching. They are stories similar to a “moral” or allegory, with a hidden meaning. One of the most famous parables is the well-known “the good Samaritan”. The challenge for the boys is to understand what the story means, and more importantly to reflect on how they can apply these to their lives. They will be using their research and communication skills as they work in a group to investigate a variety of parables. Towards the end of term, they will be creating their own comic strip by changing a parable into a modern-day setting. For example, the lost sheep into the lost football. They will have the opportunity to use their artistic and creative skills when creating the comic strip.

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