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What a week! As parents you should all be extremely proud of the efforts of these young men. They were mature and thoughtful throughout the entire week. This allowed the week to run smoothly and the boys were able to remain positive going into their tests. Well done boys!


During NAPLAN we took a break from How the World Works and we focused on Who We Are. We looked at the relationship between our bodies, health and wellbeing. The boys were allowed to enjoy four different rotations, spending time with Mr Mako on the Digestive System, Mr Gosper on the Circulatory System, Mrs Devitt on the Neural System and Mrs Caddy on the Respiratory System. From here the boys explored their interest in one of the four body systems and presented their findings to the class. Some amazingly detailed posters have also made their way into the classrooms from the homework projects.

After NAPLAN the boys have resumed their focus of, How the World Works. We have shifted our thinking again to dive into the issue of erosion. Some great thinking has gone on and 3G and 3H could articulate why erosion happens. Our next focus is to look at how we can mitigate erosion and why it is important for us to look at this.


Over the last two weeks the boys have been focusing on informative writing. We have had some fun by deconstructing some informative texts and picking out features that will help us to be successful in our own writing. The boys have been using themselves to construct their own informative paragraphs. 3C created a successful template and co-constructed an informative piece that was all about Mrs Devitt.

In literacy groups the boys are comparing and contrasting. Comparative thinking is an important skill to master as it helps to create a higher understanding of the authors’ purpose. During literacy groups the boys have been answering questions that have enabled them to think about details that are specific to their text. Something the boys should be proud of is how willing they are as readers. This can be seen in the number of books that Year Three students are borrowing from the library, just about leaving it empty.

Simultaneous Story Time

As always, the boys really enjoyed creating their costume for Simultaneous Story Time! The book which was shared from space gave us a true understanding of what it is to be an astronaut. Well done to Mr Gosper, Nicholas 3C and Luke 3H for winning best costume.


From week 4 to week 6 maths was looking at multiplication. The boys have used a number of strategies to show their understanding. Repeated addition, multiplying through 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s and using place value. Quick to grasp the concepts, Year Three have shown some great ability. Week 6 to week 8 will see the focus shift to division where the boys will look at the inverse relationship between the two. 


In Music, the boys have continued to look at how form is central to musical composition. The boys have played games which emphasise particular musical structures, such as Binary and Ternary form. They have listened to musical compositions which are written in particular structures and have analysed the way they are put together.

The boys have continued to ask questions related to different families within the orchestra. In particular, the boys have listened to the classic composition of Peter and the Wolf. This beautiful work highlights the sound of different instruments and matches them to characters within the story. This is a fun way of learning about the orchestra.

Christian Studies

To help the boys understand the journey of the first three kings of Israel – Saul, David and Solomon, we explored some real-life global examples of how different countries exhibit leadership from kings to people voting. The boys looked at some case studies to gain a deeper appreciation of the impact of these styles in our world today and the reasons behind their personal preference. They have been using our inquiry cycle – wow, questions and that’s right – to grow in their Thinking, Research and Communication skills. Over the next few weeks, they will be inquiring into how God uses humanity to highlight his plan and purpose of sin, grace and redemption through the concepts of kingship and leadership. In Chapel, the boys have been learning Memory Verses from the Bible – a way to remember key verses that can teach, change and impact the way our faith in God and the way we live.

Visual Arts

This term in Visual Arts we have begun a new Stand-Alone Unit exploring the Central Idea Visual representations facilitate our understanding of the world around us. More specifically students are focusing on personal significance and place through the Prep School’s architecture. The boys started the unit by drawing the Llandilo building from memory and then drawing it from observation. The comparison of these drawings resulted in discussion about the importance of looking, drawing from observation and how much attention we pay to our surroundings. In preparation for art making we have also looked at several artists who use architecture as a source of inspiration for their artworks including illustrators and sculptors. We hope to begin illustrating one of the prep school buildings next week.

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