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This week sees us wrapping up our intensive focus on our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry. We have had an incredible several weeks inquiring into how human behaviour can influence the survival of species. This week the students will be reflecting on what learning experiences we have had to contribute to our understanding of the central idea (in bold above). The boys have shared some highlights of the unit, including:

  • Watching our chrysalises metamorphose into butterflies – and releasing them in the garden!
  • Observing the stick insects in their enclosure
  • Becoming ecologists and exploring different ecosystems
  • Understanding the interdependence of living things within an ecosystem
  • And of course, our excursion to Taronga Zoo!

Next week (Week 10, the final week of Term), we will be diving back into our ongoing Who We Are unit where we will be considering ‘Individuals and communities grow by appreciating rights and responsibilities’. This ties into our GROWTH programme that is across PK-6 at Trinity, which focuses on wellbeing and growing as learners.


Imagine if…. 

We have started our inquiry into imaginative writing. The grade has explored how to sequence a narrative using the terms orientation, complication and resolution. Can your son explain to you what each section means and what is included? 

We have also considered what is needed to create a descriptive orientation. Using our 5 senses has been a great way to add detail to our writing!

As part of our ongoing reflection into our English skills, many students have identified recently in their 3 Way Conferences a goal to be more balanced in their borrowing and reading choices. Please talk with your son about what types of books he enjoys (fiction, non-fiction, genres etc) and how he can be balanced in his reading.


We will be finishing off Term 1 with an inquiry into data. Students are investigating how to interpret, gather and display various types of data. What sort of data could you gather at home that might be different to data gathered here at school? How could you communicate your findings (display the data)?

Visual Arts

Visual Arts This week in Visual Arts students have continued their inquiry into contemporary weaving practices. The boys have been weaving on cardboard looms with wool and various natural and recycled materials. The art room has been buzzing with busy weavers, some boys even spending their lunch times weaving. We hope to have our weavings complete by the end of term and look forward to sharing them with you.

Thank you for a great start to the year, Year 3 Families! Have a blessed Easter and holiday break.

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